Sunday, June 14, 2015

As it turns out Cain Velasquez really is a fake Mexican

Last night the reigning UFC Heavy Weight Champion faced off against the apparent fake Interm Heavy Weight Champion Fabricio Werdum, you know because being the number one contender is just not good enough, we need cracker jack labels as well.

I am not sure how Cain was not stripped of his belt after not fighting for two years, especially after he pulled out of his last fight in Mexico City with a lame excuse of "I did not feel 100 percent." Sounds like someone is tired of the fight game and drunk with all that sponsorship money. While Fabricio won the Interim Belt, otherwise known as the fake or as Broc Lesnar put it, the "pretend heavy weight belt" Fabricio still was only the number one contender, lame.

Fabricio did something right before this fight though, something I have said all along, he called out Cain as a "fake Mexican."

Now with the big Brown Pride written on Cains chest and all his Mexican flag waving one would think Cain indeed is a Mexican. Well not quit, Cain was born in the United States, and still lives there, which is something that irritates me. I am fine with someone having pride in their heritage, I am very proud of mine, but it is another thing to carry around a fake nationality.

Clearly the US has been good to the Valesquez family, just as it has been to many immigrants, and it is a huge slap in the face not only to the US to get slapped in the face by Cain, but also to Mexico for Cain doing nothing more than selling his fake nationality.

Cain proved all this true last night. With Mexico City at a staggering 7350 feet in altitude, Cain only showed up for two weeks of training, the required minimum for your body to adjust to altitude. His opponent Fabricio took it more seriously training in Mexico City for a full Month.

Now I would say that should put the nail in the coffin on this one for good. I ask you the reader of this who probably is pissed at me, if Cain loves his heritage so much, why can he not only be bothered to live in Mexico, but not even stay there long enough to train properly?
I am also willing to bet that Cain is on the plane back to Merica early this week.

Let us put one more thing to rest, just as Cain was last night. The fight was by no means one sided, nor did Cain come out as if he was not properly acclimated. He threw crazy amounts of punches and came forward as he always did. The trouble was his opponent was prepared, hit him harder in the exchanges and flat out frustrated him. So let us not pretend that Cain was not trained, and certainly let us not pretend he was the greatest Heavy Weight Champion ever, he defended his belt twice for gods sake.

Nighty Night.

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