Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Understanding why a well bred Pitbull is a wonderful pet, and a poorly bred one is gasoline near a fire.

Over the years like everyone I have heard about every Pitbull Argument there is, like most people I was ignorant as to the history of the breed, talking to a championship Great Dane Breeder once who said "it is not a well bred animal that is the problem, it is those who are not properly bred who are a threat" His words always stuck with me so being curious I did some research, this is what I found.

The history of the Pit is interesting and its exact origins are unknown, the breed we associate to pits was actually raised as a fighting dog, that much is true. They were bred for their ferocity, strength and ability to withstand damage and give it, that is all true. The dogs were so dangerous that if one showed the slightest aggression to a Human they put a bullet instantly in their head, breeding old west style, the result was what happens with any select breed, a Dog which did exactly what the breeder wanted.
Think of it like this, a retriever will always want to retrieve, a guard dog will always want to guard, a pit? well it has fighting DNA, it can like any breed be controlled but that DNA is its inherent characteristic. A pit who is well bred and worked with from its youth will be tolerant and get along fine with other dogs, with some oversight.

The breeding went so well that a Pitbull became known as a Nanny dog, it gained fame as "Petey" on the little rascals and even as Helen Kellers Dog. IT went to war and arguably one of the most famous Dogs in American History is a Pit bull with the name of Stubby. They went on to have great fame as the Nanny dog, often the dog of choice for watching over children and taking care of disabled as a guide, being known for intelligence & incredible devotion, then came the problem.

An attack from a Pittbull was almost unheard of until the late 1980s, since then they not only dominate the Media, but dog maul/kill statistics by leaps and bounds, so much so that all other of the top fifteen dangerous dogs still do not add up to the deaths of a Pit. What happened you ask? Simple, just as the start, breeding has become the problem.

In the 80s breeding the dogs again for fighting became popular and unlike the breeders from over 100 years ago, they simply began top breed any dog which showed aggression, sadly those aggressive strains have made it into our living room. They carry the "loving traits" as well but unlike other dogs an attack is savage and often debilitating. Many people believe they can simply be present around their children and can react fast enough, no, not in your wildest dreams with any animal. Dogs attack at a blistering fast pace and you being a few feet away the damage will be done, with a Pit, that damage is beyond Severe and often life changing. Even if you are fast enough to be there, then what? do you have the strength to control the Animal? can you withstand a bite yourself? Then what? It is a breed which strong consideration, actually any breed should be of careful consideration before bringing into your home.

In conclusion while a well Bred Pitt is indeed an Amazing wonderful dog, those bred in the background, who need rescue, or come from questionable ownership should be avoided at all costs. While odds are you should have a long life, the danger is simply to great as they are known to be a wonderful pet and then one day, in an instant, they "Snap" that instant is all it takes to injure to kill someone you love. My father was an old Ranch boy, had zero fear of any dog, or animal for that matter and was built like the typical old school ranch boy, big meaty powerful hands, while trying to break up a dog fight he suffered a bite from a Rot which nearly left his hand usless, something to think about as I seriously doubt the average person has near the power, nor the ability to withstand a bite as someone who was raised in a biting/kicking somewhat abusive environment.

For my friends and family who think differently, I certainly respect your decision to own one, however since the only dog in my life I was ever unable to control was a pit who tried to attack me, I will respectfully decline a visit. If I know you spent some serious cash for a well bred wonderful animal, I will stop by, however without knowing it is not worth a confrontation with myself, or especially my loved one. Oh yea, one last thing if you are going to say "well poodles bite more often" that is true, but when is the last time you heard of someone losing a finger, eye, or their life to a poodle? A Golden Retriever, or any other breed for that matter?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Super Tenere, first day long tour and riding impressions.

Last year I purchased a KLR 650 hoping for it to take me on a grand new adventure down to South America. The contingency being my Gurls visa had to be finished, well as usual plans rarely fall into place and her Visa would not be ready until the end of May.

Instead of South America, I would spend a week riding around the deserts of Nevada and California. I did fall in love with the KLR, but with a new life comes new requirements, and as much as the KLR is one of the most chosen steeds for grand adventure, it is anything but a two person bike.

I tried, really I did to make it work, when she got here we Embarked on a couple of 300 mile trips, one with 60 miles of dirt road, the KLR did fine thumping along as only a thumper could do, but the engine struggled up Montanas Grand passes and the brakes are anything but barely adequate with a single person, with two we actually rolled thru a stop sign rolling slowly downhill, yea enough is enough.

I went shopping, and looking at a V strom 1000 used purely because I could afford it I thought maybe a sport touring bike would be the ticket until I got a chance for my big trip. I thought the KLR would be nice simply for some off road use as well, but alas I kept adding up to close to the price of a new bike. I also had made a promise to myself everytime I bought something new, to get rid of the old Vya con Dios KLR!

I drove over to Hamilton last week to look at a new legend on the cycling market. They had a great price on a Demo Model blue Demon.
The bike is amazingly well put together with stunning looks that beg the bike to be flogged off and on road. I drooled but the proof is in the pudding, I saddled up and after a quick introduction in all the unnecessary bullshit electronics I do not need, nor care about I was off on the New Yamaha Super Tenere.

Lemme just say this bike has sportbike DNA, less than a mile from the dealership I ran into some twisties and it was everything I could do to keep from dragging the pegs, not normally something I will do on a bike I am unfamiliar with. It begged, to be beat, the torqey motor yanked at my arms and the akropovic system told the story of a motor made for power.

I hit some dirt and damn, the 600lbs was quickly forgotten as the traction control and ABS I previously did not want, did their job. The amazingly well balanced machine never once felt heavy or awkard, superior in every way save price of the KLR.

I took it back grinning ear to ear and thought about it overnight, and less than a week later a good friend would help me unload it from my pickup proclaiming to his co worker "If I am not back, know that I sacrifised my body for Craigs bike" fortunately that was not necessary, but the crap weather would prevent anything more than a couple trips around the block.

Yesterday I had enough, unable to contain myself I tossed on some Saddlebags I had told mom I never wanted "They are too damn big" I had stated back in my sportbike days "Well use them when she can" she said. THe KLR came with Aluminum paniers so I just could not fathom when I would need them, however enter the new bike and a perfect fit.

We would leave saturday at 11:30 to make a nice just sub 400 mile loop. Not sure what I was thinking but I could have sworn when I mapquested it that it stated 250, oh well. The thunder clouds looked ominous but using my usual theory of riding to them they would part, it worked all day.

The Bike ran amazingly well and cruised at speed like it was gliding in the air. The motor is scary torqy and honestly with the jumper mod it makes it so the passenger really has to hold on tight at all times. For some reason and maybe i simply did not notice in my test ride the engine seems viby, almost anoyingly so on quick accelerations then quickly levels out.
The suspension does its job amazing and the tires grip well.

We would stop where my fathers ashes are buried first off for his blessings. The road going in was somewhat muddy and gravely, the bike again acted like a light 250, not the beast it truly is.

From there we headed north and the power of the motor was apparent going up the Boulder Hill not needing to even think about grabbing a gear.

We would circle from Helena to White Sulpher springs and the bike would again soak up some twisties checked only by me worrying about a ticket. Passing again with the big 1199 cc engine was easy as hell and effortless.
We would stop for a ocuple of Photo Ops and to speak with some local ranchers. My gurl had never seen cattle so it was a must for her.

I get a kick out of people, for some reason people have always thought I was a city boy despite growing up in the country with our own livestock. The Cowobys approached me as such and laughed when they found out otherwise, we chit chatted and I eyed the predictament I had put myself in. I had pulled down a incline facing their gate with my only out thru the burrow pit back to the tarmac. Or I could push the heavy beast back up the drive, ok times like this you realize how heavy it truly is. I decided to shoot down into the marshy section knowing that help was only a fence hop away should I get stuck, nothing, not a wheel spin it just ate up the marshy area and climbed back on the road like it had claws, DAMN! what a ride!

We would continue down with my Gurl being amazed at how big Montana really is, one cannot truly appreciate the vastness of hte area until you ahve visted, when you do, be prepared for hours and hours of driving wondering when your destination will appear.

We would make one more stop on the way home, at the grizzly rescue just outside Livingston MT to see us some bears! I have only seen one Grizzly in the mountains so it was more than worth while and I encourage you to do stop should you see the signs.

We would finish up the ride at 7:30 Pm finally rolling home with the ODO showing exactly 380 miles. I was sore as your butt always is when stuck in the same position but overall I loved the bike. My Gurl was very comfy and would often simply sit on the bike when I stopped for a photo op, mission accomplished finding a proper two person ride!

I need to do some reading to see if the buzzy feeling when accelerating is normal or if I need to adjust the power commander. Iti s minor compared to the ride and the stability, I look forward to longer ridesin the future and I will not hesitate to hit more 300+ day rides in the future.