Saturday, November 28, 2015

What do babies dream?

I woke up this morning and as always, I spent a little time staring at my beautiful little girl.

She was dreaming, making little whiny sounds and her eyes were moving quickly beneath her eyelids.

I wonder, what was she dreaming of? Something bad, something perhaps that had to do with something she saw on TV?
While we try to limit her time in front of the TV to only a hour here and there of baby educational programming, I suppose it is possible she saw more? Perhaps just that instant she saw the video game I was playing? Hard to say, however in general she is a very happy baby with lots of love and kisses, so I would think it would be a happy dream.

I lay and wonder, what is it that babies do dream? Is it puppies and stuffed animals with rattling toys in the mix? Maybe it was lots of strangers tickling her feet? Maybe she was staring up through the truck window watching the clouds as we drove down the road, her tiny hand gripping her soft doll.

I tucked my finger into her hand, I closed my eyes and tried to Imagine her dreams. I thought of a nice meadow, with short grass and flowers glistening in the gentle sunlight. It brought a smile to my face as I thought of our cowdog playing gently with her, and our cat strutting about, rubbing his side upon her as she crawled about in bliss.

Try as I could to empty my mind, I could come up with nothing more, I opened my eyes and satisfied myself simply watching her little arms curl up tight. I loved the comfort the sheets brought as she pulled them tight beneath her chin.

Whatever it is she dreams, I pray it is always happy and about a big and bright future.

I hope that is what we all dream from now on, puppies, soft plush toys and others that rattle, all the while being covered by the loving kisses of your older hairy sister with her nub tail wagging in bliss.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Is there any shame not hunting for a trophy?

Today I was asked by my someone, who is new to hunting if there is any shame in not hunting for a trophy? He stated he was really only interested in the meat, to me that answered his own question, and I said so.

To understand trophy hunting, one must understand wildlife conservation in Montana.
The Idea of "Sporting Hunting" in the US came to be as a method for preserving animals which were on the verge of extinction.

Sportsman's groups came together and helped to push this Ideal for fair chase and other aspects, to help the population grow.

Now that population has not only recovered, it is at a point where more need to be culled and more hunting involvement is a good thing.

Now mind you, I have never been one for sport hunting as I do not believe that giving a creatures only chance is to not be seen, or for you to be miss, is sporting at all, at least that has always been my mentality.

So as long as I can remember I harvested the first deer that came before me and usually a doe as well, filling my tags my duty was over.

Over the years I was often pressured to leave the young ones and to hunt old ones, by people who pretended to care, who pretended they were hunting for any reason other than bragging rights. I did so for a bit of time, but came to my senses and went back to simply filling my freezer.

Now mind you, I still have trophy's, which are more memories than anything else, I think the hunt itself is something to remember, and most come with a good story.

Above the doorway to my kitchen hands a small rack of a deer that by any standards is anything but a trophy. That deer however was hard to get, he dodged between trees and presented a hard shot, one that I would be proud of. A trophy by book standards he is not, but my Idea of adventure, he is the best trophy of them all.

Make your hunt your own, get out, enjoy yourself, the experience is wonderful and sharing that experience with friends and family can lead to a lifetime of memories.

The US needs animals culled, and by saving your tag year after year for those big ones only, you are not helping keep the animal population where it needs to be.

In the end it really should be about doing your part to eat healthy and understand where your food comes from, and it should truly be about appreciating what you are doing.
I am ok with you not eating what you kill, just so it goes to someone else who will.

"How horrible is it that another living being died to rot in your freezer"~Jennifer Adams

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Poker Playing Pseudo Muslim.

Not long after the American invasion of Iraq I was sitting around, as I did nearly nightly playing poker with the same group of guys.

Our games were the norm typical with a poker game, lots of jabbing, anything to distract each other to pull a few dollars off someone else, and way too much cig smoke in the air.

On this particular night the conversation was about those damn evil muslims, nothing uncommon, but it seemed a bit worse than normal. "Damn Rag Heads, what good are they?"
"Turn the entire middleast to Glass" on and on, you have heard it all before.

I am sitting there quietly, (I know you are shocked) taking it all in and waiting for my move. The cocktail waitress comes by asking each person if they would like something to drink, I would be the last person she would ask me last and I would hold up my hand and say "Allah forbids it" Nothing new for me, I rarely had even a beer when I went out, but that fact was not noticed.

The table became deathly silent, you could hear cloths brushing with restlessness against each chair as the players looked uncomfortably upon each other, and then down, staring at their chips, running them through their fingers.

I would leave it like this for a few hands, watching them scarcely breath, I waited until the waitress came back with their drinks, and then I would break the silence.

"Why the silence?" I would ask.

Someone broke it "Well now I know why you wear that damn dew rag all the time"

I would reply "ok, so for years now, nearly nightly I have sat and played poker with you fellahs, we have laughed, ribbed each other and generally had a good time, yet now, suddenly you think I am something which you do not understand so there is all kinds of hate" I paused. "So what is different now? nothing, I am the same person I always was, the same guy you play with night after night, without a worry, other than your wallets"
I smiled "Further, have none morons noticed I rarely ever drink anyhow?"
Not sure, they knew regardless the joke was on them.

Soon they would relax, and play would go on, with the usual banter continuing after that night.

Careful who you judge.

I never

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Craziest thing about smoking a deer with my car today

Today started out like my usual mornings, got up, made coffee, cooked breakfast, pissed people off on my FB news feed, and prepared to head out the door.
I wanted to be early, and I have been working on it since I have always been mr run out the door and arrive to the second. Ok, well that used to be the case, for some reason lately I am always 5 minutes or so late grrr.
As I happened out the door I could not find my inhaler, since we just got a cat and it is kicking my allergies ass, I really wanted it just in case. So being early turned into I will be lucky to get there on time.
Now mind you I do not speed anymore, I just cannot afford a ticket, plus the road I drive absolutely sucks for deer on the road, something I think about every morning.
Today was odd, as I was leaving town the song "One bitten twice shy" by Great White. Now the crazy thing about this song is in 1989 I would be listening to it when I totaled my first charger. That crossed my mind today but I forced it out and was singing along to what I always thought a good song. I was thinking of the Irony of the part about being "Burned" when all those people had died at their show a few years back.
So anyhow, on to my journey down the road, the deer did what deer do when it is dark, jumped right out in front of me and I only had time to hit the brakes, to no avail.
I would end up towing the car to work, but that is beside the point, back to the Irony of the song.
What really has me wondering is the numbers game. I wrecked my first car around the same time of the year so long ago, I wonder if it was on the same day?
Will let you know as I look for that old ticket.

A good reminder as always to hug the ones you love :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Stopping mass shooters is easier than you think.

There is one thing the majority of these mass shooters are looking for, instant fame.
Failures in their own life they look for a way to finally take control and feel on top. They often spend days, months even years trying to figure out how to be famous, how to right their own pathetic lives. During that time frame they do research, and they see other losers like themselves who became famous, losers who gained instant fame from pulling the trigger on innocent people. Now we need to stop doing things which give them what they want.

1. Stop posting up their pathetic stories which justify their actions

2. Stop blaming inert objects, to date the worst School Massacre ever was the Bath School Massacre which was perpetuated with explosives. I am not naive enough to think that had he not had access to explosives, he would not have found another way to perpetuate his nonsense.

3. Stop showing pictures of them either looking innocent or like a bad ass, that right there gives them fame, the celebrity status they are looking for

4. Never mention their name again. I quit watching Fox news long ago, however I do know one thing they have done right and the other networks have failed, they refuse to mention a shooters name, and they call them close to what they are, vile human beings.

5. Stop acting as if inert objects will somehow possess the owner to do something vile.
Fact of hte matter is right now there are more firearm owners than ever before in US history, we also have the lowest violent crime rate since we started keeping track nearly 60 years go.
Is it because more people own guns? I do not know, what I do know is the nonsense of people owning firearms instantly being the bad guys has to stop.

6. stop making misunderstood felon thugs heroes in movies.

Now, that we know what to stop, what can we do to prevent this down the road?

1. Be firm with the hand of justice. In the few instances where these cowards do not end up dead (Usually taking their own life cause they are afraid of punishment) we argue about rights they have, as if they are fine upstanding citizens.
Look, the only right they have is a right to a fair trial, once that is done take them out back, place them on a chair, put a rope on their neck and kick the chair out from under them. Then take the body, hang it in public and show only his bulging eyes coming from his head in pictures. That my friends is an example, one which has controlled people for centuries upon centuries.

2. Any pictures of them should be distorted, photoshopped with dicks in their mouths, dog shit on them, anything to degrade them and take away their fame, and future fame others may be seeking.

3. Encourage responsible firearms ownership, and I mean in a big way.
Firearms owners have been on the defensive for around 150 years now. We can change this by changing our culture.
Show how responsible you are, take safety classes, and go get as much training as you possibly can. Be polite but quit making excuses. I do not own a firearm to go hunting, or to look pretty, I own one to blow some pile of shits head off who may threaten my families well being.

4. End gun free zones, one would think this is easy as these vile pieces of shit pray on the innocent, but it is not. We need to work at this, I encourage everyone to watch the Testimony from Dr. Suzanne Hupp. She was involved in a mass shooting a couple of decades ago.

5. Go after gangs, most mass shootings are actually gang related, lets clamp down on them, and again, quit celebrating gangs and making them seem like misunderstood people, they are not.

6. Start helping each other. One place America has failed is we are divided, we no longer care for our elderly, or even the sick. We somehow think that tossing people to the outside world and making them stronger through adversity or apathy is the solution, it is not. Lend a helping hand, be open, and be human.

I can go on, but at this point you should be realizing our current trend is not really helping, but we can change the course and mitigate this nonsense once and for all.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Why you should choose a quality Mountain Bike over a Dept Store Bike.

I admit it, I was one of those guys who bought a department store bike. My friends who were avid mountain bikers had tried to talk me out of it, with all kinds of scare tactics like "Your handlebars would strip and you will go over the bars, your wheels will taco and you will wreck" blah blah blah, whatever guys. I thought they were nuts for spending more than a couple hundred dollars on a bike, I mean after all, they are just bikes.

Wow was I wrong.

First off I found out that the hard way that parts on department store bikes really are inferior, mainly after going over the handlebars when I tried to jump a curb and the handlebars stripped! Next I bent a couple axles in my rear wheel, and then the rear wheel, all the while just riding in town.
Now I thought this was normal, but upon taking it to the local bike shop he explained to me that well, my bike sucked. I could not afford a new one and still did not fully believe him, 65 dollar full tune up later my bike actually shifted, at least I thought it did. Gone was the "tat tat tat tat tat tat" ten second wait between gears, now I just had the two second tat tat as it shifted.

So I tooled around, thought this was normal until I finally rode a nice older mountain bike of a friends. Holy shit! Not only did it shift right away, but it peddled easier too!
So then I would ride another friends, same thing, almost effortless to peddle, that was it, I had to buy a real bike. Here is what you will find.

First off you get a bike made to fit you! YOu know that 26inch nonsense the promote in Walhell? Well in reality it means little, that is the wheel size, what you need is the proper frame size. Frame size is determined by your stand over and overall height as well as even preference. Quality bikes come in several different frame sizes, some are listed very simple, small, medium, large and extra large while others use inches.
Further your hopefully friendly and defiantly quirky bike shop owner will actually adjust the bike to fit you! From your seat height (very important) to the angle of your bars and shifter/brakes it will be properly adjusted just for you.

Weight, a quality bike weighs nearly half of your department store bikes, that alone allows easier peddling. Both my Mountain bikes weigh less than 28lbs.

Strength, from the wheels to the frame quality bikes take a beating and keep on going. Where before merely dropping off a curb resulted in stripped handlebars, bent rims or a bent axle, now I can ride down boulder strewn paths, off drops with little to worry about.

Ease of peddling, the more you can spend the better your crankshaft and other components which translates into less overall effort.

Snap shifting, the more you spend the quicker the shifting, however even with the lower end quality bikes your shifting will be miles better than anything from a department store.

Free adjustments for at least a year, and in some stores, a lifetime.

Quality tires, believe it or not tires on a good bike, depending on what brand, and type of tire will last most people their lifetime. For others every few hundred miles, depending on your riding skill, terrain etc.

I hope after reading this you will want to purchase a good bike, regardless of fitness level good times await. Well, that is if you have a bike that does not break in the middle of no where, or worse yet, on your first ride!
What are you waiting for?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

We really can mitigate the forest fires, but we are not.

For nearly a decade I contracted as support as a wildland firefighter, from crazy 20 hour days to others sitting around playing camp games, this is what I learned.

In America we always go from one extreme to another. For decades we logged and destroyed everything in our path, causing erosion and destroying old growth and not bothering replacing it.
Soon people realized we were on this planet for a bit longer than a few years, so they started selective cutting and planting trees. Then enter the environmental movement, all rational would again go out the window.

We have been taught since a young age that forest fires are good. Those fires help clear old growth (which is apparently bad to log) and make way for new growth. The soil is refreshed and life starts anew.
Now mind you, long before humans I suppose to an extent this is true, but it takes time, and I mean decades upon decades for the benefits of a fire to be rewarded. In reality the fires burn so hot, the soil is neutralized and only weeds usually grow. Root structure from plants which once thrived is lost and erosion becomes a problem. Standing dead trees contrary to popular belief do not burn up and go away, they now are left standing, burnt.
Despite the reality, rational thinking is not common among humans, so we continued along the feel good path which usually, does not end well. We crippled cutting forests in America and decided it was somehow better to exploit the rainforests in South America. You remember those Rain Forests, the ones we were supposed to care about where James Earl Jones voice would be used telling us to stop the deforestation or in a few short years the planet would implode.
Not only did it not stop, it increased. But mind you, this is about stopping the forest fires in America, so back on track we go.

As logging was retracted in America growth would continue and healthy forests, would in turn become sick as their own plants competed for nutrients. Not to mention dead trees and needles laying about just waiting for a fire to come along. You know the fire, the ones the Environmentalists tell us are good.

We decided roads in the forests caused no good whatsoever, so Bill Clinton signed into law roadless initiatives. Those initiatives required the federal government to close a certain amount of roads a year.
Sounds good, I mean as an outdoors man I hate having a clear path to walk down, and I certainly do not want to see some fat ass on oxygen driving where I had to hike.
SO we closed off the road and let the roads gradually grow over, adding more ready to burn fuel.
Those roads previously acted as something of natural fire lines, so fires which started in the woods were actually limited as to where they could go. Since the roadless initiative, fires have been allowed to spread. To make matters worse, after a fireline is cut, it now has to be reclaimed! Folks think about this, you just made an effort to limit a fire, then reversed that effort to allow future fires to burn!

Next we changed how we fight fires. Enter the let burn policy, which is contrary to how we did things, efficiently. For decades the Philosophy was to put them out, and firefighters worked hard to stamp out fires. They cut firelines with reckless abandon usually anchored off of existing roads. They also fought fires at night, when the humidity was high and cold temperatures limited the spreading of fires. Night was also the preferred time for equipment operators to operate as they could now see the fires. During the daylight they cannot see the fire do to the smoke and actually are at incredible risk of being burned over.

So here we are today. Until this year there were not more forest fires than previously in history, but they were more of a problem do to what I typed above. Not only are homes destroyed, but entire towns are now at risk.
SO you ask, what is the solution?

Bring back responsible logging, let us use thin the forests in a responsible manner and use that wood for positives. One way is by using the wood as a power source, other countries such as Germany do it, but we cannot?
Further as we log it eliminates teh pressure put on third world countries where there is no regulation, huge win win for everyone.

Next put in roads. Not only does it add a fireline, but it brings money into conservation as people spend money on taxes such as fuel, hunt more (which is actually imperative to healthy herds as hunters are the single largest conservation group in the world) and of course brings about more public awareness as people are allowed to touch and feel what really is there.

Restructure our firefighting with proper emphasis on what works.
I contracted in various capacities with several government agencies for years, one of those areas was wildland firefighting. I never in my life have seen more waste. Further those of us who wanted to get things done were limited as those in command dragged their feet. They did so because it was big money for them to not get the fire out. They were paid away from home pay, overtime and hazard pay, CaChing!
I lost count how many times I was told "We are on this one until the snow flies" suddenly as we sat around waiting for a fire to burn itself out, another one would spurt up someplace threatening homes. Then we would have to run and get this one out and transfer our resources over to another. Insanity!
We also could not fight fires at night because those higher in commands, wanted to be sleeping!
Uhhg, it can be done right. Those on the lines are wonderful hard working Men and Women, busting there ass. It is made harder fighting said fires at inopportune times.

I could go on for hours about this, but at this point, you should be getting that we need massive reform on many levels.
Let us work for it, for the sake of generations to come.

Friday, September 11, 2015

911 what exactly am I supposed to remember?

I think we all remember what happened on that fateful day, where we were, and what we were doing.

Now with this anniversary date we are told we need to remember, but I am confused as to what.

Initially the "never forget" slogan seemed to be a battle cry, a way to whip people up into a frenzy, and it worked famously.

The nation came together and international sources, even Cuba offered assistance.

From that point on it seemed America was intent on doing what it does best, go to war, with anyone it could think of.
There are some good to come out of this, however I will first start off with some unconsidered facts of this event.

It would be two years before AL Queda, the group which the US blamed on the attack of 911, would claim responsibility. That always seemed a bit silly for me, to perpetuate arguably the largest terrorist attack in US history and not bother to take credit for it.

15 of the 19 Hijackers of the event were Saudi Nationals, two were from UAE, one from Lebanon, and another from Egypt.

They boarded the plane Legally with instruments which were legal at the time, most were on a watch list a lot of good that did.

The tenth of September on that day Donald Rumsfeld announced 2.3 trillion dollars missing from the pentagon. That was roughly the amount of the US debt at the time. Our deficit in October was a mere 33 billion dollars, WOW!

Despite the majority of people coming from Saudi, said country is still an ally which the largest arms deal was recently perpetuated under the Obama administration. That amount was 30 billion dollars.
Earlier this month another 10 billion dollar arms deal was announced. Saudi, UAE and Israel would benefit.

Despite no real connections to the terrorist act, the US would be whipped into an attack and kill anyone frenzy. Clintons previous "Iraq Liberation Act" signed in 1998 would set the stage for this event. I can go on about Bush Cheney, but any reader should be aware of their action, however is said reader aware of the Democrats involvement as well?

Since the Destabilization of not only Iraq, but Afghanistan Terrorism has actually increased.

Airport security has increased, despite nothing being implemented which would have prevented those, or future attacks. I struggle to find the benefit in allowing strangers to see our Mothers, Wives and Daughters naked could possibly be. As a world traveler and someone who has back packed in some horrible areas, I can only say shame on the average person for being so paranoid.

Saudi remains the primary source of funding to some very horrible groups in the area. US Support of this empire remains strong.

Conspiracy theories have abounded since the event. I have little to offer in this aspect other than three buildings fell in on themselves, this is unprecedented in history. It is also to note that UAVs have been around for some 70s years.
While the demo part of said buildings is highly unlikely, this theory still persists.

The 911 Commission was horribly underfunded and stalled, few people have bothered with it, choosing emotion and bigotry over logic. What could have been found with a proper investigation? I do not know, but we should still be pressing to find out.

Despite complaints of lung problems after the clean up, and even with people involved in the event, little if anything was acknowledged in regards to this until recently. In fact Merican Lapdog mainstream media even went so far as to discredit those who made claims.
Since then hundreds, if not thousands of people have suffered respiratory problems from the cleanup. Some 575 people with cancers have been linked to the event. Unconscionable in my mind.

Rumors of an 18th century ship being beneath the trade centers would turn out to be true.

In the end the event itself did have one profound effect upon my life. I was supposed to back pack the middleast and had set upon planning earlier in the summer of 2001. I wish I had continued and I am saddened that our over reaction has destabilized an amazing area with the history of civilization being destroyed as a result.

I will not mourn today, or present any other fake fallacy. Every day hundreds of thousands of people die in the world, they as with those who perished on this fateful day are humans and are all worthy of some solace equally.

I guess in the end for me all I can remember of this event is that over reaction is rarely the proper reaction. Far too many times in history we have used any tragedy, to be the launching point of something even worse, it is time to stop that nonsense.
I am also tired of the false hatred to others, be it Muslims or the Russians.
Notice the attachment, it is a memorial donated to the US from Russia, did you hear about it in all the "Evil Russia" Propaganda we are fed?
I would like to hear from you about other acts of charity and kindness that have resulted from this incident.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Trump, what you are actually voting for.

Trumpy is riding a wave of success in the primaries thus far, which have baffled nearly everyone, as it should.

He started out not even thinking he would gain any real support for the presidency, but he was trying to promote his Trump Brand. He did so by actually paying each person who showed up for his initial rally 50 dollars, since then? His ramblings have somehow created a following of people desperate for a change, regardless of his actual policies they are hearing what they want to hear. Since people are blinded by what they want, over the reality I will try to brake down what Trump actually stands for.

To start, one can actually sum up what Trumpy wants with a single word, "Money" and he flat out admits it.

In every campaign speech and every interview all he has done is brand drop, using the free advertising to the best of his ability.

With his brand dropping we have learned everything he is actually about as he does not try to hide anything in this regard at all.

First off, he makes sure he outsources nearly everything he sells, to put it lightly he is exactly the kind of person Americans hate, greedy while stamping on the downtrodden to better his own existence.

His Products are manufactured using the cheapest possible labor. Those laborers are little more than slaves, working in dismal conditions often working 16-20 hour shifts for pennies that cannot possibly help better their lives.

Trump does not bother to hide this, he is proud of his offshore dealings and even admits to wanting lower wages in America, care to guess why? In the event you have not figured it out yet, Trumpy will manufacture his goods in Merica, provided Merican labor matches that in other countries, he is all about the profit. I am at a loss as to why this is attractive to voters at all.

Next he wants to lower the retirement age. Americas retirement age is already a joke, after working over 40 years and retiring at 65, you get a wopping 12 years to reap the rewards of your hard labor, and people want it raised even higher? Good news, for the latest generation that age is already 68, maybe with Trumpy you can have it at 75 and get two years to enjoy your lifetime of work. Pretty sure that is not going to work out so well.

Now we move on to women, degrading does not even begin to describe how he views women, I really cannot say much in this regard, his exchange with Megan Kelly should have said it all. When you have a presidential candidate who tells a woman she is bleeding out of every part of his body, wow, just wow.

Last we move on two his final two big points which involve Immigration.

This seems to be his darling, the right has managed to do its best to whip Merica into a frenzy regarding this. Entire rally's have been formed to show Americans hatred for people who feed them.
Wait, wait, hold on what is that? Well you guessed it, the predominant Mexican worker, which apparently are the only undocumented alien picks your produce, evil people they are.
Despite the radical nonsense of jumping over the fence or running away from boarder guards, a significant majority find themselves made Illegal simply from Americas ridiculous immigration policies. Imagine crossing a desert by foot, finding work, which is back breaking 12 hours a day for a few dollars an hour, barely enough to exist, working for ungrateful people who are on average grossly overweight and yet you are still hated?

Look, I am all for changing our immigration policy, however instead of lowering ourselves to some kind of fascist door kicking regime, why dont we work on actual reform?
In all the areas that have had immigration clamp downs, it has been catastrophic on the economies as crops rot with nobody to pick them.

The last aspect of Immigration is a wall. Not sure exactly what the wall is supposed to do, I mean beyond something mental what exactly will it accomplish?
First off when Trump talks about the wall, it is always followed by "I know construction, and I am really good at building things" Gee, why do you think Trump wants a wall? Is it to keep those evil produce pickers out of America? Or is it to further bolster his bank account?

In the end it will solidify what most people, on both sides of the isle feel about America, that it is fast becoming an authoritarian regime.
Now you are saying this is nonsense, and for you I offer the words from a fellow traveler from Germany who was touring the US.
"I saw the wall in Mexico and I wept, after growing up in a country divided by a wall I could not believe that America wanted to carry for the very policies it claimed it despised."

For me that was profound. Having seen the Berlin wall in shambles and traveled thru eastern Europe afterwards, I am here to say that is not what America symbolizes, nor any western country should ever think of again.

I ask the person reading this to understand that like you, I am frustrated by America, however allowing a single person to Implement policies which Americans have fought against since our foundation is not something we can tolerate.
Let us keep on looking, Trumpy is not hte leader America really wants. In the end all that will be accomplished electing Trumpy will be more hardships, a worse economy and Trump solidifying his own legacy.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Child pet interaction

Child pet interaction is imperative to the development of the child and even the dog.
Interaction should be judged on a per pet basis, not all animals are as warm as others, some requiring certain off limit areas, others are anything goes. Some breeds are simply not suitable for children, parents should do their homework and find out if their current pet is suitable for children, that does not mean asking your neighbor.

A good pet will be extremely tolerant of a child, even some pets which are not so tolerant to others often can be a blessing (should be avoided however)

Animals are an Amazing thing, and again, all are different, and all situations and animals require a different approach.

Example. We had a very unapproachable Bull when I was a child he was flat out ornery. So there I was with the Parents and Gparents outside the coral, and being the usual three year old I slipped away quickly, crawled under the gate and in an instant, I was in with the Bull.
Rather than rushing me like most people, he stood camly and I guess I wandered up up and began petting him, this is about when the family realized what had happened and went into a near panic.
About that time I had grabbed his horns, he gently lifted me into the air, and set me back down just as gently.
Dad would come in the coral to retriever me but quickly retreated do to the threatening nature of the bull. Not afraid of the bull, but afraid of instigating the situation. I would end up waddling off on my own accord.
The story of the bull was exceptional in regards to how it acted, however in nature, most domestic animals will have a understanding of babies.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shingles, yea it really does suck

Two weeks ago today I would end the day with what started to feel like a cramp, a real bad cramp in my trapezoid. The cramp hurt so bad it felt like those you get in your calf that jolt you out of bed in the middle of the night. I had the wife massage and it seemed to help a bit, off to sleep I went.

The next morning the pain also went up my neck as well and I was unable to turn my head from side to side. I went to work anyhow, thinking that it may work itself free.
Work sucked to say the least, all I had to do was drive around in a truck and count animals for the first 45 minutes but the side to side movement on the dirt road was intolerable.
I considered going home but I decided to help load some equipment instead, you know with one arm, cause that is what you do when you are from Montana, work. Stupid I know.

I was still thinking of going home, but when I approached my boss, a man who has two crushed vertebra and still works daily I wussed out, I mean I could live with this nasty pulled muscle right?
I was the only one who was licensed to drive the dump truck so I was instantly recruited.
Now this truck lacks an air ride seat, which makes life miserable when you are healthy, and even more miserable when you are not. I am here to say if I could have turned around on that crappy two lane highway and drove home, I would have.
I toughed out the rest of the day in some of the worst pain in my life. Again had I been close to civilization I would have thrown in the towel, a bit late now.

The following day I would take the day off and see a doctor and get the "you pulled a muscle" mind you it did not act like any muscle I had pulled, and I kept trying to tell her that I had a couple of bites from flying ants, maybe it was an allergic reaction, she scoffed.
The next day was the same, movement was limited and all I could do would be play video games.
Day three I was better, but I noticed what looked like spider bites on my shoulder, still convinced it was an allergic reaction I thought at this point there was nothing more to do but tough it out.

Saturday morning I woke with the worst pain shooting up the side of my head I have ever felt in my life.
Now mind you, I have lived thru pain. Growing up on a small ranch I had been kicked, stepped on, and bitten by large furry animals. Pain I could deal with, this was worse, every 30 seconds it would shoot up into my head and literally drop me to my knees. I called the doctor after call phone service and her father, also a physician would return my call.
"are their blisters on those bumps" he would ask, yup, it looked like little blisters "you got shingles he replied" I called a friend and told him he would have to drive me over to see the doctor to confirm the diagnosis, which he did. I am glad for this, I doubt I would have been unable to make that 17 mile journey with that shocking pain every few seconds going off. The pain apparently was from the virus attacking nerves, thus the pain shooting up the side of my head, uhggg.
I would be prescribed some anti viral medication, it took away the pain mind you, but it made me all kinds of congested. I coughed and hacked which always helps when you have muscle pain, however it still was better than not.
Day two the crappy stuffy feeling I had was overwhelming, I now felt like I was getting bronchitis as well. I did not take my evening dose and called the doc in the morning, getting the "its something else, just keep taking it"
I tried, but it sucked so I quit again.

I saw another doctor on Wednesday, she was more sympathetic but gave me the "you need to work thru it if you can, the anti viral decreases your odds of getting it again as well as the length of time battling this" She had me stay to monitor my side effects, told me to watch it and off I went.
On the off chance I would stop by later in the day mentioning that I was sweating, apparently that is bad and I was told to cease it immediately.

So there you have it, two weeks to the day I am in extreme discomfort still. I can say that it is tolerable and I could work if I had a desk job, but I do not, I work outside, I use my hands and that is my life.
For a reference to pain, the first week, felt about like when I dislocated my AC Clavicle. From then on the pain has varied.
It sucks, you have trouble doing anything as you are always uncomfortable.
The wife did discover online that people were having luck with a cayenne pepper and vinegar poultice, it has helped me immensely as well.

Good luck, it can last up to six weeks, and I am not looking forward to anymore of this nonsense.

Monday, August 10, 2015

We have a legitimate alternative to conventional pain medication that is barely used.

My latest adventure has been with a bout of Shingles. The pain from this at the start was absolutely Immense.
It would start in the form of a major muscle cramp which I thought had developed from riding a four wheeler all day. Then I would start thinking maybe it was from an insect bite as I saw some red bumps appearing.
Soon those red bumps expanded and I could not understand why I was being assaulted by spiders.
I would wake up two days ago with so much pain in my head it felt like a spike was being driven into my skull. Apparently this was being caused by the effected nerves in my shoulder sending those wonderful signals to the brain box, uhgg.

Keep in mind I am someone whom normally has very little sensitivity to pain. I can cut myself open and rarely feel it, so having a pain so bad I could barely function was a unreal event to me.

I would be diagnosed with Shingles and the Anti Viral Medication I was given would help the pain immensely as Shingles attacks your nerves.

Now I was faced with a dilema, the anti viral made me congested, a bit short of breath even, and the pain medication given to me was Acetaminophen which of course is nasty on your body. Now I kept taking the anti viral as I could deal with the mild allergic reaction to stop the pain, but was it really necessary? Is there a better solution?

The answer is probably yes.

While I am not saying the anti viral medication is not something we need, clearly it helps and should be used, however it seems that if we simply went back to what mother earth gave us, we would be better off.

I am talking about Marijuana, a plant which seems to have little side effects so long as it is eaten, and not smoked. Smoking Marijuana is a cause for lung cancer, which we can all agree is not a good thing. But eating it seems to be nearly the cure all for pain management, and it even acts as a PED.
Keep in mind that I come from the anti drug side of things. Dad was very conservative in this regard and would have broken my legs had I so much as sniffed a drug.
Seeing side effects of conventional drugs has always made me shy away from them as well. Now that I am older and it seems my hard life is catching up to me maybe it is not such a bad thing to use some wacky weed.
Whether you agree or not, one thing is for sure, it should be our choice, and our choice alone and not for the Government to dictate this on our lives as well.

So far the legalization of Marijuana in Washington and Colorado have been nothing short of success stories, so let us make the rest of the nation the same, let us give people real choice in their treatments and stop the limited choices of potentially harmful Pharmaceuticals.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

You would think seeing Sasquatch would be the oddest thing in the woods, it is not.

Today was no different than any others, I was outside, enjoying the Flora and Fauna as always when I see a couple horsemen riding up the road. I notice one has a blue Civil War hat. I comment to my co worker that we have horses inbound, and he stops to look as well.
At this point apparently he is thinking the same thing as I, cool hat, however his body begins to scan the one rider as well.
We notice he is wearing a Union Uniform, complete with a Cap and ball pistol as well as a Union Knife. Normally I have something to say to whomever, this time I chose to keep it to myself, god knows if he was goofy enough to ride around as if he is in the 1860s, he probably is not the most stable individual on the plant.

At this point you are asking yourself, ok, that is odd, but is that all?

Well no, maybe half hour later I hear a truck coming up the road. Now mind you this is a road closed off to motorized vehicles, to make sure nobody drives on here we have strategically placed a gate so as people in OHV may not drive around the gate.
So I think it must be a co worker coming up the road, soon I see a truck and I realize it is not one of ours. As it gets closer and I mean within a couple feet of me it stops, and I notice it is a couple of teenagers. So I saunter on up to the window and ask what is up.
"We are driving down this road" they answer.
No shit I think "This road is closed to motorized vehicles" I reply.
"Yea we know, but we were the vandals and we had recently driven down this road to clean things up "
"Yea, uhm, the road is closed to motorized vehicles" I reply again. Wondering what the hell these two clowns were thinking. They were two out of three who had been charged very heavily with vandalizing the rocks on a nearby waterfall. Part of their punishment was to clean up the spray paint and the trash, the later we already had.
"Yea well we wanted to drive down and check on things again, cause we are you know, paranoid"
"Uhm, again, the road is closed to motorized traffic" I again repeat myself, wondering what the hell is wrong with these kids.
"Maybe we should walk in" the driver finally states.

Now, this goes back to the title of this blog. Sasquatch is a entity which exists or at least has the probability to exist in the wild, so while seeing it is extremely unusual it is obviously no unheard of. When dare I ask the reader, have you last seen a Union Soldier riding thru the wilderness? This coupled with the later made today very much more unusual than the previous. Had I seen a Mongol Hut out in the steps aka meadow on our way out I would not at this point have even been remotely surprised.

I'm going to bed

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Merica, get a grip!

Ok, I gotta say it as it is driving me nuts.
Every time there is some sort of a "mass" shooting people go off their rockers.
People keep their kids home from schools, do not go to Theaters, and now suddenly Recruiting centers terrify people. The answer is calls for more Police, and now Military to be armed within the US.
Really? For all the patriot flag waving patriotism ya'll sure do not understand your freedom at all. And hell, lets be real, the majority reading this are gun toting Mericans who think they will fight off oppression, the very oppression ya'll keep calling for.
Pathetic, absolutely fucking pathetic. I wrote recently about my Friend Nejc Playing in land mind fields as a kid, those mine fields still exist in areas all over the world. Further many people live in actual war zones. But you are afraid of some goddamn shooting anomaly which will not endanger 99.99999999 percent of people in the US.
Get a grip, turn off the fucking tv, quit going to your hate pastor, monk or whatever it is, and go live your life.
One thing is for sure, you are 100 percent sure to not make it out of this life, so why squander that time by being afraid?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

So You Want to Travel Abroad, How To Get Started

With over 22 countries down, here are my tips to getting started with International travel.

Before you do anything, you will need a Passport. Even traveling to Canada and Mexico it is now required. Once you get your passport, make a copy. I carry one on my person, one in a bag, and leave a copy with someone at home. Guard your passport! They are a commodity on the black market!

Pick a location; While I encourage people to travel practically anywhere, I strongly advise a place where English is at least spoken on a basic degree.

Visa; Do our homework, many countries require you to get a visa before visiting, countries also have a limited amount of time you can visit for usually. will give you the info in this area you need.

Money; Usually I will simply use an ATM when I disembark from a plane at whatever country I have went, however you can make a request from your bank to get the type of currency you plan on using. Now keep in mind that once you leave a major city, you may not be able to have access to an ATM or a place to exchange money.

Type of travel; Ask yourself, and be honest what type of travel most suits you. While adventure travel gets you the greatest experience, possibly your body is not capable, or your will at this point, so perhaps a cruise, tour or resort is optimal.
I have only taken a two Tours one while in Finland the other Korea, while they offered probably the best explanation of sites in Helsinki & Seoul. The adventure aspect was gone, so the fun part which is getting lost, looking at the wrong places etc was not there. I did enjoy the massive history inputs however. Now with that said there are tours for every type of traveler, my Aunt and Uncle are now traveling the world via cruise ships. I also have a dear friend who offers adventure tours, ranging from Mountain bike tours, to Writing/Photography tours.
My tour in Seoul was actually the most optimal as Seoul offers tours based on your flight lay over. I had a 12 hour lay over so I was able to take a full day tour! So while it was not my preferred way to see the city, it did allow me to experience a place which otherwise I may not have. This is of course up to the individual and their own personal goals and comfort level.

Vaccines; Depending on where you are going, and what you are doing, this is something you will need to be looking into well before your leave date.

Make arrangements at home; Make sure your place is being watched, animals cared for and someone to water your plants. Have a auto light on and make it look like the house is still being lived in. Also do not publish your leave and return dates, thieves look for such things and will take advantage.

What to pack? This of course is tailored to your type of trip. If you are going on a tour all the basics from anyplace you go in the US is all that is necessary. If you are adventure traveling you will want to travel light with emphasis on toiletries.
Medications you will need, while most countries you will not need to see a doctor to purchase medication, they may not have what you need.
Make sure you look into local travel laws as pain killers and other narcotics can get you in serious trouble.

If you are planning on driving while in another country, you will need a International Drivers license, these can be obtained from any AAA office. I highly recommend these regardless for your ID as they are in all reality meaningless and one can simply leave them with a corrupt cop and continue on your way, promising to go to court :P

Arrangements to and from the Airport also have to be made; If you drive, you will need to decide if you will pay the daily parking fee on site, or pay for an off site place to park your vehicle.

Insurance; You will want to have travel insurance for the entire length of your stay, make sure it covers your medical aspect which IMO is the most important as items, such as cameras can be replaced.

A Will and a Living Will are also something which every person should have. While I am sure you dream of having a fun and exciting trip, and I certainly hope you will, people still die or are seriously injured while traveling.

Make sure loved ones know where you are going, and where you will be on your entire trip, this also applies to not being on a tour. Again the reality is something could happen to you, and in order to make some sort of a search and rescue possible, people have to know where you are. I will be clear, any kind of a rescue is probably beyond your families financial realities and the Marines are not coming to save you.
US Embassies are not wonderful accommodating flag waving places the movies make them out to be so do not count on much assistance on that end.

Keep a positive attitude: Make the best out of your trip regardless of what happens. Even after being arrested in Croatia I still enjoyed my trip and wanted to continue, my traveling partner however started the trip sour, and would end it sour, which of course hastened our trips end. If I could do it all over again I would have told him to part ways and I would have continued, something to think about for yourself.

Last, have fun. Regardless of where you go it will be the trip of a lifetime, so make sure you stay light hearted and happy.

The world is a big beautiful place filled with amazing sites, sounds and people to experience.

More to come!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A View of the Serbian Conflict from the Eyes of a Child.

At the age of four Nejc would wake to the sound of Thunder. He would run to the window to see the storm, only to find the Thunder came not from the sky, but the street. As he stood and listened he could now hear the sound of grinding metal and a clanking which he did not understand.
He would see people running about yelling, and soon he would see the cause of the Thunder, Tanks.
The Tanks were carrying the Serbian emblem. Slovenia, the newly founded country from where Nejc lived, had recently gained its independence and Serbia did not like it.

Nejc would spend much of his childhood hearing the sounds of conflict. He would hear fighting, know people who would perish, see his neighbors house leveled from Artillery, also losing the windows from his house at this time.

His childhood would be marked with a sound which has still do this day as a young adult never left him, the sound of Air Raid Sirens and the sound of machine guns and artillery.

He and his friends would gather as only a child can do and do foolish things. They would wait in Ambush and then throw rocks at passing tanks, yelling defiantly.
They also would be exposed to something no child ever should, the constant threat of Minefields in Neighboring Muslim areas where they would later travel to see friends and family.

Like all in the area he would know the pain of losing friends and family senselessly to a conflict over Ideology, some of which at times has spanned for Centuries.

The Croatians (Catholic) and Serbians (Orthodox) had been the primary waring fractions, arguing over petty differences mostly. In this conflict the Croatians wanted to break free, and of course the Serbians did not like it. This would set friends upon friends as they battled over something very few understood.

The Muslims would be thrown into the mix despite being the predominantly peaceful lot of the group. This month marks the Anniversary of over 8000 Muslims in Bosnia. Where Men, Women, and Children would be lined up and gunned down by those within the Serbian Military. Mind you they were not without theirs, thus is the nature of war. The KLA or Kosovo Liberation Army would be considered a Terrorist Organization by the US State Department. Later as the US invaded to quell the violence, they would be supported and armed by the US, some things never change.
The 11th day of the Seventh month of this year is for the Muslims in Srebrenica, a day where people gather to remember, and mourn the 20th anniversary of this Massacre.

It is a time which should be moved past, but not forgotten, a conflict that only time can heal, but eyes shall always be cast suspiciously.

The areas where fighting was the hardest, are still littered with landmines to this day.
Unfortunately this is a problem in much of the world, and is not just indicative to this area. Nejc, like many young boys, had walked thru those fields of mines.

I think we can do better as the Human Race, I really do.

Memoirs of a Southern Girl and the KKK

My friend Raja posted this up, and I felt it worth sharing.

This picture brought back memories for me, and I would like to share them. I really do not share much on Facebook, I generally consider it a waste of my time, but for some reason this picture really struck a nerve.

When I was a teenager, in Atlanta Georgia, on weekends we would go down to Lake Spivey, which was the popular summer hangout for teens. On the drive down, we would frequently encounter groups of KKK members, all decked out in their regalia, flying huge American Flags, offering soft drinks out of their coolers and trying to get us to come to their meeting. They would tell us that as Americans we owed it to ourselves to "BE GOOD CITIZENS!" and they had signs that said just that. They stationed themselves at turnoffs near the lake because they knew that teens were headed down to the lake in droves. Most of us just laughed in their faces, called them names (usually not very nice ones) told them they were "Has Bens" and made fun of them. We all knew the KKK was a "thing of the past" something that had existed back in our parents day, or so we led ourselves to believe.

This was in the summer of '63 and '64, and we prided ourselves in having more important things to do that to worry about a bunch of crazy old men playing dress-up in white robes. Sure, we knew there was civil unrest, we watched the news, but I suppose that none of us actually considered ourselves a part of it. After all, we didn't have a problem, in our opinion, people needed to get over it and "live and let live" we concluded.

Looking back, I think we thought that we were enlightened, after all by thwarting their attempts at recruitment, that would put an end to them and their prejudice, right? We lived in a fishbowl. We were too young and naive to see that by ignoring them and doing nothing, we were doing exactly that ... nothing. After all, we rationalized, we were teenagers, what could we possibly do that would have any impact on anything?

Unfortunately, not all teens on that road ended up at Spivey, some took the other road (probably more that we ever knew) and in doing so just kept the hared and prejudice alive. Those teens, I fear, made plenty of impact.

Those afternoons were not isolated to the road to Lake Spivey, they occurred all over the nation. (Yes, I said nation, not only in the Southern States) Today, we see the results of those afternoons, and so many of their recruitment activities as well.

I am not saying that everyone who demonstrates racial prejudice is a product of the KKK, (although we are certainly not born with a gene that makes us that way) nor am I advocating for any flag flying anywhere.

What I am saying is that prejudice and hatred are like any other deadly disease, left untreated it spreads, it grows and eventually it kills.

Just my thoughts.

Raja Messner

Friday, July 3, 2015

Meet Doug Miller, A Man Not Being Held Back By Disability.

95 degrees and I had the caffine jitters. Running around like a Methhead looking for a fix I jumped on my motorcycle and headed down to the store to get a nomax suit to spray weeds with. This apparently was important and a major sidetrack from general yard cleanup/scrap metal hauling.

On the way I would see a man riding a Hayabusa, one of my all time favorite motorbikes, however it had a sidecar attached to it, what?

Intrigued I lifted my visor at the light and mentioned how cool his setup was, it was at this time I noticed a disabled sticker on his trailer, now I was truly intrigued.

After about a half mile of looking his bike up and down while riding, I determined that this rider, loaded down for travel would have a story worth writing about. Without a doubt any travel story has to be more exciting than my hardware store adventure!

Doug is one of those guys you just have to meet. With a infectious smile and a spirit of adventure, you just want to take as much time to get to know this guy as possible.

His story begins with tragedy, shot twice while at work by a disgruntled mentally unstable individual. Doug would end up with a bullet lodged in his spine, and would lose his left eye. It would be some time later that he would meet a man at a rally with a sidecar, Doug just knew this was his way back onto two, well four, well shit, on his way back to enjoying the air in his hair on the open road.

Not only did he order the sidecar, it flat out kicks ass, with a sway bar to level out the sidecar it handles as if it were on rails, allowing Doug to corner carve with ease. Ya'll reading this have to know that cornering, well at least for those of us who do not ride cruisers (sorry, could not resist) is an essential part of motorcycling.

When his wife comes along for adventure, she rides in the sidecar and Doug carries his Wheelchair on his trailer. When he goes solo, the Chair gets to enjoy some sidecar view.

Doug is taking a nice long trip, Originating in Tallahassee Florida he intends to head all the way out to Washington, with heavy emphasis on Yellowstone, Cody and of course the legendary bear tooth highway.
From there he will head out to Washington, spend some time on the coast, come back thru Colorado, spend some time with his Bro in Arkansas, and then back to Florida.

When I ran into Doug, he had already covered over 5000 miles in two weeks. He is taking adversity, chewing it up, spitting it out and living a lifetime of adventure.

Motor on!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

End the hate.

Nine people die in South Carolina and the Country comes uncorked.
The news headlines for weeks to come will cover this tragedy.
Yet every time a innocent muslim dies over seas, people clap, cheer and call for it to be "Turned to glass"
When people die in Africa the comments are "They have always been like that"

Nonsense, Humans are Humans and most are peaceful, all are deserving of life.

Killing innocent people is never a good thing. I do not know those in South Carolina but I understand their pain, just as those in Palestine, Israel, Congo and Myanmar.

Its time as a Nation and a people to grow past the Bigoted narrow minded bullshit. Its time to quit pretending we are "Protecting our freedom" while in the same breath cursing oil companies for their expansion, for their underlying cause of the wars to fuel our gluttony.

End the hate.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

As it turns out Cain Velasquez really is a fake Mexican

Last night the reigning UFC Heavy Weight Champion faced off against the apparent fake Interm Heavy Weight Champion Fabricio Werdum, you know because being the number one contender is just not good enough, we need cracker jack labels as well.

I am not sure how Cain was not stripped of his belt after not fighting for two years, especially after he pulled out of his last fight in Mexico City with a lame excuse of "I did not feel 100 percent." Sounds like someone is tired of the fight game and drunk with all that sponsorship money. While Fabricio won the Interim Belt, otherwise known as the fake or as Broc Lesnar put it, the "pretend heavy weight belt" Fabricio still was only the number one contender, lame.

Fabricio did something right before this fight though, something I have said all along, he called out Cain as a "fake Mexican."

Now with the big Brown Pride written on Cains chest and all his Mexican flag waving one would think Cain indeed is a Mexican. Well not quit, Cain was born in the United States, and still lives there, which is something that irritates me. I am fine with someone having pride in their heritage, I am very proud of mine, but it is another thing to carry around a fake nationality.

Clearly the US has been good to the Valesquez family, just as it has been to many immigrants, and it is a huge slap in the face not only to the US to get slapped in the face by Cain, but also to Mexico for Cain doing nothing more than selling his fake nationality.

Cain proved all this true last night. With Mexico City at a staggering 7350 feet in altitude, Cain only showed up for two weeks of training, the required minimum for your body to adjust to altitude. His opponent Fabricio took it more seriously training in Mexico City for a full Month.

Now I would say that should put the nail in the coffin on this one for good. I ask you the reader of this who probably is pissed at me, if Cain loves his heritage so much, why can he not only be bothered to live in Mexico, but not even stay there long enough to train properly?
I am also willing to bet that Cain is on the plane back to Merica early this week.

Let us put one more thing to rest, just as Cain was last night. The fight was by no means one sided, nor did Cain come out as if he was not properly acclimated. He threw crazy amounts of punches and came forward as he always did. The trouble was his opponent was prepared, hit him harder in the exchanges and flat out frustrated him. So let us not pretend that Cain was not trained, and certainly let us not pretend he was the greatest Heavy Weight Champion ever, he defended his belt twice for gods sake.

Nighty Night.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I got my first UAV Quad Copter, the Syma X5c !

What a wonderful time we live in when virtually every kind of electronic gismo we dreamed of is now available to the common man.
I like many men have a fascination with this stuff and I will do my best to experiment with what I can.

First let us make a clarification, a Drone is completely autonomous and flies by itself, while a UAV means Unmanned Ariel Vehicle, which would be the proper usage in this case.

The history of the UAV is actually fairly old, with the first US UAV as we know it flying in combat in 1963. However the UAV was reportedly in use and some sort of development, mostly as flying bombs as early as WW1, and even beyond in the form of Hot Air Balloons.

Clearly the powers that be have kept the fun stuff out of our hands for some time, yet finally it is here and by damned, I will enjoy it.

So started the research, for the past two years since they were released I have looked, dreamed and waited for one I could afford. This year that would happen.

With visions of racing thru the woods like some star wars movie, I calmed myself realizing I wanted something for more of a camera platform at this time. Reading many reviews on the 400 dollars on up models, I realized that despite the marketing of a beginner Quad Copter, many were still losing them be it forever, or in water, trees etc. I would settle one which reviews were quit high, enter the SymaX5c with Camera for 53 dollars shipped!

Now out of the box this thing is actually charged, mostly assembled and RTF (Ready to Fly)
I would waste no time installing the battery and crashing it in the living rooms since the wind was absolutely railing outside. It took several bashings inside the house that were beyond what I expected.

I would try to fly it outside in the wind but would quickly have to shut it off at about 25feet as the wind took it, I panicked and it would land upside down on my roof. After crawling up and carrying it back down I would again panic after brief loss of control and in all my Martial Arts reflexes and wisdom, toss down the Remote in order to catch it, Uhhgg. I would continue to drain the battery several times and finally I was good enough I could fly around the house relatively uneventful.

Today was a different day outside, after having troubles with the camera I discovered it merely was not plugged in tight, so I have my first Video and outside flight experience. It seems to work well.

Using the Camera is easy, merely flip a switch and on it goes. Operating was a bit of a challenge still with light gusts threatening to carry it off. I would gain at least rudimentary control and manage to harass my elderly neighbor, who proclaimed "I want one" Indeed, she is going to get one next week apparently.

Thus far initial impressions are good, mating the Syma to the Quad is super easy, adjusting level flight is even more easy, and while it could use more functions in regard to beginning use and advanced use, it seems to do well.

Anything above 5mph wind is a bit difficult at my horrid skill level to fly, but light breezes are possible and fairly easy as one practices more. This is where an expensive larger one would do well. Regardless I am still having fun playing with the dog in the yard. I dive bomb her and she nips at it and chases it around.

I think I made the right choice initially, even though the wife has already claimed it, I can experiment with relative peace of mind over destroying and possibly losing 50 dollars, over 400+

I still am going to put my Name and Phone number on it in the event I lose it.

More updates to come, a quick video of early flight testing.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Mosque Armed Protestors in Arizona Resemble Dark Groups of the Past.

I think by now anyone and everyone has seen at least some news about the recent armed protest in Arizona.
The protests were by the founders own words "Designed to flush out" terrorists within the Mosque and apparently to chase evil Muslims out of America.

There are so many things wrong with this line of thinking I am not sure where to start, well, here goes.

First off the fact people would arm themselves and surround a building filled with not only men, but women and children shows a very dangerous level of intent. It shows a complete disregard for human life not to mention the rights of those within. Think about that for a second, women and children in Prayer and these guys show up armed to the teeth spoiling for a fight, uhhggg.

The next worse aspect of this is the pre meditated aspect of it. Without a doubt these guys have put a little thought into why Muslims are Evil and need to be banished from the USA, so much so they were ready to kill anyone who so much as flinched. I am sorry, but at the point it showed intent to commit a crime, possibly murder, this protest went straight out to a good old fashioned Salem witch hunt.

These guys showed up wanting blood, hoping and praying the Evil Mooslim of their dreams would Emerge screaming "God is Great" so they could double tap him, high five with their buddies and wait until the next Rabbit, I mean Mooslim came out.

Sadly this is the exact vision anti gun groups have had of Armed Americans for years, they just perpetuated it to a T. White entitled Christian males who have no tolerance for others not of their belief or vision of worthiness. If you thought your Second Amendment rights were secure before, after the Bundy stand off and now this, they wont be for long. Plenty of fuel for the Anti Gun fire now, and honestly, who can blame them? When you have armed people showing up with the intent to kill in the guise of a protest, Houston, we have a huge problem.

These at the protest are at the same mentality of those at the Bundy Protest, supposed freedom loving Constitutional Mericans who know very little of law and are poorly educated and not well read apparently on any level.

This is a problem, ignorance creates fear, and fear creates knee jerk dangerous reactions, which is what this protest and the Bundy standoff really were.

In neither case was there an actual legal precedence for these people to be armed, in neither case were they exercising their actual rights, they were in fact trying to rule out of fear in their own way. I na sense, they were bullies.

Further those in the Arizona protest bear a striking resemblance to those radical Islamists they so hate. They are people not tolerant of other Ideals, customs or even culture, and are willing to kill in their own ignorance to stop said culture.

In the past in America we had dark groups like this, beyond the obvious which persecuted the Native Americans, we had those who persecuted those who were classified as Americans themselves, they called them witches. Those persecuting touted the bible and Their god as justification, that group was called puritans. They murdered at will if you failed their impossible test. If you swam you were a Witch and therefore to be killed. IF you drowned then you were not a witch, but well they were dead, but at least they knew!

The next group I can think of which is even more in line with the current Ideology of the protestors, who used to claim the First Amendment, well a picture speaks a thousand words.

Notice the resemblance, supposed Patriots flying an American Flag even. They have zero tolerance for those they deem not worthy in America, specifically the Jew and the Negro.

Have we really digressed that much in the US? Is our education system really that bad?

The only good from this, if there is any, is that the protestors were met not by angry armed Muslims, but by peaceful people trying to educate.

The bad, they just re affirmed what radical Islam already states, Muslims are being persecuted.

I fear these protests in the end will do far, far more harm in the long run, than good.

The hate has to end.

I just want to say as an advocate for firearms ownership, and the Second Amendment in general these assholes do not represent the rest of us, they like the Mooslims the haters are a minority, at least I hope they are. As a former Christian I am also here to say they do not represent the majority of Christians, and as a White male, I certainly hope they do not represent the rest of us as well.

I am sorry, truly America I am sorry this is still going on today.

Some quick facts readily hidden by the Media for those reading this that are fuming right now.

The US Constitution was not the first Human rights doctrine, it actually shares some ideology from a document of hte past and arguably the first to recognize human rights. The Constitution of Medina written by none other than Muhammad.

Second, there are more women elected into Government in Pakistan than the US, in fact Pakistan has already had a female PM, not once, but twice. Indonesia, another Muslim country has also had a Female PM. The US? Not yet.

Second Baghdad just elected its first female Mayor, so much for oppressive Muslims.

Third Muslims actually believe in Jesus as well, he was a profit who came from you guessed it, Mary as well.

I could be here all day typing, but I thought this would be a good way to dispel many myths surrounding the Quran and all those hate quotes you have seen being passed around. Now mind you, like the protestors at one point in my life I thought Islam was evil and vile as well, then I read the Quran and it was nothing like I thought.

Last, here is a link of someone who I find very special in the world, a woman with Balls that clank, Lois Pryce who Motorcycled Iran not once, but twice! What she found will shock you.

Monday, May 25, 2015

On this Memorial Day, Let Us Remember

Today is Memorial day, and I am actually ok with it being National BBQ day as well. Since Mericans work their can off with the least amount of time off in the industrialized world, I think they deserve that.
That by no means undermines the meaning of the day in general, a day we remember those who have died before us, specifically those who wore the Uniform.
IT is important that we look into the mirror and our honest about those deaths. Repeating silly memes on freedom does no one any favors.
It is important to remember that in the almost 240 years of this countries existence, we have fought two wars for actual freedom, and during decades in between, fought lots of wars over bullshit.
Now you can get upset if you want, I really do not give care, cause I am not happy that you, and others would dare pretend some glorious reason to send our loved ones off to die when in reality it has zero to do with your freedoms, which are fought and lost on the legislative floor, and everything to do with greasing some fat asses pocket.
It is time we as an educated society set aside the Emotional BS and stopped it, stopped allowing ourselves to be used as nothing more than sacrificial pawns. We can elicit a change, but we have to start now.
RIP to those who died well serving, I remember the lies which took your life, and I will do my best so those same lies are not repeated in the future.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Freddie Roach & Crew Dropped the Ball Big Time.

I am gonna go ahead and say it, but Roach dropped the ball on this big time.
His training camp was clearly a joke, his sparring partners included a MMA fighter? Are you KIDDING ME! Going against the greatest defensive fighter of all time and you bring in a MMA FIGHTER?
Now it turns out that Manny was injured with a torn rotator, and you still go on with the biggest fight of the supposed century without your fighter being 100 percent?
Further you admit he was drugged up? Well that explains the listless look going into the ring.
I want to know Mr Roach, were you paid off? Was Bob Arron? This was disgusting.
Lets go over this.
Every single thing that Floyd wanted he got, The date, the location, even the select weight which FAVORED HIM! Oh and lets not forget that Flo even picked Mannys gloves, seriously?
Who allows that to happen? Manny is a fighter with a huge heart, but clearly not the brightest light bulb in the box. His management from the top to the bottom completely failed him. The result was a under prepared fighter who stepped into the ring unsure of himself, that was clear from the moment he walked into the arena, looking listless and tired.
Then two minutes before the fight started his gloves were finally on and he is warming up? I NEVER EVEN MADE THIS MISTAKE AS An AMATEUR!
Further there was zero attempt to roll to Floyds right and open him up, NONE!. FLoyd played the same game against the ropes time and time again, waited until Manny rushed in too close to do anything then rolled to his own left, OMG IN 12 ROUNDS THE SUPPOSED GREATEST TRAINER IN HISTORY COULD NOT TELL MANNY TO CUT HIM OFF AND QUIT OVER COMMITTING?
15 million dollars a round for both of these clowns and all we have is the winner being unanimously booing for being afraid to box. For that price we also get two fighters without a mark on their face?
I am fine with using the ring, but you HAVE TO BOX!
the nearest comparable fight I can think of would have been Sugar Ray and Roberto Duran, and guess what, PEOPLE WERE ON THEIR FEET IT WAS SO EXCITING!
Sugar ray used the ring but PUNCHED LIKE CRAZY. Duran cut him off and did what a puncher is supposed to do, Frigging PUNCH!
Further Floyd should have been penalized in every round. He choked, hit to the back of the head and even pushed Mannys head down, where were you Freddie? You should have been standing up for your man, demanding penalties when they happened.
Regardless even with those points deducted I Still do not think Manny put forth enough effort to deserve the W.
IMO it should have been a No Contest and both fighters forced to refund the money of everyone in the gym and on PPV.

Roach should be fired, and hopefully he loses all credibility as a trainer. A genius? Hell no, just a paid off man who lost all my respect, and judging from the lack of applause in the post fight press conferance, everyone elses as well.

Motorcycle ADV Riding Tips.

After 24 years of Riding and shunning the MSF and all that nonsense I would run into Lance Holst. Nice guy and I decided to take his Advanced Rider Clinic, holy shit did I learn a ton.

Not only would I do it again, I would love to take other courses as well and I am very interested in Lee Parks Total Control.

Careful who you take advice from, even those who have ridden for years know very little about riding in all actuality, but hte pros? Be it dirt or track, they have to know their shit. Myths and misconceptions do not win races, which unfortunately the average rider is full of nothing but nonsense. If you are talking to someone and they do not know what counter stearing is or thinks laying a bike down is a good optino, walk away, and do not look over your shoulder or GOD WILL TURN YOU INTO A PILLAR OF SALT! :))

Most people riding at what they think is 80 percent are actually riding at 120 percent, let that one sink in for a minute before reading on.

Track days are a big one to help gain confidence and learn skills, you learn a bunch right there and myths have to quickly go out the window.

Cycling actually transfers directly over and really helps with balance as well as endurance, if you are healthy you are more alert and fatigue less easily. I also believe that riding horses in my younger years helped as well.

Riding off road should be done with lighter bikes before the big boys, get yourself a 250 which has plenty of power for any size, go and practice, play around, be a hooligan and learn tons.

Eat right and stay hydrated, again this transfers over directly to being alert and being a better rider.

Be comfortable with all your gear as well as the bike, if you are not comfortable you are not alert and paying attention to the road.

Be it pavement or dirt, look well far away as your body cannot react if you simply look right in front of you.

Look where you want to go in any situation.

Always stay committed and go for whatever it is you are doing, if you hit a corner too hot do not hit the brake, stay on the throttle and go for it, same goes if you are riding something technical and it seems you are fubar, You will wreck far more often simply giving up half way than you ever would have just staying on it and going for it. It will be scary, I promise but it is far better than the alternative.

Trust your tires, todays tires are amazing and will hold the road very well, trust them and go with them, that goes along with the new tires are slick BS, nonsense. Even if they are (which they are not) being afraid of a new tire implies you would be unable to handle your bike in rain, snow or mud.

Quit making excuses, if something happens it probably is rider error, be objective, set aside your ego and be honest about what just happened, otherwise you are not helping yourself or anyone else at all.

The street is no place to race. While we all enjoy a spirited ride from time to time, there are simply too many factors which can impede your ride which do not exist on the track. Those factors may be dirt, cow shit, animals or even a car simply stopped around the corner, you do not know and owe it to your family to COME HOME LATE AT NIGHT.
Dont get me wrong, I believe strongly in living and enjoying your life, but the chest beating idiocy and acting like a teenager does no one a favor, save it for a controlled environment.

Bright Colors save lives, this is not even up for debate on any level.

A well Maintained bike adds to your confidence, be it on a long trip, or a spirited canyon ride it will help bring you home safely.

Tell people where you are going and keep ID on you. Your cell phone should also be programmed with an emergency contact. If you are on medications, a list of those should be on your person.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Manny Paquiao, where were you?

I wanted to keep quiet, I did as my wifes family are Filipino, but I cannot take it.

It was sometime after Tysons fall from glory that I lost interest in Boxing, the bad judging and reffing just finished it off for me, or so I thought. My interest would peak as two amazing fighters would rise up at relatively the same time, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Paquiao.

For years this is the fight everyone wanted to happen, everyone even those of us who have long since lost interest in boxing talked about how much we wanted this fight to happen.
Years of Floyd seemingly ducking Manny, with excuse after excuse, it simply made us talk even more.

Finally a supposed chance encounter at a basketball game would set the ball in motion. It seemed odd to me then that these two great fighters would not only be at the same game, but sitting across from each other, brilliant promotion I guess.
Numbers were exchanged and dates set, Floyds dates.

I hate Floyd, I wont even lie saying otherwise, however he is a genius. Floyd makes sure people fight on his terms, that is what a fighter should do. He set the date, and he set the weight, at his natural weight making a smaller Manny come up to meet him, he even dictated which gloves Manny should use.

I am not sure what Moron in the world would agree with this on Manny's team, but they did. I know Manny has a huge heart, but is it possible to have a dumber team than Tyson did? Apparently the answer is yes.

Without a doubt Manny felt he could beat the bigger fighter, and I still think he had the ability to do so, however the smart move on his side would have been to bring Floyd down to his weight, Pick a date and make that date in your Country, throw Floyd off, make him the one having to play catch up.

Floyd was desperate, he had to have this fight to fulfill his legacy, that pout the negotiations and game on team Paquiao, at least it should have. Somehow Pac Mans management messed up this part, what was the biggest payday in Boxing history, should have been even bigger, but beyond that this was for Mannys people.

More problems in Mannys camp as a menagerie of odd not exactly the most talented fighters were brought in to spar Manny. Well ok, Freddie Roach is supposed to be a genius, he knows what he is doing right?
Apparently not.

Fight night comes and we see a listless Manny walking in. Minutes before the fight when Manny should have been warming up we see him struggling to put his gloves on still, come on really? The biggest fight of his life and he is not even ready until a couple minutes before he walks into the ring?

Then the fight happens and I am not exactly sure where the brilliant Boxer is, other than Floyd.
Floyd did what he always does brilliantly, rolled and kept a fighter off him. What Manny did not do, was anything at all. He seemingly thought going in slow straight on and simply throwing a single punch here and there was enough. Why was this? why was a fighter known to be one of the fastest busiest strikers in the game seemingly not bothering to throw punches in bunches?
Exactly what was he doing when he did have Floyd on the ropes. I realize he is a master at blocking and deflecting, but to simply quit punching and step away?

Floyd managed to have one of the worst referees in history on this fight, and that showed as Floyd continuously punched below the belt and at times I thought I was watching a MMA fight when Floyd would hook PacMan in a guillotine and nothing would be done about it.

How on earth could you fall for the same trick over and over again? Floyd draws you straight into the ropes, you rush in and Floyd rolls off to his left, was it magic? No it is the same thing he always does, nothing was done to even attempt to close that door.

One of the keys when fighting as a south paw to open up a fighter with your opposite stance is to roll to their right, did Roach just fail to tell Manny? And where were all those angles you are famous for Manny? Where were they?

Dude we all love you, but when at the end of a fight you think you won, and the person interviewing you is asking what the hell you did wrong, a clue should be forming. When that announcer is asking why you were not trying hard enough, something more should click.

What failed? Was it his corner? What exactly happened here? Was your corner not telling you to move more, to let those hands go free? Were they not telling you that you were behind and needed to get with it?

I love Manny, any man with a heart as big as his deserves that love, but I am sorry, unless there was a pay off somewhere, there was zero excuse for that lack luster performance. Beyond all the point deductions that should have happened against Flo, he still handily won.

Congratulations on your Pro Debut, the boxing legend we all love you to be, was not in the ring tonight.

I will however Congratulate Floyd on being humble and respectful, and Manny, where was your respect? you should have flat out said you got beat by the best in the world, because you did.

You said "I have fought bigger" was this really in your head before you stepped into the ring with the best defensive fighter boxing has ever known? Save maybe, and I mean maybe Willie Pep?

I refuse to believe that it was this lopsided, I refuse to believe that Floyd frustrated Manny so, when men Floyd had trouble beating, Manny absolutely destroyed.

Oh well, it is what it is, as someone else said tonight "Boxing is dead" Indeed it is, the greatest match up of the century was bust and the bad guy won, so now what?

On with our own lives is all I can say.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Real Trajedy of Nepal.

Maybe for me having visited developing countries before it is a bit easier to understand.

A tragedy always sucks regardless of where you are in the world, however the real problem being in places like Nepal the Government is ill equipped to deal with the situation at all. People themselves will have to gather together and do their best to form rescue operations, share food, figure out water, and deal with where their sewage will go.

Here in the west it is far easier for us, we have some of the best charities in the world at our doorstep, ready to lend us a helping hand. We have all the equipment necessary to help with rescue operations and being the repairs, this is not hte case in Nepal.

Nepal like any developing country is seriously lacking in the Equipment to even dig people out. Mind you there will be an Excavator here and there but by large, rubble will be removed painstakingly by hand.

They will not have dogs trained to sniff for survivors, nor those dogs to search for dead bodies in the weeks to come. Masks will be improvised more often than not a simple rag tied over their face.

Before the quake simple things we take for granted like water, was still something treasured there as it simply does not run in every house. Buckets were used then, and will be used now regardless of the income status. Water will have to be trucked in, but with what exactly? In America there are quit literally fleets of potable water trucks waiting for any emergency. Granted those trucks are usually private contractors, but non the less they are at our disposal to insure our basic right of water is met.
In Nepal they will fill anything that can hold water, that means lots of dirty buckets and containers we would balk at in a minute in the US.

To make matters worse they have no place to go, in the west again we have massive stadiums which can hold tens of thousands of people and keep them sheltered, in Nepal, they will have to slab together whatever they can find.

The light in all this is many aid groups will come to the rescue, from the legendary Red Cross, to Religious based organizations hoping to add a few members to their group simply from showing their good will, to organizations such as Medical San Frans commonly known as Doctors without Borders who will not only help provide medical aid, but deal with helping to rebuild and upgrade the infrastructure itself.

Immediate donations will pour in, and they are desperately needed, but long term as with most of these places is needed far more than anything.

I cannot help but wonder if the Media in America focused less on non important social Drama like the Bruce Jenner nonsense how much more help this could bring. While I sympathies with those who deal with transsexual problems, theirs will be there tomorrow and are more of a personal issue to be dealt with over an overall social issue. Imagine thinking someone having trouble with their sexual Identity takes precedent over someone starving or potentially freezing to death.

I hope whomever reads this will find it in their heart to do two things. One please donate to a charity of your choice, regardless if those funds go directly to Nepal, there are plenty of situations all over the world that money will go to help. I would also ask you to encourage our Media to start reporting important events, and less on the dysfunctional Honey Boo boo or the Kardashians.
Lets take this Tragedy to start making a difference, if your neighbor prospers, so shall you.

Paul Walkers Charity for your Fast and Furious Fans

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Making of a Trail Dog, First Mountain Bike Ride.

I have had it in my mind that I needed a good trail dog for some time. After much thought I settled upon a cowdog, being a very robust energetic and agile dog I felt one would fit the bill perfectly.
In august after much looking I would happen upon one for free in a local trader paper, the journey would begin.

I would take time to make sure she was well associated with her new home, keeping her mostly in the fenced in yard and working with her agility and commands with a mini obstacle course I erected in the back yard.

I would then start to take her on leashed walks about the town, trying to keep her from following her doggie instincts too much, not allowing her to sniff around or antagonize dogs which were in yards.

I would then being to take her on small hikes where I suspected contacts with other humans and especially humans with their dogs would be absolutely minimal, this worked amazingly well with her sticking close behind me without a leash.

Last night would be the real test, it is one thing to get a dog to follow you and stay close while walking, it is another when you are peddling and they have to trot or lope to keep up. Your attention while peddling is focused more on the trail ahead and not so much on what is around you, giving the dog ample opportunity to sniff around and possibly find some dead animal or feces to roll in!

We would ride on an easy rode into what is called Willow Creek, it is somewhat sandy but overall an easy test with a nice wide mountain rode and mostly fields about. Finding the optimal speed would prove a bit challenging at first and I opted to keep her trotting over lopping so 7-8mph seemed to work fairly well. I really wanted to avoid her exploring in the Ranchers field more out of fear she may find some poison left out for ground squirrels over the minor annoyance of needing a bath after rolling in a fresh Cow patty. The first mile would be challenging, but after that, she stuck with me as a dog should.

The next biggest challenge for me would be to remember she would need to rest frequently as she was not accustomed to this pace.
We would rest at just over 2 miles in to take this fabulous photo.

At three miles in we would stop for a drink in the creek. I have been wondering for some time why there was a small metal shed and a metal pole next to the creek. I would encourage her to go into the water too cool down as well as get a drink. Walking back up the bank ways I would do the man thing and take a leak while I observed what the metal pole could be.
Hmmm, that looks like it has some kind of a sensor on it, I was starting to think it was not so much for the weather but possibly,,,,,yes as my mug peered close I would see the lens. There I was like some kind of a redneck monkey very embarrassed to have peered straight into a modern camera and of course unintentionally exposing myself, uhgg. Internet here I come!

I cannot say much more about this ride behind this, we would ride in another half mile before turning back. We did not see any animals which is surprising as normally in this area Moose and especially deer are very plentiful.

I would again riding back have to remember to rest a couple more times as Sadi was a bit wiped out, happy to have lots of ear scratching and she really seemed to enjoy her time out with me.

The last mile appeared rough for her as her tongue was nearly dragging on the road, and I regretted my choice of a seven mile ride, five would have been far more appropriate for her first outing I thought.
At the car she could not wait to jump in but seemed to still have plenty of energy.

At the house she would bolt straight to her toy, she was not tired, she wanted to play fetch!
I wish I shared her enthusiasm.

I am looking forward to more rides with her, I think she will do quit well as her discipline is classic among that breed, next week as the weather breaks we shall venture even further.