Saturday, June 23, 2018

You want Immigration Solutions? Here they are!

There has been a lot of talk about how crappy our Immigration system is and how it needs solutions. Sadly most people have never been through the process and have little knowledge of what it entails. To make it even more difficult the process differs per country, Monetary status and what type of Visa you are applying for.
The time frames for different type of Visa's and again per country and type of Visa.
For instance, if you were to meet the love of your life and want to bring her over into the country she is simply a plane ride and roses away!
Well no.
Turns out you will be in for a hefty processing fee, interview at the Embassy, which usually are in the Capital so He/She will have to travel, Medical examination then sit and wait.
Improperly or incomplete paperwork will result in paperwork being denied.
Blood tests are required and those who are sick need to be treated, except for special circumstances before they can enter.
To make it even more complex, the time for entry depends on which "Love" visa you have applied.
If you go for a Marriage Visa you will likely have a one year wait before she can set foot on Soil. This type is quickest in regards to the path to Citizenship however.
IF you go for a Fiance Visa you will have a minimum of Sixth Month wait but a longer path to Citizenship. This type can take several Years.
In these cases they will be required to have yet another interview with Customs, then biometrics once they are in country and have filed Adjustment of Status Paperwork.
Followed by more paperwork, more money and more Biometrics.
You are still not a Citizen.
TO further complicate the entire discussion, those are classified as non-Immigrant Visas!

Yea I know.

Work Visa? Well It again depends on Country of Origin and type of Visa, overall average time is one and a half years.

How about if you have a Family member in the US and want to bring their family? More from US Immigration Services

"If you are related to a US citizen but are not an immediate relative, you can still apply for a green card through family sponsorship known as family preference. However, since only 350,000 people are allowed to secure a US visa through this type of sponsorship each year, there are backlogs and the process takes longer than it does for the immediate family.

If you are the child (over 21 years of age) of a US citizen, you are in the first preference. The wait for a US visa in this category can be six years.
If you are the child or spouse of a green card holder, you are in the second preference. The wait for a US visa in this category can be five to ten years.
If you are the married child of a US citizen, you are in third preference. The wait for a US visa in this category can be eight years.
If you are the sibling of a US citizen, you are in fourth preference. Several things can affect waiting times of family-sponsored green card applications."

Refugee Status? You are looking at two years and more travel.
Imagine being in dire need of saving your family and having to be stuck in a war or disaster zone for Two years!

How about Asylum? Well turns out that process takes well over a year as well.

Green cards last for one year and need to be applied for Annually.

So where are the Solutions you ask?

One properly staff our Immigration Services to help with interviews, paperwork and backlog.

End the unnecessary, restrictive and ridiculous wait times. Often times it is simply policy to have these nonsense policy.
In the case of say the Philippines, a country who was once a Territory and has fought alongside us, what is the problem?
Politics and biases unfortunately. The US has consistently wanted ot Punish the Philippines for ending their US Territory Status and also for not allowing Nuclear Ships in their Harbors.
Unfortunately Biases end hard at the top for some reason. So for the easiest solution in this regard, grow the fuck up, seriously!

Next we get to the amount of people entering.
Despite fear mongering, studies show that a influx of Refugees will boost the Economy in around two years time.
Doubt me? America's greatness was during the time when Immigrants were largely unfettered do to the fact those people filled valuable job niches thus allowing the economy to grow exponentially.
As a person from abject poverty who is living in the US once told me "There is so much empty land here, how on earth can we have Homeless and not room for others?"
Hard to argue.

In the end it comes down to voting and holding your elected officials responsible. For Decades both sides of the fence have used Immigration as a platform for voting and used especially workers as Pawns in their elections.
Moreover disagreements in how complex the system is has created more problems, not to mention attaching Pork to said bills is also a problem as well.
In our current situation not much can be done as you ahve a President who insists on building a Useless wall, so regardless of what happens he wants billions appropriated for that wall.
I am sorry, Historically Walls do nothing and are a waste of fucking money, people go over, under or simply bribe the Guards to come across.

If you want Immigration reform, Nationalism does not work, it never has, and never will. Their overall Objective is to be bias and not allow people into the country, regardless of our need. Their inherent instinct to care for their own actually makes things harder for the rest of us.

So vote for people of Immigrant origin, while not always a solution as sadly some seem to think they are special and should deny others, most will want comprehensive reform as they or their parents have went through the process.

Communicate with Farmers, Ranchers and Tourist Industry to find the number of Work Permits actually needed. There are organizations which represent these industries and they need to be strongly considered.
Yes the Tourist Industry actually relies heavily on foreign workers especially in those hard to reach places for locals!

Last, follow the Bill of Rights and GIVE IMMIGRANTS RIGHTS! Right now Immigrants go to mass trials and are not given the representation they deserve thus allowing for max exploitation with Businesses and even Private individuals.

Making Immigrants Fear for their existence in the US has confounded the problem as it encourages Rape, Exploitation and even Robbery. It is common for people to actually rob people who have questionable immigration credentials as they know those people will not be able to go to the police. SO those working are fucked over, this is absolute bullshit.
In short, be kind, follow the Golden Rule and the principals and Foundation of our Country.

It also is to note that out of roughly 200 countries in the world, the US, the country of Immigrants rates as one of the 5 hardest in the world to Immigrate to!

As I stated in my earlier Blogs regarding immigration kindness, compassion and just being human are the answers in the end.

I am sorry this Blog is not more complex, it really does not need to be.

Friday, June 15, 2018

America's Immigration Policies are helping to Destroy Small Businesses and are Crippling Small Towns.

America has had a problem with Immigration for over a century. It is about the time when laws were slowly being applied for those coming and talking heads in power began to put forth laws designed to separate those they deemed unfit to set foot on our land.
It would wane and flux from administration to administration. One could argue it started with the Chinese Exclusion act of 1882, which would not be completely repealed until the National Immigration act in 1965 which repealed country of origin elimination.
Despite this atrocious act the bulk of anti Immigration Policies came forth in the 1920s with the National Origins act of 1929 capping immigration at 150,000 per year. It focused primarily on those from Southern and Eastern Europe and all but Eliminated people from Asia from entering.
Indeed our history of Bigotry and False fear is deep within this country and arguably has no place in modern society on any level.
Immigration exclusion and crack downs have done little more than to hold us back, both culturally and economically.
Recently Trump ended statuses for Hundreds of Thousands of Immigrants here on special status, creating a huge void in low skilled workers. From Meat Packing plants to fields this will have a profound affect on the economies of those area's, and of course create a void in businesses unable to fill those jobs with local workers.
Ironically by allowing special status of workers it helps to solve the very Immigration problem the Radical Right claims we have.
Those people within the country inevitably send money back to their own country, helping to educate their friends and relatives which of course breaths fresh life into their own economies.
In my wifes case for instance, she was Educated from the money sent from her Aunts living and working in Japan, not only her, but five other family members would receive College Degrees from that money sent. My wife the first in her family to have a College Job was able to give her Mom something we take for granted, her first Refrigerator. Her income also helped provide extra food they otherwise would never have had.
Now think about it for a minute, that money only helps bring up those economies which in turn will purchase from us, why on earth would we not want that?

My case for Immigrants and refugees.

Immigrants bring forth Idea's from basics such as new cooking methods to things more advanced such as Science.
Just sit back and Imagine what our country would be like without two of the greatest minds ever to grace this earth, not being allowed to America.
Those two minds are Albert Einstein, a Refugee from Germany and Nicola Tesla, a Immigrant from Yugoslavia. Without their valuable contributions it is impossible to know where America would be today, one thing is sure we likely would not have been a world leader for so long.
The valuable contributions of in our Science and Technologies continue today with over 50 percent of all Scientists coming from abroad.
Since America seems completely incapable of dealing with it's education system which would help Americans fill these voids, we undoubtedly will have to continue catering to a Immigrant population which simply cannot be stopped as it would literally cripple our ability to not only advance ourselves, but to compete in world technology.
Not to be excluded our own Medical profession is desperately addicted to foreigners as well. Since America again cannot address it's own educational shortcoming our country has recruited from other countries be it Doctors, Nurses and Dentists.
Those are beyond desperately needed in small towns where it is less attractive for Americans to move to and is a foot in the door for the foreigner. For a foreigner this may be their chance to live in the Mountains of Montana or perhaps some small town in the Great Plains, it is their chance to live out the old AMerican history they have heard so much about, perhaps to interact with wildlife they have only dreamed of.

Then of course we can move on to the Backbone of America, the Immigrant worker which we so desperately need.
For reasons not always completely understood Rural Towns are suffering hard and with that comes a desperate need for those foreign workers. As we advance our own society is less likely to want to do menial jobs, this is not new to America and historically is quite common. IF you know there is better, easier work available, why on earth would you not take advantage of that?
So with that little tidbit comes the realization that many in small towns want a better life, they want to partake in the money adventure so are leaving.
Their places are not being filled, as those positions go unfilled we lose out on basic economies and ultimately taxes desperately needed to help with the infrastructure, as all this dries up towns inevitably die.
Small towns from Rural America to Italy who have tried a different approach and embraced Refugees with great results. Contrary to right wing propaganda these towns found willing workers grateful for a new life and a chance at the American Dream.
Those people brought in a new Economy, filled empty houses and enriched with a new Culture sparking curiosity and diversity.
Come now dear Reader who has just bulked at this thought, do you not enjoy a Chinese or Italian Restaurant?
Let's be honest, if nothing else food as the Late Anthony Bourdain had stated is a "Bridge for us all".

Immigration Crackdowns on the other hand have brought nothing short of Misery. Many good people have been deported for no good reason other than cruelty. I am not one who believes every person should be categorized and listed, I cannot think of anything more repulsive in a supposed advanced society.
Moreover the Crackdowns have all but destroyed local and state tax bases as Billions upon Billions in Crops have rotted from worker shortages. Sow how are those crops replaced? Well ironically enough we import the food shortages. Thanks or maybe not thanks to American Trade policies we can easily manipulate our own food sources from abroad.
The Crackdowns also fuel anti Immigration and ultimately anti Human behavior as Humans Descend into Tribalism intent on persecuting anyone different from them.
That needs to end.

I encourage you, dear reader to write your representatives and push for a real change. As a country we need real immigration policies which to date we none.
Millions have been made Illegal not simply from just jumping over the border, but from having to deal with a complex immigration system which is one of those most difficult in the world.
That makes no good sense, why on earth can we not sit down and realize we all need each other?
I implore you to make this change, regardless of your age group we all depend on each other, the Immigrant/Refugee on our generosity and we depend on their work to help enable our own lives.
What are we waiting for?

Sunday, June 3, 2018

My research trying to disprove Global Warming got me knee deep in facts and explanations, here they are.

I was not always a "Climate Denier" there was a time when if you told me Global Warming was not real I would have used my go to line "Please go in the garage and turn on your car with the door closed, lemme know how that works out for ya"
Unfortunately a certain "News" network came about named Fox, along with the greatest information resource, both good and bad on the planet, the internet.
From Faux I was bombarded with idiotic nonsense day in and day out. They specialize in preying on emotions and especially on the under educated.
They love to push common sense which is really just a dumbed down version of the Truth.
While I have always been a well read person I am by no means a scientist, nor did I always understand what I was hearing as those topics were not those I was of course reading at the time.
The internet took it from there, with chain Emails, chat rooms and Climate nonsense galore mostly perpetuated by those who knew no better, regardless of where I turned I found manipulated Climate Date and reasons to doubt what was going on.
Mind you I never thought for a instant that Pollution was ok, I grew up in a Polluted waste land ripe with the wasteland left from the ignorance of Careless Mining and Smelting, so I was not ok with that on any level, I was however doubting claims made from the Science.
Some of that information came from those perpetuating Climate Change, Mr Al Gore himself sensationalizing Global Warming and pocketing Billions with his show that gave false timelines and his Knee Deep Involvement in Carbon Credits, where a company can pollute as much as they want so long as they pay someone else to note pollute. How fucking absurd can we possibly be?
In all honesty beyond anything Fox news or rumors put forth, simply seeing the Champion for Science being a complete fucking fraud pushed me far away from Science itself. I suspect I am not alone.
Being a inquisitive person who for whatever reason has trouble believing anything, I went on to do my own research. I was completely certain I would find gross manipulation and lies with the Government intent on pushing a agenda filling the pockets of "Green" energy as they smacked down everyone else.
In that research I did find this. I found that Government in all it's benevolence would indeed throw money mindlessly and at times intentionally manipulate data to support its own preconceived notions.
I found that Green Energy, was not always so Green, I found that Green movement at times were the biggest hypocrites on the planet.
In a unofficial study on a Chat Forum with thousands of People I asked a simple question and had a Poll.
"Please state your Political Affiliation and what you are doing for Alternative Energy"
I wanted no Arguments but I did just want to hear what people were doing.
I found those who were on the supposed Left did not do anything substantial regarding alternative energy, I did find those in the center and the right were doing things, not for the environment, but because they wanted to save money.
That was interesting.
I would go on to work on Wildland Forest Fires where I found out own Policies helped fires burn, from road less initiative to forest Mismanagement it contributed to my skepticism.
Later I would go on to directly work for the State Government and found they themselves had their own agenda and pushed for research in their manner, I am to date not exactly sure why.

From all this I came up with the Biblical Effect, where as no matter what was said the Biblical Level of Preaching would come out against those who challenged their data "There will be Fires, Floods, Earthquakes and Mass Extinctions"
Being no fan of Organized Religion in the slightest I was positive this indeed was the End all for the Argument against Global Warming.

I was Wrong.

It came from reading the proper Material, not sensationalized Garbage from either side, but straight from Scientist themselves that slowly started to convert me.
Reading more I found that regardless of how it was Spun, CO2 had been known for Decades to be a Warming Agent just as Lead has been known for Centuries to have a Negative health effect.
This was Blatently obvious in my only real Chemistry book, a 1965 college Chemistry book. Hard to argue with that.
Even this however was not the Coup De Grace from my Anti Warming argument.
IT would come from the top of a Mountain and looking out upon the Forests I had grown up in. Those forests to which I had Ridden Horses, Hiked, Hunted, Camped, Motorcycled and Mountain Biked.

They were dying.

Forests which were once green, were now dominated by dying tree's, so much so I avoided certain area's in the wind as Dead Trees would fall at random. Having had a tree fall between my Father and I riding horses in a wilderness area as a child, this is something that I take incredibly seriously.

No amount of Forest Management could keep up with the sudden Temperature rise and Decades long Montana Drought.
It was absolutely absurd to think that tree's which had stood for centuries suddenly were crowding each other from the lack of humans Saws.
What that told me was that yes, thinning was needed, but was only slowing hte process. Area's which were thinned eventually succumbed to complete annihilation of the tree's themselves as Pine Beetles wrecked their Destruction.
You see Pine Beetles, what those of us in the West had came to loath, were actually a huge answer to the riddle regarding Global Warming.
With Warming Temperatures Bugs of course Thrive. With rising temperatures comes more evaporation which means the Tree Bark itself is no longer thick enough to keep the Beetles from boring all the way through. The worst aspect of warming was what I had quizickly noticed, our Winters no longer had the Deep, Deep subzero freeze for days, if not weeks on end I grew up with.
Those Deep Freezes helped keep the population of Pine Beetles in Check. Two weeks minimum of -15 is needed, we were not getting that and were barely getting a day or two's worth.
The result being Beetles destruction pushed forth ending a Lung for our Planet and worse yet, contributing to the warming as no amount of Logging could keep up with the dying wood. To make matters worse rotten wood is not exactly in high demand.
Burned Tree's from the let burn initiative are not desirable as simply put, the ash from burnt tree's plays havoc on the engines and of course the lungs of those logging.
Green good intentions of let burn and anti logging campaigns sadly have exasperated the problem, helping to send us over the edge of a warming climate we can no longer control, one that we do not know will lead us.
With the Warming climate meant shorter Winters and a increased length of fire the fire season.

Next we go to the floods, what you say? but things are warming and we just had record rainfall.
Well yea dummy, think about it, evaporation will inevitably create rainfall, that rain has to come down somewhere, sadly it is gathering and coming down in groves do to pressure changes and changing wind currents.
We will, and are seeing Biblical Level Flooding.
Now all of that is simply do to more rain however, our own development has led to developing area's. Meaning the more houses and roads built, the less the land itself can soak up.
The more area which is developed means the less area which can absorb Co2.
Thank you capitalism

Droughts are kind of a given, but here we go.
THe warming climate is changing ocean currents which of course are a source of winds, as those winds change so do the nutriets being carried, water and well all else that matters.
To make matters even worse beyond the obvious evaporation aspect, our Oil Drilling is literally drying up lakes as water is pumped into those wells or leaches into those voids.
Those voids btw will contribute to sink holes do to pressure difference between water and oil.

Next we have the sea level itself rising from those Ice Caps and Glaciers melting. THat means that cities and towns which are often built next to the Ocean, will soon find themselves under water. What happens with those people then? Where will you go? What is your City/Town doing to prepare?
Not much likely.

Earthquakes cased from climate change you say?
Well yea actually Global Warming is causing Earth Quakes. You know those Glaciers and Ice Caps that really are melting? Well it turns out those create pressure on the crust, as they melt that crust is relieved causing shifts.
Remember that oil Drilling I Briefly mentioned previously? Well turns out Fracking is causing earthquakes as well. While not a climate aspect itself, this is of course about Anthropological Climate Change, or Human caused. So yea it factors in.
Get ready to rock and roll people, we will be bouncing hither as the world figures things out.

It get's even worse. Do to the changing climate we will have a Mass Refugee Crisis. We are already seeing that now with the largest Refugee Crisis hitting the world since WW2. while some of those are fleeing conflict, some of those are fleeing area's where resources are becoming scant, both from global exploitation and Droughts.
DO you care?
Yo should as you are not immune and could possibly be affected yourself. A friend once said "All I know is if something ever happened and I had to leave my country, I would hope someone would welcome me and my Babies"

So why are not all scientists aboard? you ask.

Well as it turns out they all are. The three percent left out of the "97 percent of Scientists agree" are either paid shills from Corporations trying to save a buck, or those who simply have stated we are not the main cause, but are a cause.
There has not been a peer reviewed study to date regarding Anthropological Climate Change that debunks it, not a one.

SO where does this leave us?

Well I could write a book regarding this, but all I can say is without a doubt Mankind is responsible for the bulk of this Change. It is our lack of panning, lack of foresight which is making a questionable planet for our children, and their children.
It is our apathy and greed which leads us down a road of inevitable destruction.

We have to work together Globally to solve this mess. Pulling out of the Paris Accord was one of the greatest disasters this county and world has ever seen.
The US is the second largest Emitter to China regarding Greenhouse Gasses, other countries have signed onto the accord to help others and even themselves, with China building entire green cities and even a giant machine to help suck CO2 out of the air.
What are we doing? Well thanks to a President with an IQ lower than his age we now are rolling back the EPA restrictions, to make matters worse Captain Fool is also pushing back fuel efficiency regulations.
Like it or not the higher fuel prices are the less we drive. Now before you get all kinds of butt hurt, keep in mind I am a common man making just above the Medium Household income. However I do not care. You could not pay me enough money to sabotage the future of my children.
IF we do not act now, and I mean this instant, we are dooming future generations to a possibly un inhabitable planet.
What does that fat pay check do for you then?
Not much.

We have to change our sinful ways and we need to be good stewards.

We really can do this together. It was only a few decades ago when the World came together to ban CFCs which were causing Ozone Depletion. That Ozone is needed to stop harmful UV radiation from the sun.
IT has been slowly healing itself, the problem being some ass clown somewhere is emitting CFCs again, risking all our health in that process.
This is another example of why a global effort of Regulation and Enforcement is needed to literally, save us all.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Joe Rogan's criticism of Khabib is not only unwarranted, it was completely ridiculous

Let's be honest after the roller coaster for 223 we were all less than impressed with the new card however it is what it is after Dana created an absolute spoiled brat Monster in Connor Mcgregor. You know the man, the supposed Amazing fighter who before his feather weight championship he had only beaten a barely top ten Dennis Sever and a Mendez who had less than two weeks training. Still with that Mendez managed to bloody and bludgeon Connor before his comeback in the second round.
Dana has no one to blame for himself, the premadonna has ran his mouth for nearly two years about his amazing skills, how he will destroy anyone, apparently from the safety of his own couch. Like a casual MMA fan Connor insists he can destroy anyone, all the while never having to prove it.
Not only is he underwhelming, he could not be bothered to defend either of his belts and certainly could not step up for the 223, even after short notice after he claimed he was training for it.
SO here we are, after all the Drama Khabib fought a very Durable Al Iaquinta and as expected rag dolled him for two rounds. Then for whatever reason they stood at it for two rounds where Khabib was criticized with holding his chin up and boxing at an amateur level, so what does that say about Al?
Well lets be honest, Rogan is a wonderful Commentator but he also is there to sell fights, which he does very well.
Rogan has always been critical of the mediocre boxing skills of fighters, however to flat out attack Khabib, a man who still has not lost a round in the Octagon was absurd. Khabib flat out out boxed Al to the point Al likely is not recongnizable today. While Al never was injured to the point of being wobbled, lets be honest Khabib never was in trouble at all either. In fact Al likely only landed a handful of real strikes on Khabib so outclassed at every angle is accurate. Khabib did have his chin up, but let's be honest, so does Mcgregor, Dana's venerable hero who can do no wrong. Let us also remember that the former Champ has a ground game which is amazingly pathetic for someone to have as a champion.
But still Khabib was criticized?
Then there is Fergasun, who IMO is the rightful champion right now, however who is he to criticize Khabib when Tony himself is rocked in nearly every single fight and ends up fighting off of his back. He is a warrior and an amazing fighter, but come on, talk about holes in a game.
Of course, Rogan wants to make a man who did not live up to his own expectations as fallible to sell a potential future super fight, but really folks, let us be honest, will Connor return? Nobody knows.
COnnor has conned the UFC at every turn, he has sold them on the idea of spending unprecedented amounts of money on marketing the Leprechaun. He has convinced them they could sell him without ever defending a belt, all the while holding up two divisions.
Now with his ridiculous antics he has endangered the lives of other fighters and stopped three from competing, they deserve just compensation.
I would say Connor should be suspended, however since he really does not fight anymore anyhow, to what purpose would that serve?
In the end a show was put on and Khabib dominated the fight both on the ground and on his feet. He does have holes in his game but who does not?
MMA fighters are exactly what they are supposed to be, well rounded in all area's and maybe a master in one, something Khabib certainly is and more.
For me to have him stand and strike with a known knock out artist says miles about his ability on his feet making him even more of a threat standing than any of us expected. Why he did not make more sincere attempts at taking AL down in the third and fourth are reasons to Khabib alone.
Maybe he was truly worried about AL's power, rightfully so, perhaps he was just doing what any rational person would do, keep doing what is working, standing on his feet was working as much as anything else so why not?
One will argue that all Khabib was really hitting Al with were jabs, I would offer have you ever been jabbed? IT is the most underused boxing attribute in MMA and I am here to say it sucks. Jabs are hard to avoid and they frigging ad up.
IN the end Khabib's hand was held high and not anyone else's. It is Tony's fault and Tony's alone for not being at the fight, his injury was do to his own careless behavior wearing dark sunglasses inside. I am honestly surprised with all of Tony's showboating kicking steel and what not he was not injured before. He has some serious growing up to do as he was clearly willing to risk his title shot before the doors closed in the octagon.
Connor is nothing more than a loud mouth child with a hard left at this point, so let us forget about that clown completely.
Let KHabib bask in his glory, one thing is for sure he will unlike other fighters defend his belt and will be remembered for being one of the best. Moreover Khabib let the ring back up his words which are not so much arrogance as an affirmation of his ability.
Hats off to you Khabib, may you stand strong in your defense for many fights to come.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Comparing a Mass Shooter to a Military Legend, a case against certain weapons in society.

I get the Pro Gun Argument, I probably perpetuated nearly all of them save the "Arming the Teacher" nonsense, I have and always will be against that pile of idiocy.
There is one argument I never thought I would agree with, that semi automatic weapons are too much for civilians, that they do allow mass body counts.
I repeated things I had heard as well as my own training, that magazine size does not matter as someone skilled can change in a heartbeat, this is true, and I still believe it, but I want you to consider this.
Paddock, the complete nutbag coward in Las Vegas who killed nearly 60 people and wounded almost a thousand. Now the NRA crowd keeps saying Bump Stocks are useless and if he had a scoped rifle he would have caused even more carnage. The Accuracy thing I get being a practitioner of precision shooting myself, but it is not realistic, here is the person to compare him to.
Before Kris Kyle was the Marine Legend of Carlos Hathcock. Carlos was not only one of the nations most celebrated snipers, he was also a winner of the Prestigious Wimbledon cup. No not the same as the Tennis match, but rather one of the greatest pillars of precision shooting.
Carlos managed to amass some 93 Confirmed kills in Vietnam nearly all using Bolt Action Rifles, a Pre 64 Winchester and a Model 700 Remington 300 Win Mag, for the laymen both are .30 cal of different power. He would literally rewrite the book on sniping and was the first to integrate the 50 cal BMG round as a sniping round. Make no mistake he was a master of his craft and a legend for a reason, but here is the problem.
Paddock, an overweight ass clown in his 60s managed to amass over half of Hathcocks legendary kills in 15 minutes, with an Ar15 often called a "Poodle Shooter" by Military Experts who consider the Caliber of 5.56 (.223) to be woefully under powered. Those same people are quick to point out how useless the Bump Stock truly is.
Well that all sounds good on paper, but when a untrained fat ass accomplishes so much carnage in just a few minutes, I would have to say without a doubt they are wrong. I was wrong.
SO here we are with a Weapon and hundreds of others capable of the same carnage sitting in the safes of Millions of Americans. To be fair 99.9 will never use this weapon as anything other than a paper puncher, which is good, but it is that one person litterally in a million that uses these weapons wrong that we are worried about.
Paddock was a legal firearms purchaser as were many other of these shooters, they were at one time that every day person none of us thought were capable of doing what they did, but they did.
As a safety issue I get what Medical Professionals for some time have been saying, these do not belong in the common mans hands in their households, I agree.
To what purpose do we have them? To revolt? Lets not be silly, the bulk of the people with these weapons also vote against the rest of their freedoms time and time again. These are the same people who are cheering as people are finally rounded up and shipped from our soil.
So if they are not used to protect us, what good are they?
Do they need to be removed completely from society? I dono, I am in a strange place mentally right now but I think being locked at a secure range is a good start.
you do not lose your constitutional Right to be armed, but we do stop what being armed so far has not been able to, keeping guns out of the hands of the wrong people at the wrong time.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Addressing the Gun Control debate from a long time Second Amendment advocate, enough is enough.

I have always argued hard for the Second Amendment, and up until this point in my life I was all for the ability to own pretty much any kind of a weapon you want. I always believed in the general good of people, that overall people wanted a better life and would do whatever it took to secured that right.
I like most Second Amendment advocates incorrectly ignored the first part of the Second "A well Regulated Militia" instead focusing on the Militia aspect and the Semitics around what it likely meant.
Now I sit and see a country being torn apart by mass shooting after mass shooting enabled by our ridiculous ease in owning firearms, weapons that all owners in one way or another espoused as a way to provide food, safety or security. What security are they bringing us though? While I acknowledge that you most certainly have a right to defend yourself and I am a huge advocate for personal protection, there comes the limit and why I am posting this.
I have the Evil AR-15 among piles of other weapons, but I realize now that maybe it is not something I need in the home, or you for that matter>
I am not saying we need to take htem away completely, but I am saying we need to look abroad and look to see what others have done in regards to their own tragedies as well as our responses.
We can start with our own laws, which often resulted in the famous towns banning firarms completely do to wild Miners and Cowboys coming unhinged. While Hollywood had grossly exaggerated the shoot em up quick draw contests (only one recorded case actually exists) they were indeed a problem. .
Believe it or not today we have more rights to own firearms and more access than ever before in our Nations History, but I digress and lets get on with my blog.

In 1934 to put a stop to rampant gangsters the National Firearms act was passed, which essentially put a tax on certain weapons.
The next big event in this regard would not be until 1986 when Republicans went after "Assault Weapons" with the Firearms Protection act.
THis placed further restrictions on Fully Automatic weapons as well as banned certain types of bullets labeled "cop killer"
Further advancement happened in 1993 and 1994 with the Brady act and the The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act which banned 19 types of weapons and furniture (I am still against that nonsense) It would expire in 2004 which brings us to our current craze.
30 years ago "Assault Weapons" were nearly impossible to find beyond a "Specialized store" and the local Sporting goods store carried weapons which were well considered sporting at the time, that was not so much the "Assault Weapons".
Now I am not going to argue over Terminology, I have no time for that low IQ trash "Well the real definition of an Assault Weapon" you know what shut up. Meanings change with language over time, if you are not that fucking mature to understand that stop reading now.
Way back then I was hard pressed to find anyone who owned an Ak or AR or even an SKS for that matter.
In the mid 90s with the panic associated with not being able to own firearms nobody used to care about it began to slowly explode.
Now I would venture to guess nearly every household has some kind of "Assault Weapon" in it and to be fair, most will just gather dust or go make a can dance from time to time.
The problem is not the 99.9 percent of good gun owners, the problem is that one person who fucking snaps and has the ability to kill a dozen people with relative ease. To further this argument the most Recent Shootings in Floria and Vegas were perpetuated by people who purchased said firearms legally. Likely no legislation would have prevented the Vegas shooting and possibly even the Florida shooter, which is why we need to address the weapons them selves.
Nobody alone is going to do that with a knife and you sure as hell are not going to get a car into a school
SO lets sit at the big boy table and talk.
These are my proposals
We do need to strengthen our check system, I see absolutely no reason why each person should not be regulated in his purchase, have to take dozens of hours of firearms shooting and safety classes just to own a firearm. Those classes should also include ethics.
Next we require certain types of Semi Automatic firearms to be stored at a Range, Those weapons cannot leave the range under any circumstances. I am sorry buttercup you do not need that Ar in your closet, you are not going to fight off the US Military and odds are you vote against all your other rights time and time again so shove that notion where the sun does not shine.
All sales of firearms, including private must go through a licensed dealer.
Minimum age of 21 to purchase anything. While I get the "Well I had a weapon at a young age" well so did I. Mind you I used them to shoot feral dogs while protection livestock, I also realize most never will have that need. I also realize that country kids shoot up damned near anything they can. That is a fact, one that most of us end up regretting.
The only weapons allowed in the home should be revolvers of six shots or less with the same requirement for any Semi Auto Weapon that is allowed.
We also have a national Buy Back program to encourage people like myself that no longer give a shit about those goddamn inert objects a safe way to dispose of the weapon, as well as gain back some of our financial losses.
So what about schools?
Well here is the thing, I like to Use Columbine because it applies. They had video Surveillance with an Armed guard on site and a pair of Cops who engaged the students right off, it did nothing. Likely you the tough guy gun owner teacher would not have the mentality to defend yourself, I am not saying you should not have that option, I am saying it takes a different mind set.
If you think you can respond to a firearm pointed at you, I want you to think of what happens when someone points a rubber band at your face, you flinch and do all kinds of crazy things> I am here to say as someone who has stared down the muzzle of more than one weapon it gets worse from there. It also belies the fact that a teacher could snap making it easier to put a hole in a student they dislike, most other students or even themselves. That weapon carrying teacher now gives a student the chance to take that weapon away from the teacher and use it on someone else.
Police undergo training in this regard and carry retention holsters to help prevent this. Both of those along with extended training need to be required, PERIOD!
How do we know any of this will work? well easy, we are not the only other country in the world that allows firearms ownership, but we are the only one that allows nearly unfettered access.
No other country in the entire world save Yemen (where you can purchase firearms with ease as well) has more mass shootings, nobody.
That is a problem my friends.
Children are not target practice, and for that matter neither is any other innocent person.
SO we stop talking and take action now.
Let's make this happen.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Recent Market Crash will rebound for now, but it is an ominous sign of the future to come.

Since the Great Recession of 2007 the economy has slowly rebounded after dodging what could have been our nations greatest financial catastrophe.
Bailouts ensued with clamor from some on the right and the left that it was not the way, nevertheless this was the only sure we known to pull out of the market and those bailouts came.
Rich fat cats who gambled people's investments with reckless abandonment were rewarded with financial security, while common people just hoping to get ahead were nursed along.
Eventually the thousands of people applying for a single job would give way to a few hundred, to a few dozen as the economy chewed its way back to normality. Soon in prosperity as always the Modern AMernca, arguably the most short sighted creature on the planet with the worst memory chugged forward with reckless abandon.
Despite warnings Conservatives regained a political strong hold in Congress and began tearing at a Progressive President with lopsided deal after deal, meant only to help just a few with the promise of some scraps falling off the table.
In order to keep the country running the President would usually agree gaining a little for the common man on the side and keeping the economy moving right along, which it did.
But everything good must come to an end, especially when greed and gluttony are not only acceptable, but the encouraged norm.
Soon a man representing every negative attribute one can think of would claw his way into the Presidency with promises to wreck havoc on the common man for his own financial well being, and those wealthy about him.
Cruel he was but ignored by the promises of fake wealth he steam rolled ahead. NEver mind he was incredibly short sighted with an aptitude for turning gold to lead, he would lead on.
His policies long since debunked but the steadfast dream of Rand's devoted naive followers gave way from rhetoric to reality.
Soon the oldest man ever to gain the Presidency would push away international relations and threaten trade deals at every time.
His instability readily apparent to the rational thinker, it was ignored as riches fell upon the proper people who never seem to look very far beyond tomorrow.
The it happened, after a solid year of holding onto a skillfully crafted, yet lucky economy everything grinded to a halt for a short time, as it always does.
His policies finally have come to roost, the realization that nationalist Rhetoric will pound ones pocket book comes to play. The realization that you cannot go to another country and berate strong trade partners also comes with the slap in the face that nothing happens tomorrow, but a possible end. Nationalism as always ends up hitting the brick wall of reality.
Now comes the tricky part. With a Congress determined to undermine the common man and a clueless President who cares about his own well being, what will come of you and I?
Probably not much as always. For the next year until there is a likely Blue Wave we will chug along, watching things change quicker than they probably should. We will sit and wonder if this is the end, if the Nationalist anti everyone Rhetoric will cut off our food supply. What is that you say? Well as it turns out we do not produce enough food to feed our own, yet another glaring example of why it is better to get along with your neighbor than not.
We will see where this all goes, however logic and math suggests the end of hte markets is near.
Buckle up, things are going to get nasty, be maybe not today or tomorrow, but in a very very close future.