Sunday, April 8, 2018

Joe Rogan's criticism of Khabib is not only unwarranted, it was completely ridiculous

Let's be honest after the roller coaster for 223 we were all less than impressed with the new card however it is what it is after Dana created an absolute spoiled brat Monster in Connor Mcgregor. You know the man, the supposed Amazing fighter who before his feather weight championship he had only beaten a barely top ten Dennis Sever and a Mendez who had less than two weeks training. Still with that Mendez managed to bloody and bludgeon Connor before his comeback in the second round.
Dana has no one to blame for himself, the premadonna has ran his mouth for nearly two years about his amazing skills, how he will destroy anyone, apparently from the safety of his own couch. Like a casual MMA fan Connor insists he can destroy anyone, all the while never having to prove it.
Not only is he underwhelming, he could not be bothered to defend either of his belts and certainly could not step up for the 223, even after short notice after he claimed he was training for it.
SO here we are, after all the Drama Khabib fought a very Durable Al Iaquinta and as expected rag dolled him for two rounds. Then for whatever reason they stood at it for two rounds where Khabib was criticized with holding his chin up and boxing at an amateur level, so what does that say about Al?
Well lets be honest, Rogan is a wonderful Commentator but he also is there to sell fights, which he does very well.
Rogan has always been critical of the mediocre boxing skills of fighters, however to flat out attack Khabib, a man who still has not lost a round in the Octagon was absurd. Khabib flat out out boxed Al to the point Al likely is not recongnizable today. While Al never was injured to the point of being wobbled, lets be honest Khabib never was in trouble at all either. In fact Al likely only landed a handful of real strikes on Khabib so outclassed at every angle is accurate. Khabib did have his chin up, but let's be honest, so does Mcgregor, Dana's venerable hero who can do no wrong. Let us also remember that the former Champ has a ground game which is amazingly pathetic for someone to have as a champion.
But still Khabib was criticized?
Then there is Fergasun, who IMO is the rightful champion right now, however who is he to criticize Khabib when Tony himself is rocked in nearly every single fight and ends up fighting off of his back. He is a warrior and an amazing fighter, but come on, talk about holes in a game.
Of course, Rogan wants to make a man who did not live up to his own expectations as fallible to sell a potential future super fight, but really folks, let us be honest, will Connor return? Nobody knows.
COnnor has conned the UFC at every turn, he has sold them on the idea of spending unprecedented amounts of money on marketing the Leprechaun. He has convinced them they could sell him without ever defending a belt, all the while holding up two divisions.
Now with his ridiculous antics he has endangered the lives of other fighters and stopped three from competing, they deserve just compensation.
I would say Connor should be suspended, however since he really does not fight anymore anyhow, to what purpose would that serve?
In the end a show was put on and Khabib dominated the fight both on the ground and on his feet. He does have holes in his game but who does not?
MMA fighters are exactly what they are supposed to be, well rounded in all area's and maybe a master in one, something Khabib certainly is and more.
For me to have him stand and strike with a known knock out artist says miles about his ability on his feet making him even more of a threat standing than any of us expected. Why he did not make more sincere attempts at taking AL down in the third and fourth are reasons to Khabib alone.
Maybe he was truly worried about AL's power, rightfully so, perhaps he was just doing what any rational person would do, keep doing what is working, standing on his feet was working as much as anything else so why not?
One will argue that all Khabib was really hitting Al with were jabs, I would offer have you ever been jabbed? IT is the most underused boxing attribute in MMA and I am here to say it sucks. Jabs are hard to avoid and they frigging ad up.
IN the end Khabib's hand was held high and not anyone else's. It is Tony's fault and Tony's alone for not being at the fight, his injury was do to his own careless behavior wearing dark sunglasses inside. I am honestly surprised with all of Tony's showboating kicking steel and what not he was not injured before. He has some serious growing up to do as he was clearly willing to risk his title shot before the doors closed in the octagon.
Connor is nothing more than a loud mouth child with a hard left at this point, so let us forget about that clown completely.
Let KHabib bask in his glory, one thing is for sure he will unlike other fighters defend his belt and will be remembered for being one of the best. Moreover Khabib let the ring back up his words which are not so much arrogance as an affirmation of his ability.
Hats off to you Khabib, may you stand strong in your defense for many fights to come.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Comparing a Mass Shooter to a Military Legend, a case against certain weapons in society.

I get the Pro Gun Argument, I probably perpetuated nearly all of them save the "Arming the Teacher" nonsense, I have and always will be against that pile of idiocy.
There is one argument I never thought I would agree with, that semi automatic weapons are too much for civilians, that they do allow mass body counts.
I repeated things I had heard as well as my own training, that magazine size does not matter as someone skilled can change in a heartbeat, this is true, and I still believe it, but I want you to consider this.
Paddock, the complete nutbag coward in Las Vegas who killed nearly 60 people and wounded almost a thousand. Now the NRA crowd keeps saying Bump Stocks are useless and if he had a scoped rifle he would have caused even more carnage. The Accuracy thing I get being a practitioner of precision shooting myself, but it is not realistic, here is the person to compare him to.
Before Kris Kyle was the Marine Legend of Carlos Hathcock. Carlos was not only one of the nations most celebrated snipers, he was also a winner of the Prestigious Wimbledon cup. No not the same as the Tennis match, but rather one of the greatest pillars of precision shooting.
Carlos managed to amass some 93 Confirmed kills in Vietnam nearly all using Bolt Action Rifles, a Pre 64 Winchester and a Model 700 Remington 300 Win Mag, for the laymen both are .30 cal of different power. He would literally rewrite the book on sniping and was the first to integrate the 50 cal BMG round as a sniping round. Make no mistake he was a master of his craft and a legend for a reason, but here is the problem.
Paddock, an overweight ass clown in his 60s managed to amass over half of Hathcocks legendary kills in 15 minutes, with an Ar15 often called a "Poodle Shooter" by Military Experts who consider the Caliber of 5.56 (.223) to be woefully under powered. Those same people are quick to point out how useless the Bump Stock truly is.
Well that all sounds good on paper, but when a untrained fat ass accomplishes so much carnage in just a few minutes, I would have to say without a doubt they are wrong. I was wrong.
SO here we are with a Weapon and hundreds of others capable of the same carnage sitting in the safes of Millions of Americans. To be fair 99.9 will never use this weapon as anything other than a paper puncher, which is good, but it is that one person litterally in a million that uses these weapons wrong that we are worried about.
Paddock was a legal firearms purchaser as were many other of these shooters, they were at one time that every day person none of us thought were capable of doing what they did, but they did.
As a safety issue I get what Medical Professionals for some time have been saying, these do not belong in the common mans hands in their households, I agree.
To what purpose do we have them? To revolt? Lets not be silly, the bulk of the people with these weapons also vote against the rest of their freedoms time and time again. These are the same people who are cheering as people are finally rounded up and shipped from our soil.
So if they are not used to protect us, what good are they?
Do they need to be removed completely from society? I dono, I am in a strange place mentally right now but I think being locked at a secure range is a good start.
you do not lose your constitutional Right to be armed, but we do stop what being armed so far has not been able to, keeping guns out of the hands of the wrong people at the wrong time.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Addressing the Gun Control debate from a long time Second Amendment advocate, enough is enough.

I have always argued hard for the Second Amendment, and up until this point in my life I was all for the ability to own pretty much any kind of a weapon you want. I always believed in the general good of people, that overall people wanted a better life and would do whatever it took to secured that right.
I like most Second Amendment advocates incorrectly ignored the first part of the Second "A well Regulated Militia" instead focusing on the Militia aspect and the Semitics around what it likely meant.
Now I sit and see a country being torn apart by mass shooting after mass shooting enabled by our ridiculous ease in owning firearms, weapons that all owners in one way or another espoused as a way to provide food, safety or security. What security are they bringing us though? While I acknowledge that you most certainly have a right to defend yourself and I am a huge advocate for personal protection, there comes the limit and why I am posting this.
I have the Evil AR-15 among piles of other weapons, but I realize now that maybe it is not something I need in the home, or you for that matter>
I am not saying we need to take htem away completely, but I am saying we need to look abroad and look to see what others have done in regards to their own tragedies as well as our responses.
We can start with our own laws, which often resulted in the famous towns banning firarms completely do to wild Miners and Cowboys coming unhinged. While Hollywood had grossly exaggerated the shoot em up quick draw contests (only one recorded case actually exists) they were indeed a problem. .
Believe it or not today we have more rights to own firearms and more access than ever before in our Nations History, but I digress and lets get on with my blog.

In 1934 to put a stop to rampant gangsters the National Firearms act was passed, which essentially put a tax on certain weapons.
The next big event in this regard would not be until 1986 when Republicans went after "Assault Weapons" with the Firearms Protection act.
THis placed further restrictions on Fully Automatic weapons as well as banned certain types of bullets labeled "cop killer"
Further advancement happened in 1993 and 1994 with the Brady act and the The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act which banned 19 types of weapons and furniture (I am still against that nonsense) It would expire in 2004 which brings us to our current craze.
30 years ago "Assault Weapons" were nearly impossible to find beyond a "Specialized store" and the local Sporting goods store carried weapons which were well considered sporting at the time, that was not so much the "Assault Weapons".
Now I am not going to argue over Terminology, I have no time for that low IQ trash "Well the real definition of an Assault Weapon" you know what shut up. Meanings change with language over time, if you are not that fucking mature to understand that stop reading now.
Way back then I was hard pressed to find anyone who owned an Ak or AR or even an SKS for that matter.
In the mid 90s with the panic associated with not being able to own firearms nobody used to care about it began to slowly explode.
Now I would venture to guess nearly every household has some kind of "Assault Weapon" in it and to be fair, most will just gather dust or go make a can dance from time to time.
The problem is not the 99.9 percent of good gun owners, the problem is that one person who fucking snaps and has the ability to kill a dozen people with relative ease. To further this argument the most Recent Shootings in Floria and Vegas were perpetuated by people who purchased said firearms legally. Likely no legislation would have prevented the Vegas shooting and possibly even the Florida shooter, which is why we need to address the weapons them selves.
Nobody alone is going to do that with a knife and you sure as hell are not going to get a car into a school
SO lets sit at the big boy table and talk.
These are my proposals
We do need to strengthen our check system, I see absolutely no reason why each person should not be regulated in his purchase, have to take dozens of hours of firearms shooting and safety classes just to own a firearm. Those classes should also include ethics.
Next we require certain types of Semi Automatic firearms to be stored at a Range, Those weapons cannot leave the range under any circumstances. I am sorry buttercup you do not need that Ar in your closet, you are not going to fight off the US Military and odds are you vote against all your other rights time and time again so shove that notion where the sun does not shine.
All sales of firearms, including private must go through a licensed dealer.
Minimum age of 21 to purchase anything. While I get the "Well I had a weapon at a young age" well so did I. Mind you I used them to shoot feral dogs while protection livestock, I also realize most never will have that need. I also realize that country kids shoot up damned near anything they can. That is a fact, one that most of us end up regretting.
The only weapons allowed in the home should be revolvers of six shots or less with the same requirement for any Semi Auto Weapon that is allowed.
We also have a national Buy Back program to encourage people like myself that no longer give a shit about those goddamn inert objects a safe way to dispose of the weapon, as well as gain back some of our financial losses.
So what about schools?
Well here is the thing, I like to Use Columbine because it applies. They had video Surveillance with an Armed guard on site and a pair of Cops who engaged the students right off, it did nothing. Likely you the tough guy gun owner teacher would not have the mentality to defend yourself, I am not saying you should not have that option, I am saying it takes a different mind set.
If you think you can respond to a firearm pointed at you, I want you to think of what happens when someone points a rubber band at your face, you flinch and do all kinds of crazy things> I am here to say as someone who has stared down the muzzle of more than one weapon it gets worse from there. It also belies the fact that a teacher could snap making it easier to put a hole in a student they dislike, most other students or even themselves. That weapon carrying teacher now gives a student the chance to take that weapon away from the teacher and use it on someone else.
Police undergo training in this regard and carry retention holsters to help prevent this. Both of those along with extended training need to be required, PERIOD!
How do we know any of this will work? well easy, we are not the only other country in the world that allows firearms ownership, but we are the only one that allows nearly unfettered access.
No other country in the entire world save Yemen (where you can purchase firearms with ease as well) has more mass shootings, nobody.
That is a problem my friends.
Children are not target practice, and for that matter neither is any other innocent person.
SO we stop talking and take action now.
Let's make this happen.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Recent Market Crash will rebound for now, but it is an ominous sign of the future to come.

Since the Great Recession of 2007 the economy has slowly rebounded after dodging what could have been our nations greatest financial catastrophe.
Bailouts ensued with clamor from some on the right and the left that it was not the way, nevertheless this was the only sure we known to pull out of the market and those bailouts came.
Rich fat cats who gambled people's investments with reckless abandonment were rewarded with financial security, while common people just hoping to get ahead were nursed along.
Eventually the thousands of people applying for a single job would give way to a few hundred, to a few dozen as the economy chewed its way back to normality. Soon in prosperity as always the Modern AMernca, arguably the most short sighted creature on the planet with the worst memory chugged forward with reckless abandon.
Despite warnings Conservatives regained a political strong hold in Congress and began tearing at a Progressive President with lopsided deal after deal, meant only to help just a few with the promise of some scraps falling off the table.
In order to keep the country running the President would usually agree gaining a little for the common man on the side and keeping the economy moving right along, which it did.
But everything good must come to an end, especially when greed and gluttony are not only acceptable, but the encouraged norm.
Soon a man representing every negative attribute one can think of would claw his way into the Presidency with promises to wreck havoc on the common man for his own financial well being, and those wealthy about him.
Cruel he was but ignored by the promises of fake wealth he steam rolled ahead. NEver mind he was incredibly short sighted with an aptitude for turning gold to lead, he would lead on.
His policies long since debunked but the steadfast dream of Rand's devoted naive followers gave way from rhetoric to reality.
Soon the oldest man ever to gain the Presidency would push away international relations and threaten trade deals at every time.
His instability readily apparent to the rational thinker, it was ignored as riches fell upon the proper people who never seem to look very far beyond tomorrow.
The it happened, after a solid year of holding onto a skillfully crafted, yet lucky economy everything grinded to a halt for a short time, as it always does.
His policies finally have come to roost, the realization that nationalist Rhetoric will pound ones pocket book comes to play. The realization that you cannot go to another country and berate strong trade partners also comes with the slap in the face that nothing happens tomorrow, but a possible end. Nationalism as always ends up hitting the brick wall of reality.
Now comes the tricky part. With a Congress determined to undermine the common man and a clueless President who cares about his own well being, what will come of you and I?
Probably not much as always. For the next year until there is a likely Blue Wave we will chug along, watching things change quicker than they probably should. We will sit and wonder if this is the end, if the Nationalist anti everyone Rhetoric will cut off our food supply. What is that you say? Well as it turns out we do not produce enough food to feed our own, yet another glaring example of why it is better to get along with your neighbor than not.
We will see where this all goes, however logic and math suggests the end of hte markets is near.
Buckle up, things are going to get nasty, be maybe not today or tomorrow, but in a very very close future.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

My trip into the Political Arena, lessons learned.

I have always loved Politics. In high school it was arguably the only subject I not only stayed awake for, but paid close attention to.
I absolutely love to debate and I am good at bringing the hammer down. I have a strong sense of justice and am fearless so I thought with the massive corruption in today's Politics I would stop running my mouth, and step into the Political Arena.
It seemed to start out good, with the typical support of friends, most are people who have encouraged me to run for as long as I have known them.
things changed quickly and people are of course fickle (I Know you are reading this so take heed) and soon I found the first big hurtle, one I could not surpass.
The number one problem I found, at least in Montana is the amount of Signatures needed simply to be placed on the Ballot. I would need to gather some 15k signatures as a independent simply to appear on a ballot, be it write in or otherwise. Now if you have party Support that changes to 5000, the party of course can supply those signatures. To make it even more difficult, those signatures need to be physical and electronic do not count.
Why Montana makes this so hard is beyond me as in Texas for instance one only needs 500 signatures to run for US congress, considering the sheer amount of population in Texas vs Montana that makes that task easier in every sense. The 15k signatures may as well have been 15 million, comparing population it seems to be about right.
In order to gather signatures this is where I needed those friends and well little happened. To have a successful campaign one needs volunteers, willing to push and help you with a cause you share. It seemed with the exception of a couple, I was alone.
Politics is difficult, which takes connections and elbow rubbing to make anything happen. I hoped that I could maybe go viral, but I learned fairly quickly in order to make something go viral, you have to spend money. The more money you spend the greater the audience who see's your post.
With whatever money is left over from my pay check I would put in a few dollars here and there, only able to gain the attention of a few hundred people at a time. Considering my main opponent is not only backed by a political party, but is worth several hundred million dollars, I may as well have been pissing on a California wildfire.
I also found that people need constant stimulation, merely presenting facts is not enough and I am arguably not someone great at selling himself. I am a factual person who is borderline boring and I realize that, it is just hard to correct. I am one who thinks hisotry needs to be pure as are facts, but people want otherwise.
IF we take the Republican Party they use nothing but low information tag lines "Socialists bad, guns and god good" which really if you boil it down is about all you get from them.
The Democratic party is only marginally better however having isolated their voting base with apparently "Rednecks are stupid you all need us to hold your hand" Mantra it is easy to see why they are struggling right now.
God is a powerful word which those of us raised in Judeo Christian America (That was never the intention of those who founded this country) are accustomed to. It states power and many people gravitate to it regardless if it is correct or not.
So this is where I lose out on reality. I am a Deist so I need facts before all in order to function, to me it is impossible to see the world otherwise.
So where does that leave me?
Well knowing I need to be more appealing and probably to stick to my writing. Where I fall short in person, despite having a sense of humor which can keep anyone on the floor laughing, I seem to make up in my ability to write.
I am not done yet, I have a couple more Idea's to present myself in the Political Arena, but right now I realize I am trying to climb up a muddy sslope dodging boulders in the meantime.
I will focus more on my writing, read more about marketing and see what I can do.
That is all I can do at this point.
Someone whom I have learned to value as a friend from the online world stated something else which one needs "To get money out of Politics" That person is undoubtedly reading now and I want him to know how much his fervent support has meant to me over this past year.
He is an example of someone who's political beliefs are not always the same as mine, but who's respect I gained through fierce debates and finding a common ground.
If only more would stop and think as he did, we would be able to accomplish far more in this country.
I fear that is lost as we are polarized to black and white with little gray.
Extremes of both parties dominate and it will take something great to provide interference to make the common mans voice heard again.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Sandy Hook Massacre Anniversary

Today was the Anniversary of the Sandy hook Massacre and nothing has changed.
America still lives waiting for the next Massacre as if we are Afghanistan, Iraq or some other war torn Third World Country.
This is not normal, not by a long shot. We are the only country in the industrialized world who has this problem PERIOD!
Why are we not sitting down and having a rational discussion over this?
The Left wants more restrictions while the Right just says we need Mental Health care, both agree on that but guess what, with fucking tax cuts for the wealthy guess what you do not get? Yup thats right less Mental Health access yet again.
SO now what?
Well we sit around and chest beat that we need our goddamn guns to defend our freedom that most people vote against time and time again.
Why are our firearms more important than the rest of our rights we so frivolously toss aside at a whim?
Look I am not out to take your guns, god knows I have wayyy more than anyone needs but fuck me, this means something big.
Little grade school children were massacred, MASSACRED for what?
Nothing at all, not that it is ever ok, but over absolutely nothing.
Lets talk, lets solve this beyond armed guards and goddamn snipers positioned everywhere. Yea and lets not be putting bullet proof goddamn blankets in classrooms either.
This is shit that should only be in a fiction movie, not real life.
Its time to end this crap.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

IS it Sexual Misconduct or Sexual Assault? Politics are involved we need to Take a breath, put down the Torches and Think

One of the hottest topics of the past few days is Sexual Misconduct, be it politician or otherwise women and men are up in arms and in some cases, that is ok, you probably should be. However as in any crime in America there are levels to the crime and the accused has a right to a trial. In typical American fashion, anyone in the press is executed long before they touch that stand before an actual judge, this is where we need to be very very careful.
Time and time again in history a Journalist, Activist Or Politician has capitalized on the sexual assault, be it real or otherwise.
One of the most famous which comes to mind is the case of Tawny Brawly. This is one of those cases that had six men in the hot seat and judging from the crime it was fitting. This young Black Girl had disappeared for a few days, only to be found covered in dog feces with racial slurs written on her. She claimed she had been raped by several white men, one wearing a badge.
She did not cooperate with Prosecutors however and a man named Al Sharpton would step in. With news mics stuffed in his face and fingers pointing he would proclaim the worst. The terrible incident would of make it to trial where as it turns out the story was completely made up. The lies took over emotions.
Which brings us to today.
All over the news is the usual American Witch Hunt, facts be damned Johnny is accused by Lucy and must be hung. What if he is not guilty and this is just another Tawny Brawly story? What if we just took a breath, waited for evidence and let police and prosecutors do their job?
IF we look at Judge Roy Moore and the accusations against him they are as terrible as they get "Pervert man raped a young girl" Indeed, if it is true he should be locked up where he belong. Certainly we do not want a Predator making laws. It seems like he is guilty enough as women come out of the woodwork to point fingers and tell their story, makeup running down their face we judge in horror. But there is no Trial and Politically we have went through this before, with only the Second President in the US history to be impeached, President Bill Clinton.
Now I will admit I was someone who wanted to see Bill Locked up, Accuser after Accuser stepped forward with allegations against Bill.
Republicans stood steadfast and insisted on family values and the pervert must be removed. The country was at a standstill for months, glued to their screens and dragged through the mud over Sexual Allegations which turned out not to be true. One of the accusing women would even go on to pose for Penthouse, so traumatized she was. Nevertheless when it was all over a President was found Guilty of Obstruction of Justice and a young innocent 18 year old girl named Monica had been accosted. Except she had not, she was willing and had romped with a willing horn dog male.
My point is this, while I personally think he took advantage of his position and maybe manipulated her, it was no reason on earth to Drag the Country through the mud. Why? Well fuck me sideways sally, it is politics, where dirt, any dirt is used to destroy someone. It also belies the fact that women, like men have hormones too!
Which brings us back to Roy. It sure sounds like he is guilty as hell, but that is what it is supposed to sound like isnt it? Roy just won a unlikely runoff against a Trump Supported Luther Strange. There is every reason to make sure Roy is kicked from the race and likely you will see Strange as a write in candidate. SO you say, why on earth would you stand by this Scumbag against these allegations? Again, these are only at this time allegations, while they sound damning and I think Roy is a fucking moron nutbag in general not capable of swamping your kitchen properly, he like everyone deserves the American foundation of the presumption of innocence. This is something which makes the US unique but is far too often tossed aside in our finger pointing and our hate. IF we also look at the timing of the accusations it begins to get pretty suspect.

The allegations of Sexual Misconduct are going to the other side with Senator Al Frankin. This case again seems pretty damning as on the news we see a picture of a smiling Frankin reaching out and grabbing a sleeping woman's tits. Frankin comes out with an immediate statement saying "I do not remember the skit happening like that, but my apologies" Now hold on a minute, what did he just say?
Words matter and the word skit came into play.
With a Leanne's name stuck in my head and I cannot remember why I use a quick search for a reminder.
Here we have a woman who's career started at Hooters, clearly she never wanted men to oogle or touch her. Then it goes on to lingerie modeling and Playboy. SHe goes on the Manshow, because you know purity and innocence goes on a TV show where men exploit everything. Then it really comes out, she was a political Pundit on Fox News.
Ohhh the dots start to come together.
As it turns out Frankin's word "Skit" meant something more than anyone bothered to think. They were on a USO tour back when Frankin was still just comedian. There on stage he held up a laced thong with a smiling tweeden. I had seen enough.
To make this accusation even more damning it is likely that Tweeden has just signed to work with Steve Bannons Nazi Media/Entertainment Sinclair Network.
Odds of this Photo being anything to get excited over are exactly zero at this point.
No her being a sexual Icon does not give any man the right to accost her, but it does cast doubt.
IF anything her accusations will make it all the more difficult for legitimate women down the road to have their case heard.
Words matter, actions matter and allowing the law to do its job matters even more.