Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Walmart Apocolypse, spreading soon to a neighborhood near you

Walmart and freak show have become pretty much as one anymore, we all laugh and goad about the strange people we see wandering around in that store, but I have been asking, where do they come from and where have they been hiding for so long? Surely I cannot remember in all my life seeing so many crazy people in any single place, so why now? The answer is fairly easy, it first began when talking to a guy who had just came back from visiting Slovania "everyone there just looks so fit and healthy" he had said, and thinking back to my days in Europe, that certainly was the case there were people thought about their health, and made it a priority. I remember the family I stayed with, we lived just outside of a larger city in Denmark named Odense, I think it was something like Ten miles, they would cycle in every day, and sometimes wake up an hour early just to jog to work, how absurd, I could not believe people would do that.
Fast forward a few years, living with a woman who was a phenomenal cook I actually felt the day my love handles started to grow, from that point on dealing with my weight was something of an issue, I mainly only lifted weights and my cardio suffered. Then I quit lifting weights and a belly formed to go with those love handles, be damned, I could not live like this, so I bought a cheap mountain bike at old Wally world, before most people were a freak and started to ride, not just for fun, but for errands and everything else rather than driving in town, it would only take me a minute or two longer to get someplace over driving, people would stare thru car windows, undoubtedly wondering why in the hell I was riding a bicycle. That would work for a few years, but I really was not losing weight, I was maintaining, and feeling good, just not losing weight, so I would buy a real bike and start tearing it up mountain trails, within a few months I found myself riding where before I thought were impossible places, where previously I would have only hiked or rode a four wheeler, 30 pnds would fall off and I am now focusing on burning off the last 20lbs so I can be cut again.
Wait, what does this have to do with walmart? you are asking right now, well everything actually.
You see Walmart is a representation of America, it is a place where we can go to see those people who simply do not care about their health, their life for the most part is in front of a TV basking on the couch, they eat horrible processed food with very poor nutritional value and watch mindless programs doing nothing to stimulate who they are.
Now if we look back at Europe where there are quit literally lines of bicycles everywhere and people live and eat a healthy diet and mentality are challenged at school you simply do not have the zombie population becoming prevalent in America. We are pounded with chemicals in the states, from cleaning products to food we consume, take a minute and look at that juice bottle, some of the crap put in such as artificial dies are not good for you on any level, your body simply cannot process them. By looking at this we learn that freaks did not simply just start showing up at walmart,slowly they were developed by Walmart and the cheap "consume" mentality in the states.
Im sorry, if America does not change its wicked ways and become a healthy country focusing on mental stimulation rather than fake reality Tv and bullshit drama programming while eating foods that quit simply kill us, soon, those zombie freaks are gonna be in your neighborhood and we as a nation will be unable to cope do to the lack of productivity, and ultimately, will fail. so please, start eating healthy, eat Organic, toss the Tv dinners and take time to cook something, go for walks, watch educational mind stimulating programs,when you do watch tv, but whatever you do, remember, you are what you eat, and we are a product of our environment.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vegetables vs Farm Animals, which is dirtier?

Reading a post from a friend who had said she was craving and eating pork, she could not understand why as Pigs were such a dirty filthy animal, and this is true, from a Biblical or Quran perspective we certainly learn this, for in both books the Eating of Pork is forbidden. But is that so much because of their true filth? or merely because of the danger of uncooked pork where Trichinosis can quit literally kill a person, so its easy to see why uneducated people would be afraid of this meat, but we now know that Pigs get a bad wrap no entirely deserved. Farm animals in general are Dirty, this much is true, having grown up in an agricultural area I am hard pressed to think of a single Animal which we consume that is not dirty, Cattle I think are the worst, they crap all over themselves and make no real attempt to ever clean, that pooo stays on their hide until they are washed before being butchered. Chickens will even eat their own poo if they have to, and being a bit opportunistic they certainly consume all manner of bugs which venture near, but like any bird they will groom themselves. Now the knowledge of the above has made many people quit eating meat, "why eat a dirty animal?" they say. But they are an animal and as I mentioned before we cut them up they are cleaned, washed and even in the case of red meat in large factories, radiated and soaked in Ammonia, yea disgusting which is why I buy organic and try to only buy local meat or what wild animals I harvest, but I am getting away from my topic at hand :D. So let us look at vegetables, people eat vegetables because they assume it is clean, ohh I am not eating a dirty animal they say, but now they are eating a dirty plant say I. WHAT!!! yes, yes vegetables grow from the ground, which of course we all know is well, dirty by nature, in order to grow it needs nutrients, the best nutrients comes from well crap and decomposing animals. NOW YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR! why yes, yes I have, but I am not done yet, in oriental countries rice paddies are often sewage irrigated, that is human sewage irrigated, untreated, something which is Illegal in the US. The plants of course will feed off this sewage and of course grow, the more nitrates in the soil, the better plants often grow. Here in the US we use pesticides, which the plant will absorb and in the end, you will eat. So I ask you, do animals deserve their bad rap? Nah, I think Plants are a bit dirty, and hell, its not like you ever step on a Pig before it goes to market.