Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday morning thoughts

Living with a foreigner is interesting, her language is cute and I love her pronunciations which are almost always phonetic but how they probably should be.
She tries so hard every day to get better at English, meanwhile I try hard to not practice Spanish, Russian or any other language I should be working on. Bilingual is a good thing, hell the more languages the better, I wish I had this attitude when I was younger and more easily learned things.

I sold my Bass Guitar yesterday, mixed feelings about it, but I am moving on to acoustical guitar, I mean it is not like you can have a Hoedown with a Bass Guitar, now a Upright Bass, hell yea, maybe someday once I am settled again I will get a upright Bass and start playing those again, the sound from them is truly haunting.

The Harmonic is a instrument I have always wanted to learn, maybe now I can work on it, oh who am I shitting, I tried a few years ago and it just not was for me, this is probably why Band in grade school suggested I try the Orchestra instead.

Less than two months to go until the wife calves, I can only pray for a child which sleeps well thru the night.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday morning thoughts

I am not sure why, but it seems my mind is the most active and the least coherent in the morning, so on we go with my morning ramblings.

I need to Eliminate breads from my diet, it seems little good comes from American breads so why consume them?
Well they taste fucking great that is why.

There is much confusion about oil, apparently everyone thinks oil only goes into your cars or heats your home, in fact roughly half of your oil goes into things other than for energy. Clothes, makeup, lubricants (Thank an oil driller for that deep tissue massage you just got) and even fertilizer all are made from oil. Interesting point in the energy end, oil consumption by the public in the form of gasoline is actually going down.

I see the big issues of last year are now gone, Boko Haram, what happened to them? Are they still kidnappning and extorting young girls or am I not supposed to care any longer?
Where is the Ebola Panic? It was only October that we were all convince this was the next Zombie apocalypse, did the positive news of the stock market make us all forget about viruses?

Speaking of the Stock market, this is interesting. Right now the Market going up is a good thing and subject to massive chest beating from the left, however this is also a benefit of the de regulation they seem to rail against as well as the trickle down policies of Reagan, do they not realize this?
It is to note that with the Market climbing, your wages and good jobs are not keeping pace, this is frightening and a collapse again is due. The market crashes usually every five years, and I promise when it does so your employment and pay will go down.
Another benefit of the climbing market are CEO wages which were supposed to be bad according to the democrat agenda as well as Golden parachutes. TO note, during the Reagan Era CEO wages were roughly 6 percent above the average employee, now they are 300 percent, progress!

I Took a ride mountain biking yesterday and I am having trouble uploading pictures, that is ok, the only thing it would show were two barely legal girls passing me up with their knees to their chins. I realize that sounds bad, but if you cycle, it makes perfect sense.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Morning thoughts

I attended church yesterday with my Wonderful wife, she is Catholic and having nobody else to go with her, I did so.
I have little use for Christianity in all honesty, having read the bible several times I found it repugnant, with that said I do not mind people having religion, I think some people simply need the fairy god mother stories in order to feel complete.
The Pastor of the local Catholic Church is nice enough, and carries a smile but his stories of God threatening to destroy entire cities if they did not repent are simply disgusting to me. Half way thru the service I left, I have no time in my life for that nonsense. I find it very hard to understand why people need to hear they have to grovel on their knees constantly in order to please someone who clearly hates them.
My wife like most has never read the bible, I keep telling her to do so but I doubt she will, she is content with her fantasy of what her religion actually is, I guess so long as she is happy.
This is why I like Pagan religions more, you could pick the god which more suited your character, wanted a goddess of love, she was there, a god of war? several, god of medicine, there was even one of those as well.

I have been debating on seeing the American Sniper movie, but as I grow older I am less attracted to the fabricated Hollywood truth stories and I am inclined to move away from them. Nevertheless Chris has become a national hero, god knows we need someone who saves us from poor people living in mud huts half way around the world who can somehow take away our freedom, but many do need that Hero.
SO as usual I did some reading, Chris not only seemed to not have any remorse for what he did, he seemed to enjoy it, further he claimed to have shot some 30 looters during Katrina and a couple guys who tried to jack his pickup truck.
At some point it became impossible to understand what is true and what is fabrication, since Ventura proved in the court of law Chris had fabricated their encounter, it seems reasonable to me that he along with being a Sociopath, was a Pathological liar.
Cue the hate mail, oh well.