Monday, May 2, 2011

That door that closes all to quickly

In life it seems we have fleeting moments to walk through a door before it shuts forever.
Some seem to know when to walk through that door, and others struggle with finding the open door, and walking through before it closes. There was a time when I was that person who always walked through that door and looked into that next adventure. Then somewhere along the way I lost site of what might be behind that door, or maybe I just became to cautious. Whatever the case I find way to many doors closing before I have had that chance to walk through. I think its always important no matter what to just walk through it, what can be lost? I suppose some would say quit a bit, but I would argue, you lose far, far more by not taking that chance, stepping through those shadows, and at least seeing whats on the other side.
For nothing, nothing is worse than looking at a door that just closed, and knowing you will miss the adventure on the other side

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