Thursday, December 15, 2011

When spirits talk

So tonight I was going out to plug in the Christmas lights Mom helped me hang  last year, scratch that, encouraged me to put up last Christmas when she was staying with me. She was adament that I actually do more for Christmas than put up my little fake tree and Lighted Town Dad bought for me a Decade ago. So we had went out and just hung a bit, mainly on the Little Tree in the front Grandpa had planted years ago and was so proud of for some reason. He was fascinated that we could make a tree grow so it did not need to be trimmed.  I have Pandora playing and was listening to classical music station, as I walk about looking for a hat grumbling under my breath the cat had decided to use my beanie for a cat scratcher, "Somewhere over the rainbow" by Israel came on just as I was to walk out the door, that is one of the Songs we had played at Moms Funeral.
I know that spirits talk to us all the time but we seemingly cannot hear them unless they play a song, maybe place an old card where we will find it at a special time. Really it would be nice if we could simply just sit down and have a conversation again, I guess that is just something we are not capable of until we change form as well. Whatever the case we remember, those songs, cards, notes, all of it means something to us and brings forth their memory again, that is what it really is all about.
Now I must go and listen to the gentle winter breeze and feel the moons soft glow upon my shoulders as I light up my little world.

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