Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Myth of a blessed rich life

Quit some time ago I was watching a interview with Seal, he was asked if the paparazi annoys him. His reply was simply "it is a small price to pay for the blessed life me and my wife live". So I thought that was pretty cool, didnt think much of it until I heard it said again from one of the Kardashian bimbo's. And I thought about their life, no privacy ever, their entire life was built upon being fake and the lust for expensive objects which went beyond making your life better, and were only bling. So I looked about and thought if their life was better than the average persons. Well we all have a heated home, roof over our heads, plenty of food to eat, transportation and things to make that life easier such as a washing machine and even machines to wash our dishes after we wash them and put them inside. So beyond that we are missing the bling, for men we are missing the 180mph sports car that most will never drive over 90 anyhow, hell my buick will do that, granted not looking so cool, but its not like when you are driving down the road people are looking at the driver anyhow. For women they dont get the big multi carrot diamond rings and the clothing that costs thousands, instead they must suffer with decently priced clothing which will go out of style long before it is worn out.
So Im left thinking that really the only thing we are missing is the ability to do what they want, when they want. But that is not really true either as the lives of say the Kardashians are spent making apointment after apointment flying here and there to keep their kabillions rolling in. Ok but vacations? I mean they have them paid for too. Well ya they do but they lay on the beach with desperate photographers taking constant pictures and no privacy, they party and ham it up, liking the attention then complain then next day they were followed the entire time. The average person goes on vacation and short of the over priced meals, has privacy and peace and quiet. So it got me to thinking, I guess they are the ones suffering after all and those of us in the middle, arnt doing so bad so long as we realize all the extra crap the rich have is just that, crap.

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