Sunday, May 13, 2012

Swimming with thee Banded Sea Snake

This was something so unexpected I am still reeling from it. I was just floating along the edge of some Reefs looking for schools of fish and hoping to see a Manta Ray. Then out of the corner of my eye it came, I do not know the length maybe five feet I suppose and there it came, right underneath me. My mind scrambled to remember if they were aggressive or not, all I could remember is they were extremely venomous so I didn't want to tangle with it. I took in my air via large gulps thru my snorkel, tried to slow my heart and then took a couple of crappy pictures before deciding I should takae a video. So I would follow it for about a minute on video, this is something I really never thought would happen and a dream come true for sure. I was so crazy proud of myself for catching a sea snake on video I needed an extra arm to pat myself on the back. But bitter disapointment awaited me at the beach, as I scanned thru my pictures there were only my two crappy pictures of the snake to be seen. Apparently in my moment of incredible bravery I pushed the wrong button so a video did not happen. Oh well, still another dream come true, if I get to see a Steve Erwin Killer I will be beyond happy.

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