Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What have we become?

Today I am reading about an elderly woman being held at gunpoint face down in her house while police raid her home in search of a family members pot plans. The police even shot her dog in the process, which I dont know about you, but my pets are quit literally my children. Reading this I was outraged, as I am sure most other people were who read it, but the reality is this, things like this happen every single day with increasing frequency and we do nothing about it. We sit back and in our minds justify the actions (well they should not have been breaking the law, but ignore that in most cases, the government are the ones breaking the laws, and they are the ones breaking the most important laws. I ask you, what is more important, the fact that 80 percent of all people will lose their pensions do to a corrupt stock market or the company they work for folding up, or would someone selling a plant that makes people happy, laugh like a retarded Hyena and consume massive amounts of junk food, which I may add, contributes to the economy. Is it more important that someone be arrested over something trivial, or the government violating your rights in regards to search and seizure? At some point in this county we got everything all twisted around, we truly became little more than serfs supporting some strange new and twisted form of control. IF you call it communism, you would be wrong, if you call it fascism, you would be wrong, it is its own new form, as it always is. But the one fact remains, whatever you may call it, that it quit simply borders on evil. Nay Sayers will point to the somewhat blessed life we live and ask, isnt that enough? ya know, not for me, having taken a good dent out of this world traveling I have yet to find a rich person who is happy, and a starving person who is not. I guess it comes down to who has the most burden, and who is thankful for what, a rich person only wants more wealth for their pretend life, and a poor person only wants health and happiness for those they love. The last should be the most important to us all, at some point we need to truly vote and make a difference, we need to vote for those painted as wack jobs, for those Ron Pauls who truly stand up daily for our rights. We need to quit voting for two parties which are in truth the same, for under each party the simple fact remains, the Government has grown bigger and stronger, so much so that the United States Government is the worlds largest employer, thats right, more than communist China a country of over a billion people. Be active in your community, go to town hall meetings, spend just a half hour each day reading about politics, I know many of you hate them, hell I do to, but being involved in politics is every persons civic duty, and the more involved you are, the more of a difference you can make in your own life, your community, and ultimately the future of your children.

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