Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why voting for either of the big parties is a loss to liberty

Most people will cast a vote based on a flashy smile and a great speach, yet there so much more to what we vote for, that truly people should look deep into the "soul" if you will of that person you vote for. We can only do so by looking into their past, present, who they associate with and most importantly what laws they vote for or present, something most people will look past. Both Romney and Obama support unconstitutional wars, they also support greater government spending as well as reduction in the wrong areas. Neither candidate has taken any real interest in rebuilding Americas crumbling infrastructure, and neither candidate has taken any interest in pushing science or education. While Romneys position is still somewhat unclear on science, however Obama spoke loud and clear when he gave over the task of maintaining our Satellites to the Russians and effectively killing Our space program costing thousands of Jobs within NASA and its contractors, now mind you I never have been a big NASA fan, but it only needed guidance, which is what a leader is supposed to do, not give it the axe. Republicans like to blame the bailouts on Obama, but fact is they began under President Bush when he blatantly threatened congress to pass the first bailout bill. Obama happily carried it and expanded upon it from that point on, so nobody with a straight face can seriously say that democrats do not support big business. Bush passed the Patriot act, a bill which allowed the surveillance of Americans in the name of terrorism, making literally every single stroke of your keyboard traceable as well as all your phone conversations, Obama happily signed an extension. TSA was started under Bush with congress supporting the violation of your wife, mother and children, giving away their dignity and allowing them to be seen naked and even touched by a stranger, how can any man seriously support that nonsense? Obama of course expanded it with check points on highways. One lone man stood against it and that man was Ron Paul proposing the "Human dignity act" he was ignored. The feds have never been friendly to states rights which is why we are constantly bombarded by the first totalitarian Regime Lincoln and his war against state rights. Following that forward Obama, a supposed Laid back liberal who is an Amitted college user led the charge as Federal Officers raided Legal Montana Medical Marijuana dispensaries, Ironic since his administration sold firearms to Mexican drug cartels. So I ask you, is this what you want for the future? Remember, voting is quit literally deciding your fate, and your families, personally I want it to stop, so I will vote Libertarian, while by no means the complete solution, getting a party in that will actually recognize state and individual rights is a big start.

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