Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vegetables vs Farm Animals, which is dirtier?

Reading a post from a friend who had said she was craving and eating pork, she could not understand why as Pigs were such a dirty filthy animal, and this is true, from a Biblical or Quran perspective we certainly learn this, for in both books the Eating of Pork is forbidden. But is that so much because of their true filth? or merely because of the danger of uncooked pork where Trichinosis can quit literally kill a person, so its easy to see why uneducated people would be afraid of this meat, but we now know that Pigs get a bad wrap no entirely deserved. Farm animals in general are Dirty, this much is true, having grown up in an agricultural area I am hard pressed to think of a single Animal which we consume that is not dirty, Cattle I think are the worst, they crap all over themselves and make no real attempt to ever clean, that pooo stays on their hide until they are washed before being butchered. Chickens will even eat their own poo if they have to, and being a bit opportunistic they certainly consume all manner of bugs which venture near, but like any bird they will groom themselves. Now the knowledge of the above has made many people quit eating meat, "why eat a dirty animal?" they say. But they are an animal and as I mentioned before we cut them up they are cleaned, washed and even in the case of red meat in large factories, radiated and soaked in Ammonia, yea disgusting which is why I buy organic and try to only buy local meat or what wild animals I harvest, but I am getting away from my topic at hand :D. So let us look at vegetables, people eat vegetables because they assume it is clean, ohh I am not eating a dirty animal they say, but now they are eating a dirty plant say I. WHAT!!! yes, yes vegetables grow from the ground, which of course we all know is well, dirty by nature, in order to grow it needs nutrients, the best nutrients comes from well crap and decomposing animals. NOW YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR! why yes, yes I have, but I am not done yet, in oriental countries rice paddies are often sewage irrigated, that is human sewage irrigated, untreated, something which is Illegal in the US. The plants of course will feed off this sewage and of course grow, the more nitrates in the soil, the better plants often grow. Here in the US we use pesticides, which the plant will absorb and in the end, you will eat. So I ask you, do animals deserve their bad rap? Nah, I think Plants are a bit dirty, and hell, its not like you ever step on a Pig before it goes to market.

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