Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The world is overpopulated, yea not so much

We hear it all the time, there are studies that claim it is true, there are simply to many people on the earth and it simply cannot sustain it. I heard this long ago when I was in highschool, that someday soon we would run out of food, then I took a job washing dishes at a truck stop, my mind was blown at the amount of food we tossed out and I started looking a little more into this claim. First off the United States of America is the worlds largest consumer of well, everything, yet we only have three hundred and fifty million of the seven Billion of the worlds population. We waste 40 percent of the worlds food, our leading health problems are from eating to much, our food waste along could easily feed all the starving people, comfortably. Why are they starving? first reason are horrible governments, places like the Philippines fruit abounds yet it is Illegal for locals to pick the fruit, now this is not the only problem, much of it simply is not enough industry to provide jobs for people packed in condensed areas, a near Chas system is in place where the wealthy live off the labor of the poor which make only a little over a dollar a day, not enough to live off and many children suffer from malnutrition and are listless vs their American counterparts who lack exercise and overeat and are hyper or lethargic depending on their diet. Will we run out of farm land? Nah, not in my lifetime or the next at least, we learned greatly from the mistakes of the Dust bowl, dont get me wrong,the US needs to get its act together, developing farmland has to be one of the most ignorant ridiculous things any country can do, that could cause a problem but I suspect if push comes to shove, those houses will get tilled under. Next how about resources? well again there is simply not a chance of this happening, minerals are simply not going anywhere after they are mined, recycling is always a possibility and something we need to do in groves right now. There are also companies who are researching how to mine Asteroids, the amount of minerals on a single large asteroid could sustain the earth for decades. Oil we will eventually run out of, however just under half of our oil is in the form of plastics, we already have the technology to get oil from those plastics which pollute the majority of our landfills. After that is gone? you turn our waste into Methenal, the non plant base of Ethenal, algae that produces oil will also be a viable source. We are gonna be ok after all.

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