Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Food Food All around and not a bite to eat

I try fairly hard to eat pretty decent, and like everyone I fall off the wagon from time to time.
Today I set out off the wagon and ended up trying to climb back on, in half an hour of wandering around the IGA in whitehall all I saw was food which honestly is barely fit for human consumption, and in the long run really is not.
I had the cheese isle where nearly everything they have was processed and therefore not healthy, I settled on a small 8oz block of cheese which was on sale.
The Meat isle had no Organic presliced meat, so rather than buy hormon, raised turkey and chicken injected with antibiotics I decided to opt out of meat in that respect, and finally settled on some Chicken Pattys all natural from Tyson, probably not all that natural other than being raised but nothing else so it is what I settled upon.
For bread all I could think about was even the best most healthy bread before me, was so infused with preservatives it would not mold for at least a couple of weeks, do I really want that inside me? no
I settled for whole grain crisp crackers, again, not that great but less bread and they are filling so the desire to continually much is not there.
I browsed the fruit isle but with no Organic fruit all I could see was pesticide laced fruits grown from oil based fertilizer with only half the nutritinal value of fruit raised in the 50s and 60s.
I was of course reminded of the story "water water all around and not a drop to drink" and my mind drifted to other countries where a healthy lifestyle is promoted, not shunned.
Why are we not promoting healthy living more? why are people who eat well often looked upon as strange?
Shouldnt those eating unfit fuel for their bodies be looked upon as strange? After all, you would not fill your car up with bad gas, so why your body?

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