Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thoughts from the Montana Economic Summit

Max Baucus is a Senator I have never really cared for to be honest. He just seemed like a very dim man, easily bought, who rarely put much thought into anything. Now I realize that is probably not the case, he does after all have a law degree from one of the best schools in the world, Stanford.
Despite that, I differ with him on politics greatly.

But in regards to his business summit, not only did he hit the nail on the head, he did something every state should be doing every single year.
The summit for those who did not know focuses on bringing jobs to Montana, this was its sixth year and it has grown every year.
The part they got wrong was in regards to advertising, it really did not say much on the website, but it listed  an A list of successful people we all dream of being.
I would only attend the speakers on Monday and they were heavy hitters, from Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandburg of Facebook to Eric Scmidt of Google. Hands down the best speaker IMO was Fred Smith Founder and CEO of Fed Ex.
Max had Stated he wanted to keep politics out of this, but come on Max, we are talking about business here, did you really think that would not happen?
The first people to capture my attention would actually be the Ambassadors.
Incredible people and I only wish our congressman followed their fashion. Canada's really stood out and if any Canadians are reading this, you aught to be pushing him to be your next PM.
He really was dumbfounded as to why the keystone pipeline, being years in the making, was not happening. He stated clearly it was easier to import crown royal than to get something we all really needed, oil, into America.
The others all stated something which we seem to ignore, that nobody really knows anything about Montana. I agree, every advertisement I see about Montana is about the wild west aspect of us. It always pictures some rancher and someone riding a horse. Screw horses, Montana is a very diverse area where Mining, Logging, Tourism, and gambling are our major money boons.
The Ambassador or Germany I also enjoyed, and for the life of him he could not understand why we were not doing a better job promoting and exporting our vast mineral riches.
I agree, we are one of the worlds most mineral enriched areas yet we also are one of the highest poverty states in America, BS, that needs to change.

Now we went onto the A list of Speakers, not as if five ambassadors are not enough.

The Chief Executive Officer of Delta did a good job of avoiding politics, but I felt he gave kind of a drab rah rah this is what delta is doing speech, not much more.

Elon Musk did a nice job, being somewhat of a quiet guy he is hardly the greatest speaker in the world. But he is a true genius, very much can be compared to Howard Hughs.
Elon as it turned out came to fame in the last hour on Christmas, having squandered all of his money from his selling of pay pal (I will never forgive you for that Elon) he would invest in his Tesla car.

On the last hour possible I believe on the 26th of December, he would finish, meeting the required time frame of his investors and keeping his dream alive. Good for you Elon thanks for bringing a new spin to that industry.
He tried to keep out of politics, but did insinuate that it is easy to export his cars to china as the cargo containers are empty, hmm paying attention yet people?

Fred Smith got on stage, and to be honest, he seems to be a very unassuming man. He started out talking with a slow southern drawl and at first, I thought how the hell did this guy stumble into this wealth.
Then he continued, and I was glued. He very clearly and concicely pointed out that America has one of the highest business tax rates, and the worlds highest business start up rate. Those two factors alone make it very hard to compete on a world level.
He made it very clear that our failing infrastructure needed to be dealt with, and man does it.
Without that being addressed, what will happen? how will we transport goods? get our water? Move our sewage? damn it people this needs to happen.
Outstanding man, I hope I may talk with him in person someday, hell I hope he runs for President, and I sincerely hope the people of this country are able for once to look beyond a smile and to vote for substance.
Eric Scmidt was alright, he was kind of raw raw but I am honestly not a huge fan of google, I feel them selling us out to the government is friggin scary and dangerous.
Sheryl Sandburg is obviously an impressive woman. I don't care what anyone says to truly succeed at her level they have to be the absolute best and the brightest. Women at the top are fighters, truly geniuses pushing men aside and whatever bias to make it. That however makes them somewhat unappealing to the average person who is often intimidated, both men and women.
Im not a huge fan of Facebook, and I honestly do not consider it more than something of a dream world so I cannot compare it to other companies which I really think have done something amazing.
yea I know, like I am someone special. I am not, but what the hell, your reading for a reason right?

Now the next aspect of this all that I really want the country to take notice on were the classes.
they had a multitude of hour  long classes covering a variety of topics.
I cannot list them all but I attended Three classes I took , Biofuels, Alternative Energy and Patents.
I have always been fascinated with Biofuels and Alternative energy so those were a given.
The biofuels tried to push Ethanol, as it is a government standard, many in the class pointed out how horrible that is. And if you research it, nearly every horror store is true about it.
All you really need to know is the history of it and why it lost out to oil. To be frank it lost out because it sucks. Not only are you taking a food source, you are taking the number one crop for water consumption, so areas that previously did not have a drought now do since the federal ethanol standard was developed. Crops are also subject to disease as well as harvests depending on the weather. It was easy for oil to win out in the mid 1800s.
Trees as a power source look somewhat promising, but the eco freaks are making that impossible.
People we simply cannot continue to have more wilderness areas, we need to use that land, its imperative to our survival and future.
Algae looked far more impressive than I knew, not only as a fuel source, but as a fertilizer.

The Alternative Energy was very interesting, and I was happy to see new Drilling mud being made from natural corn syrup and sugar beat syrup. Other than that I still hate fracking.
There is a company who are using escaping CO2 from well and converting it into a powersource! FRIGGING AWESOME!!

The patent information was invaluable for me as I have a couple of inventions I have tooled with for some time. I think I got much out of it and Talking to Susan Anthony and Raquel Cohen was amazing and enlightening. We are in very good hands in that regard.

I hope this continues after Max, and I hope other states pick up on it. Not only is this good for us Entrepreneurs, it is good for students as well.
Just imagine how many more people would be able to make a college decision if they had dozens of hour long overview classes they could attend ?
And people these classes were general but extremely in depth.
Lets do it, let us push for this in not only Montana, but in every state. Education is our future, and without it, we are back to cavemen.
One last point on that. It is said that in the Sunday edition of the Washington post there is more information than was once available to the average person in the middle ages.
Lets make sure everyone has that Sunday edition.


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