Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Big Game Hunting in Africa, conservation at its finest.

So the Kendal girl who has been posting pictures of her Hunts in Africa is all over the Media not to mention FB deleted many of her Pictures.
Here is the thing, Hunters in America are the single biggest conservation groups in America, that also translates over to Africa. While The Rhino, Lion Etc are very amazing majestic animals I personally would never hunt, most are cared for on Big Game Safaris who want the healthiest largest animals for their clients. The Meat then goes to the Local villagers who are often struggling. People like Kendal pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to hunt that game, this helps for the local economy obviously from everything form airports, to ammunition, cooks and of course tourism. While I personally could not shoot an Elephant, they are Pests to Farmers.
Save your Hypocrisy please and enjoy the last major conservation effort, without people like Kendal these animals would not get the protection they needed from overwhelmed corrupt bankrupt African Governments who cannot even care for their own people more often than not.
Oh yea, do not forget that the single biggest conservation effort ever put forth in the United States was Pushed forth by a Big Game Hunter, Mr Teddy Roosevelt.

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