Thursday, December 11, 2014

I am sorry, the game is over.

This is something which I have been contemplating for some time but until this morning, I was unable to put it together.
It was a few years ago when the first clue really slapped me in the face. I was working a temp winter job at a food warehouse when a man in his early sixties came up and was complaining about how sore and sick he was. Now mind you if you know me in person I am a very chatty guy, and like my father, I have never met a stranger, this guy would be no exception "I ache all over" he said "jesus I grew up with a hard life, but not nearly as hard as my dad, and even his dad, they both lived and were farming until their 80s, here I am in my 60s nearly crippled."
I replied "Yea we do not have a very long life expectancy in this valley"
"No" He said "Look around you, everywhere you go its the same, our generation is crippled, we cannot fully heal, it has to be the food, everything we eat is just horrible"
I can understand this, my father died from nash, or non alcoholic sorosis of the liver, which is actually becoming quit common in the US. Our food intake of horrible fatty foods is so high, our livers are now retaining a unnatural layer of fat about them, which in turn makes is sick. Further your liver being a filter stores up toxins you have consumed, slowly it keeps up building as everything is cumulative.
Now you are reading this and saying "I eat a healthy diet and exercise" yes that is true, but you unfortunately have no real choice in regards to your entire environment. You can move places which are cleaner, that is fine, but overall you are effected as we all know the effects of roundiup on our crops and GMOs being spread into modern agriculture.
This coupled with the toxins you use to clean make you just as susceptible, all be it on a slower scale to the carnage we are laying forth upon ourselves.
I knew a woman who had lupas, doctors wrote her off, in desperation she went to a herbalist who gave her some herbal concoction but gave her advice which overall probably saved her life. She worked at a casino so was exposed to all manner of cleaning solvents, his solution was simple, quit using chemical cleaners. She did her Lupas is no more.
Studies have shown that modern children have higher levels of overall toxins in their bodies than their parents, think about this, we now have lead removed from our fuel as well as our homes, not to mention doing away with asbestos, but our bodies are simply saturated. We are sponges and absorb these toxins.
Now this brings us to our next area, a few years ago Fukishima dominated our news for a far to short time but its terror will live wit us for 2000 years. Thats right for 2000 years that radiation will sit in your environment, slowly building up and effecting you.
This is no surprise, we have known this for some time and you can actually follow health problems from the good old Nuclear testing decades ago. The closer you get to the site, the more severe the illnesses, the further away the less effected.
Everything is cumulative, and slowly it all is adding up. From our exposures in every way shape or form and our love for synthetic goods puts us near the end. The worst part is our children inherent our mess, not only from the environment, but genetically as well. We can see this via marine mammals some of whom hold toxins better than others. The Orca Lpod off the coast of Washington will be extinct as they can no longer reproduce at a successful level. Scientists are unsure of exactly why but suspect their contaminated milk is killing off their calves. Without calves the obvious happens, extinction.
They are not alone, Seals are suffering, star fish disappearing and we all point to one thing Climate change while ignoring the elephant in the room, Pollution overall.
We are killing ourselves in every way shape or form, the one creature essential for the survival of mankind is the Honey Bee, it is desperately needed for pollination, they are disappearing at breakneck speeds.
bats are becoming sick, bats eat insects, care to guess what is making both species disappear? Pesticides, Bees are insects of course they are effected. Our response is to try and create crops which do not need bees, are we insane? Wouldn't it be easier and simply more intelligent to simply stop using the chemicals killing off the animals we need to sustain us?
Do you relaly think all those toxins you ingest are good for you? They build up as well.
Pollution even effects our minds folks, violent crime is at an all time low and a big contributing factor to that has been cutting lead from our fuel and overall air pollution.
Pharmaceuticals are in our water ways, fish are becoming A sexual, that water is then in turn consumed by you and people are sadly are unwittingly being effected by someone elses treatments. We have only now began to figure out how to purify water to the extent those drugs can be eliminated, the problem being this will take decades to implement, we no longer have that time left.
The bible says "You have to change your wicked ways" that does not mean on a individual basis, but for all of us as a whole, what you do effects me so on and so forth. It also says we are stewards of our planet.
I am by no means a religious man, I detest organized religion, but I am here to say that I both those points are spot on, and indeed, if we do not change our ways, there simply is no future.
It is time to start caring, your children's children depend on it, remember the whales, our future will be the same, nature always shows us, it is time for us to listen.

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