Saturday, November 28, 2015

What do babies dream?

I woke up this morning and as always, I spent a little time staring at my beautiful little girl.

She was dreaming, making little whiny sounds and her eyes were moving quickly beneath her eyelids.

I wonder, what was she dreaming of? Something bad, something perhaps that had to do with something she saw on TV?
While we try to limit her time in front of the TV to only a hour here and there of baby educational programming, I suppose it is possible she saw more? Perhaps just that instant she saw the video game I was playing? Hard to say, however in general she is a very happy baby with lots of love and kisses, so I would think it would be a happy dream.

I lay and wonder, what is it that babies do dream? Is it puppies and stuffed animals with rattling toys in the mix? Maybe it was lots of strangers tickling her feet? Maybe she was staring up through the truck window watching the clouds as we drove down the road, her tiny hand gripping her soft doll.

I tucked my finger into her hand, I closed my eyes and tried to Imagine her dreams. I thought of a nice meadow, with short grass and flowers glistening in the gentle sunlight. It brought a smile to my face as I thought of our cowdog playing gently with her, and our cat strutting about, rubbing his side upon her as she crawled about in bliss.

Try as I could to empty my mind, I could come up with nothing more, I opened my eyes and satisfied myself simply watching her little arms curl up tight. I loved the comfort the sheets brought as she pulled them tight beneath her chin.

Whatever it is she dreams, I pray it is always happy and about a big and bright future.

I hope that is what we all dream from now on, puppies, soft plush toys and others that rattle, all the while being covered by the loving kisses of your older hairy sister with her nub tail wagging in bliss.

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