Saturday, January 16, 2016

A wheel gun is good enough

The debate always rages, what weapon is enough for you to defend yourself? Popular thinking go along two lines, the first being caliber selection, and the second is bullet capacity. Mind you I used to get into these arguments "Oh I need a big bullet to stop somoene" Well that is true, and then the "Oh I need lots of ammo so I do not run out" the later relies on the absolute most extreme circumstance, which is very very rare and only really popular in hollywood. Nevertheless, I fell for it.

So I started out carrying a full sized glock .45. I lugged the beast around all the time, and mind you, It was ok.
A few years later I decided I wanted a something smaller, a bit more versatile in the carry factor.
I fell upon simplicity in its utmost, and grabbed a snub nosed .38 special for a couple reasons, one it was small, could be carried concealed in more areas of my person, and last while the .38 has not proven to be the greatest man stopper ever, it was however a choice for hit men for years, as well as proven that people who have less bullets, tend to be more accurate and have a higher hit/kill ratio, so why not?

Do to its smaller size I would end up carrying it often, far more often than the big Glock. It would also be the pistol which would end up in the glove compartment and would be next to my bed more often than not. I loved the fact I did not have to worry about a spring weakening with time, jams or clearing the chamber of the semi auto each evening when I got home. It also had the added benefit of not mashing the bullet down in the shell with each time a bullet is a chamber, which of course can lead to dangerous high chamber pressures. So it just would be the one.

I did what I do with every firearm I own, I practiced, practiced and practiced. I would practice pulling it from every single location which I carried it, practicied hitting accurately, and practiced reloading it quickly. I found that I was able to reload the revolver as fast, or faster than most people who are attempting to change a magazine in their semi auto.

Years have passed and thankfully, never been used for its intended purpose of defense. In that time frame I learned something else, with the advent of Youtube I could watch vidoes of attacks, and I would find that almost always when someone pulled the trigger, the bad guy would most often run, sometimes after only a brief exchange of gunfire.

Gone was the myth of the perp who would not stop, gone was the need for a massive caliber able to blow a hole in the side of an elephant, and gone was the need for massive magazine capacity. While I understand the later may indeed be needed, let us be realistic, we are not carrying for combat, we are carrying for self defense against most likely petty thugs. Even if a worse case scenario of a mass shooter it still is more than enough as several shooters have been stoppped by civilian weapon holders usually without even having to fire a shot.
So yea, in the end a wheelgun is enough, it is in all reality all we need for for carry, and likely home defense.

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