Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Five classes every American should be required to have.

I suppose I had a common Rural Childhood for the 70 and 80s. I spent a good amount of time participating in Civics minded organizations, particularly 4-H, Cub scouts and Weeblo. Going to such organizations gave me a sense of community involvement and civic pride. IT seems to me that the following generations did not have the exposure and it shows, we have a very Me society without much knowledge about your community and being involved in civics, which brings about my first class which we all should have, Civics.
If people took civics many questions would be answered as to the 'why do we have to do this and co exist" garble which I constantly hear now days. I think if civics is taught (which seems to be called indoctrinating by todays Radical right) overall society would be far better off.
In the end the ultimate is to be part of some sort of a club which not only teaches, but applies such lessons, but at this point I will take what I can get.

First Aid; You are driving along and come upon a traffic accident, it is late at night and just you, clearly the person within the car needs attention, so what do you do? Well the sad thing is more Americans really do not have an Idea how to properly handle such a situation, which is flat out dangerous for everyone involved. What makes it dangerous? Well for one you could injure someone by not only moving them when they are injured, but in the event you have to, how would you safely do so? How would you stop bleeding? Or of course how would you possibly revive the person? At some point in your life it is highly likely you will come upon a situation where you need to apply First Aid, be it a family member or a stranger, it is a class we all should have which would help answer the above questions.

Your constitutional Rights; This seems to be yet another area most people know almost nothing about, but all like to talk about their constitutional rights, well which ones? Sadly after hearing peoples comments regarding Colin Kaepernick or even Presidential Candidates speeches and policies, most people seem to have little Idea what their rights actually are, nor what they are even good for. A class in this area certainly would help out miles, perhaps even making people again most civic minded and more involved in Politics in the correct manner. Not giving up your rights is very important, lets stop it now before it is too late.

Firearms Safety; Whether or not you own a firearm or even intend to own one, does not exclude you from the likely probability you will at some point encounter one in your life, so it makes obvious sense you have at least a basic knowledge of weapons when you do encounter one. Firearms accidents account for thousands upon thousands of lives and injuries each year, well over 30k annually.
IF we had at least that basic required class, perhaps we could lower that number substantially. This coupled with especially civics means people will overall be more responsible with a firearm. I included a picture of one thing the NRA does right, firearms safety, I included a picture of their Eddie Eagle teaching a class. This is important as people on both sides seem to forget things this organization does well, more of this, less of the other.

Science; Apparently science is no longer taught in school, be it from climate change to basic common theories, Americans seem to be clueless as to the workings of the world. Perhaps if we had more knowledge in this area religious dogma would largely disappear. Perhaps there would be a we bit of hate and less emphasis on that Imaginary friend. Now mind you before you get all huffy, I have Imaginary friends too, I just use them for conversations with myself however :O
Maybe if we had more Science in our lives, we would focus on tackling important issues such as Pollution, Ocean and Space exploration. God knows I could have understood the science behind our Moon landing a bit earlier in my life. Hell even more knowledge on the science of Climate change, one way or another would have helped me too. It sure beats the attitude of "well scientists are not always right" nonsense, no they are not always right, but they do at least have an educated guess, which is more than many can say.

In the end if we have these five things, perhaps there would be less fighting amongst ourselves, and a bit more joining of arms to move forward for the betterment of Tomorrow. We at least have to start a conversation about what is important in our childrens future, now is as good a time as any.

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