Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bad Ass Unarmed Mandalay Security Guard Tried to Stop Las Vegas Shooter, alone.

In the midst of gunfire reigning down upon thousands of innocent people, there were lots of hero's doing some amazing things in these short minutes.
However one really stands out not for his incredible bravery.
This Bad Ass 25 year old security guard was on routine patrol when he heard shots ring out. This young man covered in brown skin and a shitty beard found the shooters room. He not only would radio in where the shooter was, he would try to enter the room, unarmed.
That's right, undeterred by a heavily armed man laying waste to a crowd of innocent people, Mr Jesus Campos tried to enter the room, the door was locked and barred however. That still never stopped him, he then tried to distract the gunman which is when this bad ass beaner took a shot to the leg.
Ok, that is pretty bad ass for anyone trying to stop a mentally deranged heavily armed lunatic, but Jesus was not done.
He would hang out until police came, gave them the room card, then helped the police the floor of guests. Police noticed his wound and this bad ass guard had to be TOLD to seek medical attention.
Here is the kicker, we know a bit about him but because this wet back is not a prissy white college dude or former vet with a nice Christian White name, and instead has the typical produce picker name, he will not be paraded around the nation and his picture will not be shared.
His story will be a blur for the immediate days following the shooting then it will be gone.
Mr Campos, if you are reading this, you are not a Boarder Jumper, Beaner or anything else I threw in this story to make people think, you are one hell of a human being whom at a time when other human beings needed you most, you took charge and did your best.
You sir are one of the Baddest Mother fuckers on the planet, you, are a true hero.
Salute to you!

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