Friday, December 15, 2017

The Sandy Hook Massacre Anniversary

Today was the Anniversary of the Sandy hook Massacre and nothing has changed.
America still lives waiting for the next Massacre as if we are Afghanistan, Iraq or some other war torn Third World Country.
This is not normal, not by a long shot. We are the only country in the industrialized world who has this problem PERIOD!
Why are we not sitting down and having a rational discussion over this?
The Left wants more restrictions while the Right just says we need Mental Health care, both agree on that but guess what, with fucking tax cuts for the wealthy guess what you do not get? Yup thats right less Mental Health access yet again.
SO now what?
Well we sit around and chest beat that we need our goddamn guns to defend our freedom that most people vote against time and time again.
Why are our firearms more important than the rest of our rights we so frivolously toss aside at a whim?
Look I am not out to take your guns, god knows I have wayyy more than anyone needs but fuck me, this means something big.
Little grade school children were massacred, MASSACRED for what?
Nothing at all, not that it is ever ok, but over absolutely nothing.
Lets talk, lets solve this beyond armed guards and goddamn snipers positioned everywhere. Yea and lets not be putting bullet proof goddamn blankets in classrooms either.
This is shit that should only be in a fiction movie, not real life.
Its time to end this crap.

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