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My research trying to disprove Global Warming got me knee deep in facts and explanations, here they are.

I was not always a "Climate Denier" there was a time when if you told me Global Warming was not real I would have used my go to line "Please go in the garage and turn on your car with the door closed, lemme know how that works out for ya"
Unfortunately a certain "News" network came about named Fox, along with the greatest information resource, both good and bad on the planet, the internet.
From Faux I was bombarded with idiotic nonsense day in and day out. They specialize in preying on emotions and especially on the under educated.
They love to push common sense which is really just a dumbed down version of the Truth.
While I have always been a well read person I am by no means a scientist, nor did I always understand what I was hearing as those topics were not those I was of course reading at the time.
The internet took it from there, with chain Emails, chat rooms and Climate nonsense galore mostly perpetuated by those who knew no better, regardless of where I turned I found manipulated Climate Date and reasons to doubt what was going on.
Mind you I never thought for a instant that Pollution was ok, I grew up in a Polluted waste land ripe with the wasteland left from the ignorance of Careless Mining and Smelting, so I was not ok with that on any level, I was however doubting claims made from the Science.
Some of that information came from those perpetuating Climate Change, Mr Al Gore himself sensationalizing Global Warming and pocketing Billions with his show that gave false timelines and his Knee Deep Involvement in Carbon Credits, where a company can pollute as much as they want so long as they pay someone else to note pollute. How fucking absurd can we possibly be?
In all honesty beyond anything Fox news or rumors put forth, simply seeing the Champion for Science being a complete fucking fraud pushed me far away from Science itself. I suspect I am not alone.
Being a inquisitive person who for whatever reason has trouble believing anything, I went on to do my own research. I was completely certain I would find gross manipulation and lies with the Government intent on pushing a agenda filling the pockets of "Green" energy as they smacked down everyone else.
In that research I did find this. I found that Government in all it's benevolence would indeed throw money mindlessly and at times intentionally manipulate data to support its own preconceived notions.
I found that Green Energy, was not always so Green, I found that Green movement at times were the biggest hypocrites on the planet.
In a unofficial study on a Chat Forum with thousands of People I asked a simple question and had a Poll.
"Please state your Political Affiliation and what you are doing for Alternative Energy"
I wanted no Arguments but I did just want to hear what people were doing.
I found those who were on the supposed Left did not do anything substantial regarding alternative energy, I did find those in the center and the right were doing things, not for the environment, but because they wanted to save money.
That was interesting.
I would go on to work on Wildland Forest Fires where I found out own Policies helped fires burn, from roadless initiative to forest Mismanagement it contributed to my skepticism.
Later I would go on to directly work for the State Government and found they themselves had their own agenda and pushed for research in their manner, I am to date not exactly sure why.

From all this I came up with the Biblical Effect, where as no matter what was said the Biblical Level of Preaching would come out against those who challenged their data "There will be Fires, Floods, Earthquakes and Mass Extinctions"
Being no fan of Organized Religion in the slightest I was positive this indeed was the End all for the Argument against Global Warming.

I was Wrong.

It came from reading the proper Material, not sensationalized Garbage from either side, but straight from Scientist themselves that slowly started to convert me.
Reading more I found that regardless of how it was Spun, CO2 had been known for Decades to be a Warming Agent just as Lead has been known for Centuries to have a Negative health effect.
This was Blatantly obvious in my only real Chemistry book, a 1965 college Chemistry book. Hard to argue with that.
Even this however was not the Coup De Grace from my Anti Warming argument.
IT would come from the top of a Mountain and looking out upon the Forests I had grown up in. Those forests to which I had Ridden Horses, Hiked, Hunted, Camped, Motorcycled and Mountain Biked.

They were dying.

Forests which were once green, were now dominated by dying tree's, so much so I avoided certain area's in the wind as Dead Trees would fall at random. Having had a tree fall between my Father and I while riding horses in a wilderness area as a child, this is something that I take incredibly seriously.

No amount of Forest Management could keep up with the sudden Temperature rise and Decades long Montana Drought.
It was absolutely absurd to think that tree's which had stood for centuries suddenly were crowding each other from the lack of humans Saws.
What that told me was that yes, thinning was needed, but was only slowing hte process. Area's which were thinned eventually succumbed to complete annihilation of the tree's themselves as Pine Beetles wrecked their Destruction.
You see Pine Beetles, what those of us in the West had came to loath, were actually a huge answer to the riddle regarding Global Warming.
With Warming Temperatures Bugs of course Thrive. With rising temperatures comes more evaporation which means the Tree Bark itself is no longer thick enough to keep the Beetles from boring all the way through. The worst aspect of warming was what I had quizickly noticed, our Winters no longer had the Deep, Deep subzero freeze for days, if not weeks on end I grew up with.
Those Deep Freezes helped keep the population of Pine Beetles in Check. Two weeks minimum of -15 is needed, we were not getting that and were barely getting a day or two's worth.
The result being Beetles destruction pushed forth ending a Lung for our Planet and worse yet, contributing to the warming as no amount of Logging could keep up with the dying wood. To make matters worse rotten wood is not exactly in high demand.
Burned Tree's from the let burn initiative are not desirable as simply put, the ash from burnt tree's plays havoc on the engines and of course the lungs of those logging.
Green good intentions of let burn and anti logging campaigns sadly have exasperated the problem, helping to send us over the edge of a warming climate we can no longer control, one that we do not know will lead us.
With the Warming climate meant shorter Winters and a increased length of fire the fire season.

Next we go to the floods, what you say? but things are warming and we just had record rainfall.
Well yea dummy, think about it, evaporation will inevitably create rainfall, that rain has to come down somewhere, sadly it is gathering and coming down in groves do to pressure changes and changing wind currents.
We will, and are seeing Biblical Level Flooding.
Now all of that is simply do to more rain however, our own development has led to developing area's. Meaning the more houses and roads built, the less the land itself can soak up.
The more area which is developed means the less area which can absorb Co2.
Thank you capitalism

Droughts are kind of a given, but here we go.
THe warming climate is changing ocean currents which of course are a source of winds, as those winds change so do the nutriets being carried, water and well all else that matters.
To make matters even worse beyond the obvious evaporation aspect, our Oil Drilling is literally drying up lakes as water is pumped into those wells or leaches into those voids.
Those voids btw will contribute to sink holes do to pressure difference between water and oil.

Next we have the sea level itself rising from those Ice Caps and Glaciers melting. THat means that cities and towns which are often built next to the Ocean, will soon find themselves under water. What happens with those people then? Where will you go? What is your City/Town doing to prepare?
Not much likely.

Earthquakes cased from climate change you say?
Well yea actually Global Warming is causing Earth Quakes. You know those Glaciers and Ice Caps that really are melting? Well it turns out those create pressure on the crust, as they melt that crust is relieved causing shifts.
Remember that oil Drilling I Briefly mentioned previously? Well turns out Fracking is causing earthquakes as well. While not a climate aspect itself, this is of course about Anthropological Climate Change, or Human caused. So yea it factors in.
Get ready to rock and roll people, we will be bouncing hither as the world figures things out.

It get's even worse. Do to the changing climate we will have a Mass Refugee Crisis. We are already seeing that now with the largest Refugee Crisis hitting the world since WW2. while some of those are fleeing conflict, some of those are fleeing area's where resources are becoming scant, both from global exploitation and Droughts.
DO you care?
Yo should as you are not immune and could possibly be affected yourself. A friend once said "All I know is if something ever happened and I had to leave my country, I would hope someone would welcome me and my Babies"

So why are not all scientists aboard? you ask.

Well as it turns out they all are. The three percent left out of the "97 percent of Scientists agree" are either paid shills from Corporations trying to save a buck, or those who simply have stated we are not the main cause, but are a cause.
There has not been a peer reviewed study to date regarding Anthropological Climate Change that debunks it, not a one.

SO where does this leave us?

Well I could write a book regarding this, but all I can say is without a doubt Mankind is responsible for the bulk of this Change. It is our lack of panning, lack of foresight which is making a questionable planet for our children, and their children.
It is our apathy and greed which leads us down a road of inevitable destruction.

We have to work together Globally to solve this mess. Pulling out of the Paris Accord was one of the greatest disasters this county and world has ever seen.
The US is the second largest Emitter to China regarding Greenhouse Gasses, other countries have signed onto the accord to help others and even themselves, with China building entire green cities and even a giant machine to help suck CO2 out of the air.
What are we doing? Well thanks to a President with an IQ lower than his age we now are rolling back the EPA restrictions, to make matters worse Captain Fool is also pushing back fuel efficiency regulations.
Like it or not the higher fuel prices are the less we drive. Now before you get all kinds of butt hurt, keep in mind I am a common man making just above the Medium Household income. However I do not care. You could not pay me enough money to sabotage the future of my children.
IF we do not act now, and I mean this instant, we are dooming future generations to a possibly un inhabitable planet.
What does that fat pay check do for you then?
Not much.

We have to change our sinful ways and we need to be good stewards.

We really can do this together. It was only a few decades ago when the World came together to ban CFCs which were causing Ozone Depletion. That Ozone is needed to stop harmful UV radiation from the sun.
IT has been slowly healing itself, the problem being some ass clown somewhere is emitting CFCs again, risking all our health in that process.
This is another example of why a global effort of Regulation and Enforcement is needed to literally, save us all.

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