Sunday, March 13, 2011

US drops the ball on Lybia

For a couple of weeks now the United States has rattled its sabre doing what it does best, talking and really not doing anything, and I am usually pretty happy when our government accomplishes nothing, it means less they can mess up. However this time around the US were made to look silly and useless as Gaddalfi thumbed his nose and took back lost ground from the Rebels, what difference does it make? quit a bit actually, the main problem is Gaddalfi and son made statements to the effect they could fight off the world, with the US not following through with its threats it makes him look like something he is not, and takes away yet more credibility of the US in the world, something at this time it can not afford.
Look for Gaddalfi to raise oil prices substantially from his country, actually look for much of the middleast to do the same as it realizes that the US is a struggling animal entangled in its own web of uncertainty.
The solution was simple, one not say anything to begin with, or two, shove a missile up Gaddaffi's ass, the later of course only Reagan seemed capable of understanding as we struggle to keep up a fake Image of "peacefull" with a world that really deems us imperialistic anyhow.

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