Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Music Industry needs to open up

Kim Kardashian has released her first single, yet another no talent Celberity allowed to make more money who is already filthy rich.  I really do not understand this logic, now I understand its to sell music, and some pathetic Kardashian followers will buy the CD, but lets face it, the company is already making pretty decent change and IM sure she was compensated well on the assumption the brainless twit followers would buy said music. But why not give people a chance who deserve it? There are people who have devoted their entire lives to making real music and will never get a chance, those people may have not have brainless twits following them, but people who really enjoy music and appreciate it. Somewhere there is another Patsy Kline, Muddy Waters, or maybe even Mozart just waiting to be discovered, just waiting for their big chance, and there is that fan base, like me, waiting for that big discovery. I refuse to purchase music from crossover celebrities, as a matter of fact, I generally shy away from anything from a crossover celeb unless they show any real talent. To me it shows just how shallow these cross over celeberities are by taking up those valuable slots which could be filled by someone else, it shows how uncaring those are in the music or film industry rather than allow others to advance.
Come on Seacrest, if your out there give some guy working in a mine a break who has been thumbing that base since 10, Just think of the following you will get from moms from giving that secratary that sings at the christmas party but goes home to her three kids. And lets leave the Kardashians where they belong, being brainless drama idiots on reality TV.

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