Sunday, June 12, 2011

So there I am drinking a big cup of Mocha

Sitting around in my pajama's and in my fuzzy slippers, watching the dowpoor outside supposed to be getting ready for a ride I know is not gonna happen. Sure as **** I get the text "raining out not going" so I sip some more Mocha looking at the big mug thinking its a good thing we are not going cause i have not had a drop of water yet, but what the hell, whats life without flippin yer friends crap. So I  the call, tell him about how he is gonna miss out, IM gonna go tear it up, rain gear is packed and ready *sip* and is probably not raining 20 miles away where we are supposed to go blah blah on and on.
Yea well then I get the "ok your right, I'll be ready in half an hour" holy crap my cycling clothes are still in the dryer from yesterdays mud fest, no water, good breakfast at least. I get ready, suck down a couple glasses of water and we head out,  hot damn if I wasnt right we get there and no rain, although it looks like we just missed it as the ground was moist. Peddling was a bit of a challange with almost no pre hydration and that cup of mocha churned in my stomach, my legs burned like crazy after two days of hard riding previously. But the results, damn, always better to ride than think about it, we had a great time and I woudl have it no other way, you can keep the damn TV, I'll take the ride.

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