Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Fathers Day Memory

Today was another year without sharing a special day with my Father since his Passing. Although I have to say that we had a pretty close relationship so days like today were just an excuse to take dad out to dinner. I guess now it means something since there is no every day with him anymore, sooo a little story about hunting together, since that is what we shared the most, and hell, along with hunting, came the inevitable argument so here goes.
Waay back when I was in highschool we were up hunting in durant canyon. We had stopped where everyone else was to bullshit a little (dads favorite passtime in reality) and do some spotting for some Elk.
Soon we found one, a nice 6 point bull licking his nuts in a clearing across from us, Dad got excited as always "look at that" he said " he's licking his nuts, he knows we cant get him, I cant take that shit, I just wanna get over there and KAPOOO, on my wall" so we plotted, other people there plotted and fortuantely for me, they had the wrong coordinates to the future freezer meat. I whispered to dad "I know exactly what clearing that is, lets go" and off we cambered, letting others go, not wanting them to stop where we did, thats what hunting is all about, deciet ( Yes I may have told others I would help flush the elk to them in a, eh ehhmm another location) and bringing home the bragging rights and "bacon" for yourself.
We stopped and started discussing exactly where he is, "He's right up over the top here dad" and off I go. but wait, dad getting ready out of the truck is a half hour ordeal. Ya gotta understand he had his hunting belt from when god and him only knew, I suspect when he was a teenager as it was about ten sizes to small, tied only with a leather bootlace to hold it around his waste, then his rifle as he would load it, look through the damn scope, brag about what a maginifcent shot he was, then toilet paper, snacks, yes snacks even for a hour hike dad packed his pockets cause "ya never know" and off we could finally go.
Half way up the mountain dad stopped to take a leak, and damn if there were not some deer right there in front of us, I could see their flanks "Pops there R some Deer" dad leans back "no, them are stumps" wtf is he looking at? "no look straight between those two tree's, definatly deer", he leans back again "no, those are stumps" man IM getting a little frustrated and at this point wondering what hte hell he drank to take so long taking a leak "shut the damn faucet off and look at those Deer" He does and well "I guess those stumps are gone" yup and then it started "well I told you those were deer"  and "well they looked like Stumps to me" he would say as his voice elevated. Well hell, now we are arguing lets just keep going cause you cant stop a ball once its rolling right? A few more steps and it starts "Ok Pops the elk is straight up and drop down that is the clearing" a defiant look from him  cause he was already wrong on the Deer "no No son its over this way then you drop down and that is the clearing" so there we stood, the sun setting, arguing, and arguing "RIGHT OVER THE DAMN TOP DAD" and him puffing his chest, whiskers starting to stick straight out "NO OVER THERE" and rather than each of us go our seperate ways we just stood, arguing over where that damn Elk was until dark, then we argued all the way back to the truck about how wrong the other person was, and well argued all the way home about how we shouldnt have argued but we were both right anyhow.
And then the Evening would end with a "hug" as dad was very affectionate, and "well maybe we will get it right tomorrow son." 
Yea dad, we had quit a few good Tomorrow's, glad we did, this was yoru day, and you were in my thoughts the entire time, almost like you were there. So Happy fathers day Pops, Thanks.

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