Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hybrids are they worth it?

So curious a friend and I  were having a discussion about gas mileage last night. My contention is it does not pay the vast majority of the time to buy a Hybrid vehicle, or any new vehicle.
If you do the math it appears that if you got 18 miles per gallon at 100,000 miles it would cost you $16666.00 vs 45mpg the average mileage of a hybrid would cost you $6666.00 so you would save 10k dollars over that period. Sounds good but wait if you already have a 10K truck getting 18mp it would take you 200,000 miles to equal the price of a hybrid vehicle. Without any other factors I guess if you only have one vehicle and you are buying brand new it could work out for you, but if you already have a car or a truck even its apparent you are better off without the extra new car cost.

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