Thursday, March 22, 2012

The confusion of working with todays Government

Once upon a time an Immigrant could come to America, sign their name, or someone elses, or have someone else sign their name for them upon entry.  Now that requires weeks of paperwork, interviews, blood tests and in the case of some countries, months of paperwork along with multiple filings.
After you have completed all your filings should you mess up on your paperwork it starts all over.
This is Insanity, that is like having a pro football player go back to playing flag football after a play not going right in his last game.
Oh but it continues, now lately I have been working on renewing my Federal Contracts, which requires the yearly renewal on multiple sites which consist of little more than reviewing your data and hitting the submit button.
To make matters worse contact numbers are almost non existent on today's internet so you are left clicking on link after link trying desperately to find what you need. Once you do find a number you can promise the person on the other side who is highly trained in deception and not really trained in how to help you will merely tell you their agency has nothing to do with the other agency you are trying to contact.
Wait what agency am I trying to contact again? on the bottom of the page it says if I update my information on another site is linked to this site but not updated on this site unless I hit the submit button.
I cannot hit the submit button because this site will not accept my password, "sir we have nothing to do with that site"
Really? That is amazing cause of the bottom of the site it says your name.
"what site is that?"
Yes, if you are confused at this point so am I, how the hell can you have a help desk to a web site and they have to actually ask you which site that is? Furthermore how can you have a help desk tell you they do not know of the website you are trying to enter, which on the website they claim to represent ha a link directly to said mystery website.
Now should you finally somehow magically get logged on and have updated your profile you may click submit, and then you are hit with a prompt "are you sure you wish to hit submit" so you hit submit again, and taken to another screen asking you to verify that you previously verified everything. Often there is another page with more verifications of your previous verifications.
Now after all is said and done you can rest assured that somehow all the hours you have spent completing a simple profile for your company will still be messed up.
You can rest assured that when you await payment for your contract, it turns out the new bank account number you submitted online has to be phoned in to the unknown agency, of which nobody knows does exist but you are sure does as well, if you do not fill out the unkown agencies data you are unable to have completed your contract.
Sigh, and you really think another election is going to change all this?

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