Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why the Health care argument on both sides fails

Everyday I hear about the healthcare argument, on Obama care will save us, or well socialied medicine fails, look at Europe.
Obama care has some major fundamental flaws, first of all it merely forces you to buy insurance or face a fine or penalty, so if you are someone who has been responsible with your money, set it aside for such an emergency you are now forced to purchase Insurance.
If you are poor, and this part is still a bit confusing, but apparently you are still covered, if you are rich it will not matter because you can afford to lose a bit more money anyhow.
It does one thing good that I can see, and that is simply to make it manditory for insurance companies to cover pre existing conditions.
It falls on its face again when it does not put a cap on Tarp reform.
So medical bills will continue to sky rocket, and your cheap insurance, will go crazy soon as those companies are of course going to want to pay for those patients they did not want to cover to begin with.
Now on the other end of the fence you have the anti socialized medicine argument, and mind you it ha its points, but it falls short right off the bat as the Obama policy is not a socialized policy with any real resemblance to socialized plans in the rest of the world, so with that in mind, is it even really necessary to talk about it further?
To me only as much as need be, we all benefit from some social programs, clean water, education, roads and of course law enforcement. When you have an educated society your bottom dollar expands, you have people who have the ability to make more money, if they can make more money they will spend more.
If you have accesss to clean water those people have a greater basic chance of staying healthy.
If you provide roads and a means to travel you have now allowed people an easier way to make money as well as spend said money.
If you have Law enforcment you can arguably keep those people safe, so we all benefit from it.
So would we all benefit from Socialized Medicine, as a modern civilized super power we can merely look at other countries with it and see what works and what does not, take from the best and throw away the bad.
You actually cover people for every single ailment and do not cry about it.
After all, money seems to be no object when we want to level a country, why the hell should it be when we want to take care of a country?