Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Mountain Bike downhill

There  you sit looking down the trail, into oblivion, watching it snake thru the tree's like a trail to hell.
You take a breath, your nostels widen as you bring air deep into your lungs
You push off, your hands grip the bars, maybe a little harder than they should,  The break levers are given slight pressure through your gloves like the trigger on a handgun you take out a little creep for the moment you need total pressure, your feet find their place on the pedals as your knees bent slightly you support your body letting the bike work its science coming to this moment.
Nothing else is heard only the initial sound of your tires making contact on the ground, they sound like a snake hiss as you roll over the earth their tread digging into the ground like a tigers claws as it digs in giving pursuit to its game
Your heart begins to pound as your blood pushes thru your body and adrenaline gives you strength
The wind blows into your glasses your eyes begin to water slightly and the roar reaches your ears and the rush has now began.
You come off your first drop, silence, not even the wind is heard as the tires leave the ground, then you come to earth and feel your tires fangs bite deep into the terra your arms feel the sudden shock and your voice begins to work again as you howl in excitement.
 You lean slightly as you enter the first corner, inside pedal up for clearance you touch your rear brake and slide the rear end around pointing the bike where you want to go as you toss up dirt and rocks are tossed helplessly off the trail into the grass.

Now your on the straight pushing hard looking deep for your next target, your body flexed ready for anything, you pick your line and power thru the rut and grunt as your suspension gives way.
Now your looking hard at the tail of the rider in front of you, cursing as he kicks up rocks bouncing off your shins.
You look for the pass but another corner comes, you brake hard and try to look past him for a place to go, anyplace to pass.
Now the ground is flatter, your not rolling so fast and your legs begin to pump hard trying to keep you rolling fast.
The hump is over and your screaming downhill again and the world blurs around you again your eyes only seeing the trail before you. 
You rail into the next corner, looking thru seeing the end is near you tuck feeling the last bit of air pushing at your shoulders and then you roll over the final stretch, you sit up smiling, your heart begins to slow and you know that once again you are safe, but only for the time being until the next decent begins.

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