Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dreams that end all to suddenly, only brings another......

Today I was driving by some land my sister and husband used to own, they had big dreams for that land, especially my sisters husband, a Nevada native who always wanted to build a house in Montana. He was an avid outdoorsman, a pro rodeo roper/steer wrestler, gun enthusiast and fisherman, he had big dreams which all would come to an end. In 2008 he was diagnosed with cancer, a year and a half later he would not beat the struggle, his dream of owning a home in Montana, of sitting on the porch watching hte bighorn sheep in his yard, would end. It made me think of so many of my own, and to be fair I have been my own worst enemy, never really sticking to anything and every time the wind changed, so would my interests. But one thing I have did right was try to live life and do as much as possible within my own means and with the passing of another friend some years ago, it reminded me that we really do not need much to do alot. You see my friend Scott was a dreamer, and I mean a big dreamer who never had a pot to piss in, but had lots of stuff to make that pot out of. He did make the most out of what he had, staying very active in a variety of activities and while he loved the computer, he loved life even more. My brother in law was the same, I asked him once what he would do if he won the lottery, "I would buy more equipment" I thought that silly as I have always only looked at work as a way to make money to do what I want, but the reality is most of our life is spent at work, so why not enjoy it? He certainly did, and he married my sister who they shared a near blissful relationship with, something most of us can only envy. I think we as Americans look to much to making money, and not enough on living, here in the states we enjoy the least amount of vacation time and worse yet some 50 percent of people will not take the full vacation time allotted to them at work, many more simply will do nothing with the free time at hand. People often comment about how much I have done in life, and I can only think how little I really have, when I was in high school I figured out that if I was to win the lottery at 18 I would no be able to able to do everything i wanted if I lived to be in my mid eighties. Now I sit roughly half way thru my life and only contemplate how to make more of those dreams come true, all I know is not born of a silver spoon, I can only do what I can, and do a better job of taking care of the time at hand. In all my travels I wondered if sometime I would not come home, Dad had said he would come looking for me should I disappear, i said "do not worry about it, know that I died doing what I loved, nobody need waste their life for me" I had no Idea at the time that someday i would come home and he would not be there to greet e any longer. so this brings me to the end, I wish i could recall better how I said it, as it was perfect at the time. "We need to take advantage of life as it is given to us, some day I will come home and nobody will be there to greet me, and someday I simply will not come home" While all our dreams will eventually in this life come to an end, as Marius De Saxe said on his death bed "Life is but a dream, and I have lived a good one" Here is to your dream, make it happen, better yet, make so many dreams, that you can never make them all come true, that my friends, is what life is all about.

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