Sunday, February 23, 2014

In Rememberance of Moms birthday, Borrowing her car for a date with a Vegas Dancer.

I was working in Vegas and had only shipped my motorcycle down with me.

I had met a go go dancer and we planned a date the following afternoon for lunch.

I needed wheels, more than two, I promptly began looking for rental cars. Mom would have none of it and continued pushing me to borrow her car. Soon time slipped by as we bickered and she distrated me and with one hour left to find the meeting point I was stuck, and I had to borrow her car.

Off I went to the coffee place, I would park between a Mazarati and a 300z, in I walked. I found the Dancer and we chatted, sharing the same birth date we hit it off Immediately. She was impressed that I was a business owner, had my own house etc.
Soon our coffee ran dry and we decided to head out for her to show me the city.
Walking out in the parking lot bumping shoulders playfully she would walk up to the 300z. Sorry that is not my car, she walked over to the passenger side of the Maserati, her eyes lit wide and toyed the handle, no, not my car turn around.
There moms gem shown, a dull red Subaru Forester last washed when it was purchased a few years previously loaded with all her crap from stem to stern.
Not looking so impressed anymore she looked at me with questioning eyes and I would say "I told you I only have my bike, I probably should have just stopped and picked up a helmet, mom was in town and insisted I use her car.......
The inside was priceless, since I at least had time to throw most of the trash from the passanger floor out it was not all bad.
Other than the petty crap stacked between us on the council there was room for seating and to shift.
I Suppose the Buddah doll on the dash was a bit much, and Shiva hanging from the mirror was not the most impressive, especially swinging in the light on every corner and a coin here and there I guess for luck slid back and forth across the tray.
It was somewhat cool as it turned out "I like your mom I am into this sort of a thing" but no, not much else obviously would happen and I would always remember the Embarrassment of driving around the Subaru (Soobaruu) as she pronounced it with a GO GO dancer who thought I had a Maserati.

Thanks Mom I know your laughing and plotting again.

Happy B day


  1. Damn good memory and a beautiful story. When I was a young teenager, I got a date with a beautiful classmate to go to a Disney move at the theater. I didn't have a car, so I called the girl and arranged to meet in the Marcus D. hotel lobby. We met and left for the show. In front of the M.D., my mother pulls up in her engine-pinging, hole in the muffler car. Through the open window, she is yelling at me about I am too young for sex, and get into the car. I left my date, got into the car, and was driven away while classmate started singing, "Ma Ma's boy". I was depressed over the weekend in recovery. The girl refused a make-up date, as I think I now embarrassed her and she was chided about the Mama date. This all happened because my older sister told my mother that I was getting a room to have sex with a girl. As my mom did not grasp that I only had enough money for mine and my date's admission and snacks. She forgot that two young kids would never be allowed to rent a room. That is a memory that I will never forget. hahaha.