Monday, February 3, 2014

A day with school children in a developing country

Some time ago I felt it necessary to help others with their education. I really am not sure where that need came from as I myself was a less tha model student. I was well known for skipping school and being suspended even.
I think as my life progressed, working many labor oriented jobs. While I certainly managed to scratch out a good existance with those jos as do any others, I am paying the price with aching joints and just a tired body in general. Knowing there could and should be an easier way to make money, I wanted to make a difference and to at least open one more door for children they certainly will need later in their life.
I started by helping a filipina thru college. She had a bad home life and no future as is often the case anywhere in the world. I would help her until her home life got better and I am pleased to say she would graduate college.
nearly two years ago I would meet my current girl who is a teaccher in the Philippines. I would fall in love with her stories of the children and wanting to help, I would send a monthly care package to the children in the form of various school supplies.
Recently I would find myself in the Philppines again, one of the most amazing places I have visited so far on this earth. I would venture to the town where that school was and would spend time with the children I had been helping. It is always fun to go back to a grade school with nearly everything made diminutive it is hard to imagine a time when you were that small certainly my swelled head never was.
Visitors are welcome at this school even though it has a locked gate. The kids are taught respect and as you enter each classroom they will say in unison "Good morning visitor" very cute.
I would spend most of my time with the kindigardners watching Ms Alcansado whip them into shape with a sharp voice and a dire looking index finger they would quickly pull up their chairs and look proper. Well we all know that is not true since little girls seem to like to be like that, and little boys usually like to pull hair, toss things and to generally not pay attention at all.
This is easily solved by putting the badd boys next to the prim and proper girls who only care about doing things right. Boys with their instinct of wanting to eventually get the admiration of the girls will soon start to do their school work feeling this may be a way to get their attention
The fourth grade class for reasons unknown was next to the kindergaren class. It was the largest class in school and being short a teacher a single lady was stuck with 82 children. She had to spend the morning in the office grading and the children were left to their own recourse. After listening to them do the usually grade school unattended antics I felt I may as well see if I could calm the tide.
Enter Shrek.
Be it white or large the kids quickly snapped to attention and I would find my usless trivia knowledge to be good use with kids I had little Idea what was being taught to.
I enjoyed it and I considered it an honor.
At lunch I asked the Principal what was needed, her reply "Everything"
Promptly I went to the local market and bought two boxes of pencills and several note pads. The strange thing here is every grade has their own specific note pad.
I woul return to school and walk to the second grade with one of the children and my supplies, she would ask what kids even needed a pencil and nearly every child would raise their hand how heartbreaking.
The sad thing is many parents here though very poor, still find enough money to by Cigs, booze and to gamble.
I guess things never change.
Regardless I will continue to send and help, children if anyone deserves a future as it is certainly not their fault the situations they are born into. If each person was to do good for the future I think we would eventually solve most the worlds problems.
I hope I made a difference and I hope to continue to, regardless I will use the old cliche "If it saves only one" I suspect far more than one will be effected and I hope that regardless of the path, they find success and make a difference themselves.

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