Sunday, March 30, 2014

Unerstanding Climate Change

For years now people have been banging the drum for Global Warming. Al Gore came out with a movie which would go on to be award winning, despite the fact that almost nothing within the time frame he stated within the Video has yet happened.
Now Global Warming has changed to Climate Change, all encompassing which also allows itself to be explained by the Global Warming crowd.
For years I have had a suspicion that Global warming was a hoax, that certain people would push and benefitfrom it.
It is clear that the Media manipulates people in the same way the Bible does, by promoting the same things which play on your emotions and fear, Famine, Floods, powerful storms, if you do not obey, the powers that be will come down on you.

Recently a MIT professor came out saying to slow down on Global Warming. Pretty much stating exactly what I have, "Global Warming is a Politicians dream come true, the opportunity for taxation, policy, control & Crony Capitalism"
He is swept under the Rug by the popular left wing media and not taken seriously. Look I do not care if you believe in Global warming or not, but do you really think people are not hyping this in order to make some extra coin, policies and control?

I know right now you are saying but what about all the Changes which occur, all the new hurricanes, floods death and destruction.
Well none of this is known, as the Professor pointed out, most of it is simply do to where we live and more importantly, how we live.

Floods have, and always will occur.
There are areas which are called 100 year flood planes meaning every 100 years it will flood. The real irony here is people actually live in those planes and feel they will be dead before it happens.
I was a contractor, and I asked someone "Do you know at what part of the century the next flood will happen?" His eyes were blank and I think like everyone he assumed that nature only did things at the turn of each century, hell why not it sounds easy.
When people started moving to America unfortunately we ended up with the lower class people, who were the least educated. Those people took away the old countries rule of building on higher ground, and started building next to rivers and right smack in flood planes. This became so much of a problem the LA river was actually re routed and concreted in to accommodate this nonsense.
The Bible played on Floods using Noah as your guide, GOD WAS ANGRY WITH THE PEOPLE SO HE FLOODED THEM! unfortunately believe this or not it is ingrained in your psyci, you will recognize a politician as someone of power and like it or not, some fear will come into your existence. Trouble is with the Noah story it has happened dozens of times over again and is a story retold long before the bible, and guess what, it still is being retold, Al Gore used it, made sure you knew if you did not do what the government said, you would be flooded as water levels ARE RISING WE ARE YOUR SAVIOR!

Well what about hurricanes and the mass damage, surely they are getting stronger?
Yea not so much. WE have taken to building in Hurricane prone areas, that is all fine and dandy, to top it all off we build right up to the water. It was such a poor Idea that insurance companies would not cover those wealthy who wanted the best view and beach front property. So the Federal government stepped in to offer insurance to cover these people who would inevitably lose their home, but get a very cheap remodel on YOUR tax dollars
Yup thats right, someone is benefiting, but lets move on to the poor people, using Katrina as an example, what about that?
Katrina became nasty because natural barriers which slow down wind and storm surges are now gone. Marshes were drained and trees cut down the results are predictable and down goes man. This is the same everywhere.

What about Forest Fires, god they are worse than ever.
It just so happens that I was a contract Wild Land Firefighter for nearly a Decade, so I learned a bit about that.
First off every five years roughly we have a bad fire season, those of us who contracted counted on a big year in that midst.
But wait you say, you live in a drought zone and fires are more predominant.
Droughts are nothing new and again the earth has its cycles. Forest fires are bigger and badder now simply because we want them to be. Let Burn policies have allowed fires to grow in size, and provided fires are not heading to civilization, we let them burn fairly unchecked.
Fires are not only big money for the contractors, but huge money for the government employees themselves who are paid away from home pay, over time, & hazard pay. Fires are so much of a boon many retired Forest Service Employees actually work summers just to fill their travel coffers. In other words incentive to put the fires out simply is not always there.
The most efficient fire I ever was on endangered a couple of local Politicians homes, we could not understand why all the resources were thrown at this tiny fire until that little fact was found out.
Roadless initiatives are another major factor. At one time they created a fire line and if a fire was not so large, it often would be stopped there. However with roadless initiatives those roads were decommissioned and grown over.
So now fire lines have to be cut, this does not happen in the blink of an eye and takes some time to do, days are often added to a fire in this alone. Further after the fire is out, those lines are decommissioned and turned back to original.

I have always wondered how much of this was all planned for the bigger scheme. Looking at history I suspect much is and often a bungling government on the outside, is controlled by someone organized on the inside.
Likely we in our lives will never know, what I do know is what I have put forth. I also look to the source themselves and I watch NASA very carefully. Over the past few years we were bombarded by unprecedented solar flares. NASA at the time was worried power would be knocked out, it did not, but what is that effect on your weather?

What about CO2 emissions? Can you think of an easier way to control and tax people simply by looking at a common every day tool and vilifying it? Even if CO2 is as nasty as claimed, then the easiest solution would be not not allow the lung, trees, to burn nor to allow them forests to be decimated in South America. Which brings about yet another panic, dont you remember 30 years ago when the world would perish if we did not stop deforestation in SA?
What happened with that? Someone decided those forests were best converted to farm land for Soy and Ethanol.

While I am at it one last point, Ethanol is such a horrible Idea it was tossed aside in the mid 1800s during the battle for what would power the combustible engine. Corn, where ethanol comes from is a very high water consumption crop, areas which previously did not grow corn started to, and why not, guaranteed coin. The problem came however as those corn crops caused droughts in said areas. Further corn as a crop is subject to natural droughts, soil depletion, weather, disease and poor harvest. It also as a power vs oil is no where in the same ballpark.

I can go on and on, this is something a book really would encompass better, but you are getting the Idea.

Look I am all for taking care of the planet, that is out duty, what i am not for is encouraging panic based on nonsense and offering unrealistic solutions which not only do nothing, often cause as much or more damage in the process.

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