Friday, April 4, 2014

A Milestone in excercise, and why you can do it too.

Yesterday evening my new Mountain bike turned 300 miles in just under a year ownership. Now mind you I have another Mountain bike but this was my primary ride last year. What makes this significant is the fact that last year I suffered a blow to my health as my lungs were not processing Co2 properly and I ended up with asthmatic conditions for the first time in my life.
Doctors would place my on an Inhaler and tell me to netty pot to help alievate the new post nasal drip causing bronchial spasms and making life difficult.
I had to give up my normal favorite climbs early in the year as at first my lips would go number and I would simply would want to lay down and go to sleep. Then I found out my problem got over my issues with medication and accepted the Inhaler and my life started moving slowly forward.
I have always been athletic so having any kind of a set back drives me nuts and certainly gave me respect for those who have lived with lung problems their entire life. All I knew was I did not care if I fell over I would keep going foward and die in the saddle, I refuse to be the sit on the couch looking out the window dreaming while I degraded type of a person.
So I pushed on, coughing up mucus on each ride with my nose burning like crazy. Soon my lung problems would transfer to a new ailment and I would discover some of my numbness in my face and legs was actually abnormally low testosterone previously misdiagnosed as thyroid disease. I did my research and used the bundle of information on the internet to force the proper testing to get the treatment which would help.
So you understand Testosterone treatment therapy is not like you think, some people simply quit producing enough testosterone based on environmental conditions, stress and fighters from simply to many blows to the brain, which is where the signals come from to produce the T. With treatment I am now at what would be a Low normal someone not athletic would probably have. I am ok with that and I feel much better and I am going forward. A new obstical came forth as a new study suggests that TRT therapy also results in a 27 percent increase in the potential for Heart attack or Strokes.
I have always felt that Medication is something you need to be without if possible but if all the tables are turned and you have no other choice, by all means take advantage of modern medicine.
I have been tapering away from TRT only using it sporadically and trying to increase my levels simply by doing the proper exercises as well as changing my diet completely. The numbness is back but I will hopefully live with it, if not I will go back and take the risks. Atrophy is not an option in my life.
I have always ate fairly decent, better than most people but I am changing it into a 1 percenter where I eat as well as only a very select few people. I force myself to exercise vigorously 5 days a week with no more excuses that being my priority. The result is my Inhaler is almost non existent now and I rarely ever use it, hopefully the later will be said for TRT as well.
So yesterday was a milestone that surprised the hell out of me, five to 14 miles at a time I racked up 300 miles on a single bike,pushing foward knowing only it had to help me.
We would ride 14 miles yesterday with 7 miles of my front brake squeaking, which it has done for hte last 30 miles and I thought little of it, I turned the bike upside down when a friend had a breakdown, I would spin the front wheel and it would stop short of a complete revolution, my front brake was not lightly dragging, it was severely dragging lol.
The next 7 miles would be downhill with only peddling to keep my freezing extremities working in good order until I found the comfort of my home.
I guess in all this long winded bs I am saying that there have been a few people with true disabilities who have inspired me. And damn it, even if you think you cannot, with practice you can. I started riding seriously in 2010 pushing my bike up a hill I can now ride up easily.
It comes with patience and determination. Whatever your fitness goal make it a priority in your life, if you are overweight ignore the comments, I still get the occasional billowing hillbilly yelling out a passing car window "Training is over Lance" and I tune them out.
You can only go forward in life, going backwards is simply not acceptable.

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