Thursday, May 22, 2014

I have always been asked "How do you do it?" It is not hard, here is how

For my entire life people have asked me how I managed to do so much when I was not working.

While working my business I often worked 100 hour work weeks, that of course was for only about half the year, the rest of the year I did kind of what a wanted.

Before I became self employed I rarely worked steady but readily enjoyed life, owning what I wanted and doing a fair amount of traveling. Truth be known I could have, and should have done far more traveling.

I always heard the same thing, and reading the posts on a fellow world travelers wall when she went to Russia "how do you afford all this travel?" it reminded me why it is simply so easy.

We are without want, in other words we do not need what everyone else thinks makes life complete.

I do not need the latest or greatest of anything, never have, never will it is just not how I am.

Rather than wasting money I set money aside, dont get me wrong, I enjoy life, but how many of you have stacks of toys sitting in the garage you never touch? how much are those toys? I am willing to bet for that stack you could have done an equal amount of traveling as I have.

Look life is all about compromise, but really falling into the American Dream trap is nothing more than a nightmare, people work their entire lives to aquire shit, they cannot wait to get rid of when they finally realize its burdon shortly before they die.

I am like many people, I still have far to much, but I have heard it over and over again in my life when people walk into my house "you do not have anything" and they are right, by American standards, I do not.

Life for me is about experiences, I would rather be out riding my Mountain bike, Motorbike or simply seeing something new and great.

You can win that battle with "who has the most toys wins" go for it champ, I want to be the guy who did the most, that world out there is big, or small, depending on how you see it, I will send you a post card.

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