Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why the environment and economy cannot handle another vote for the left.

Another election cycle is upon us and we are up against some tough issues which are of paramount importance and must be dealt with.
On the surface the two parties are very different, and at the level of POTUS, they end up essentially the same, however at a lesser level, we often feel the effects more drastically at state levels.
First I shall address the area which of course I feel is the most important, the economy and here is why.
If you have a strong economy then social issues can more readily be dealt with. If your economy is booming then industry flourishes and jobs are plentiful, if the economy fails, then ultimately industry falls on its face.
As the left comes down on industry for various issues, specifically on pollution, something which is extremely important, those industries simply move their manufacturing to China where there rae less regulations. Whether you believe in Global Warming or not, the simple fact of the matter those factories will pollute like crazy overseas and there simply is a point our planet with us on it, can no longer deal. You see if we keep industry here in the states we can mitigate that risk, as the economy goes better and industry has more money, they are also more willing to part with some of that cash, not to mention of the people have a better life, and fear for their safety on an environmental level, they can force via their pocket books industry to change.
At an economic level it is paramount to keep industry here in the states, we need the power and of course the jobs. The more industry, the higher and better paying jobs as they compete.
The left also pushes Wilderness areas, something which has zero benefit to us on any level. Mind you I have spent the first half of my life in the Pintler Wilderness area be it by horseback, or foot, and I loved it, but here is what I found. Very very few people are actually in the wilderness, often I would go days without seeing a single soul. With less people, there is less firewood gathered and more deadfall, which is a boon for small animals making it easier for them to escape predators, but negative for large animals, which have a tougher time walking thru it. It is common therefore to find large animals using the same walk ways as us.
Wilderness areas also are a bust for the economy as essentially, who fills that economic void? Answer almost no one making it a drain on tax payers, vs forest service where people not only pay to access, but OHV use goes directly to the maintenance of the land itself as does that for hunting privileges.

In the end if we have industry we as the people can control it, I am not saying the Right is where we want to be either, I truly despise the right as well. All I am saying is what I have in this instance, observed from the left.

Regardless your own feeling, go and vote, many people would love to have the opportunity you have to cast that right, please do not squander it.

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