Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Time Travel Photos and Videos explained

I had seen the 1941 Time Traveler photo a couple times and it always intrigued me, but I thought it just a hoax, turns out it was a real photo taken in 1941 at the reopening of a bridge in BC. The individual in the photo certainly is out of place for the time however everything is easily explained. The Sun glasses were available at that time and to me they look like motorcycle goggles common in the 30s, that makes sense if you look at his hair which looks somewhat windblown. His shirt is odd as there were not print Ts in the time, many hypothesis remain as to what exactly it was, a Maroons Hockey Emblem? screw that I say Marvel FTW!

The next video clips truly are amazing, and logical explanations abound.
The Chaplin Film Footage truly is interesting as it shows an old woman clearly talking on something.

Popular thought is that she was using a hearing aid device.
Ok, so lets think about that for a minute, why the hell should she be using a hearing aid device to talk to herself?
That makes about as much sense as thinking she traveled back in time. This shall be somewhat solved after I address the next video which is related.

Next we have the 1938 footage of another, which is clearly a woman talking on something.
Apparently it was a 17 year old woman working at a communications factory, she claimed she was talking on a new device to a scientist. A cell phone? Possible, but looking at the two why is it not possible there was some sort of communication device, possibly a Radio of some sort of which the technology was lost? Although this is unusual as the first portable radio was not used until 1941, and it was huge.
Probably some technology which is known, or simply just being tested, God knows much has been lost in fires etc. I honestly think that makes more sense than time travel, although it is a Romantic notion and I have to admit she is pretty hot, I may have to jump in the old machine and court her before she gets old and saggy :D
Which brings up the next point about this video, clearly she is the most attractive girl of the bunch, maybe the scientist simply gave her something he said was the latest and greatest simply for a chance to get to know her.

Clearly Time travel is not something which is happening, however I do again find it interesting as to what was going on in the two above films especially.
All things IMO are logical explained, although sometimes we have to wait for the proper explanation longer than we would like.

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