Friday, February 27, 2015

Who gets to chose who will be the lucky and the unlucky in life?

This is something I have always pondered, I know people that literally fell from one good job to the next without even trying, they would be hard pressed to ever put out a dozen applications in their entire life. There are people that really do not know what it is like to ever be broke down on the side of the road, who married their highschool sweetheart and had love for 60 years. I ponder what that must be like, as it sure as hell has not been my life.

When the Movie "Pure luck" came out my sister called me up and said "They made a movie about you" indeed they did, I watched the movie and it was about a guy who broke everything he touched. I could relate to the entire movie.

Overall opinions have varied for me, sometimes people think I am lucky, usually those who sat across from me on the poker table or playing dice, or those who think I am unlucky, which was love and work.

I find it a compromise, I believe there is some luck to gambling, however luck runs out and I will take skill any day of the week, understanding the odds I always created my own luck. But I had my down time as well, all gamblers do, I had a few months that were so rough, a local table owner actually told me to just give it up for a month or two, yea pretty embarrassing lol.

On the flipside in love I tried my ass off for twenty years before finally finding a woman who wanted to truly be with me, and indeed, I am very fortunate to have her, but the wait did suck.
I have broke down alongside the road so many times, I literally lost count how many times it has happened.
I am so unlucky with electronics I lost count of how many people told me just do not touch anything, cause shit does break around me on a monumental scale. DO you see me wear a watch? Nope that is because they burn out in a year or so, hell sometimes days.

Now all that is really very trivial as I know I am not alone in those problems. Millions of people struggle to find love and often never will. Billions I dare say try their luck at gambling never to know what it is like to be in the black and others life simply kicks so hard they end up living under a bridge someplace after life simply gave up on them.

So who determines the luck? Really I never really believed in luck to much, but it has to be there.
Someplace there must be a system who decides what can or cannot work right for people.

In Buddhism it is believed that your previous life dictates your next life, if you were a bad person, you will have a bad next life, if you were murdered in your previous life, you will suffer Ill again. Holy crap that is depressing, but Christianity and Islam are not much better, in both those you have to behave or your afterlife will suck, or be wonderful.
There has to be some truth to it all someplace, there must be something with the stars that matches what we are, who we will become, and how your life will end up being.

Now mind you, there are choices, I think like most people I look back at a list of opportunities that I just flat out blew, and I mean I blew some big ones. Who hasn't? I guess that is where the saying "youth is wasted on the young" comes into play.
Really there is no reason to obsess over it, I will just put one foot in front of the next and keep trying to make my own luck, but as I age it seems that luck gets harder to come by, and opportunities certainly begin to disappear.
Like the 75 year old man who stands before the judges on Dances with the stars, hoping for life to give him that one break, he is let down, doomed to walk the hall of failure for the last time, despite trying every avenue that existed so is life, the end for all, but a grand life for many.

For me I will continue to put out applications for work, which now number in the hundreds until that one good job finally comes my way. Hell maybe at some point one of my inventions I submit will finally be recognized, I dono.

My parents were not particularly lucky people, they struggled constantly trying to make life a better place, but then again, they had it pretty damned good. Mom got to do things most only dream of, hell she even lived in a Buddhist Camp overseas for months, not once, but twice!
Dad got to explore most of Montana the way he wanted, by horseback.

And hell, I have got to tick off many of my dreams, My dream car is in the garage, bought back when I had luck lol.
Wonderful wife, kid on the way, and a small chunk of the world ticked off.

I sit right now and wonder, have I been lucky? Well I am looking at being locked out of yet another account that refuses to recognize my ID and password, something that happens to me at least weekly, it is annoying, but nothing more.
I still think I am lucky where it matters, I can deal with that little trivial shit as annoying as it can be, its the big things that matter. It is the huge second chances I have gotten in many areas.
It is being in that riptide and still managing to swimming to the boat, it is walking away from that car accident that would have ended most, and hell, how many people can say they had a bullet bounce off their head?
Some are reading thinking, how can you be lucky having went thru that, I ask, what would it have been like for you? Many do not get second chances, that is not fair.

I am lucky in a sense and I hope I am even more so in the future, not just for me, but for others.

I think most people who have bad luck tend to be good people for some reason, and I think that aught to end.

Those of us who are good people will do good things, not so much for ourselves but others.

If there are any good spirits out there still watching over, I ask you but one thing, help me find that elusive success with anything, be it my writings, inventions or even gambling, help me score big, and I will put smiles on those poverty stricken kids in a manner that makes Bono blush.

That really is all I ask, a chance for those of us with big hearts to make even bigger hearts in the future.

Regardless how my future ends up, I already found the woman, and as with the movie "Pure Luck" I will simply keep on smiling, not really knowing anything different, and enjoying every success, as it comes.

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