Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My new adventure, taking on a Baby, the birth!

I will admit I have struggled with this up until this moment.

I have always been a free spirit, and mind you I have wanted a child to share my adventures with, but it still means I am refrained. My travels to foreign lands to date exotic women are officially over!

It was July of last year when I found out my Fiance was Pregnant, of course I found this out a couple weeks after purchasing a brand new motorcycle, uhgg.

Since then it has fast tracked my life, dragging my feet into marriage could no longer wait. While I do not necessarily believe that a piece of paper dictates love, by a legal aspect it has many benefits, I would not have my child be married to unwed parents, so we were married.

We would enjoy our last few months of freedom, as quickly as they could be enjoyed. A few motorcycle trips until Yellowstone, when the jarring ended the wifes riding days, until delivery.

Fast forward to Friday, the day I was hoping for. It was not only the Spring Equinox, but a Solar Eclipse as well!

The Shaman of my Wife village had predicted the 19th or 20th as the day the baby would come forth, and the nurse teaching our Lemaz classes on Wed had said "Friday would be a perfect day as I will be working"
Thursday was a bit of a let down, the wife was tired, none of that big pre energy burst pregnant women are supposed to get.
The midwife had no real good news in this regard "Could be tomorrow, could be next week, or the week after, just remember, the date we set forth is not the expiration date on a milk carton. She obviously does not know that I drink milk way past the expiration date.

Friday would come early for us, at just after 4 am the wife would get up to use the bathroom and "I think my water broke, or I cannot control my bladder, I better go check"
With that I got dressed, told her to do the same when she was finished and grabbed my jacket.
We would be out of the door in a staggering five minutes, it would be another minute for me to run into the house and get the puppy pad to save cleaning the seat off. Phone to the midwife, another call to the hospital and we were in route.

In just 45 minutes from the time her water broke we were 20 miles away in the Hospital, it was now quarter to five.

By 5:15 she was in the delivery room getting ready, so was I.

In a commanding voice I ordered breakfast for her and I and extra coffee for me.

I texted our friend Tommi that it was happening and got the "well I am still in bed, let me know when it is close"
I would reply "you are going to miss the Party" Which is nothing new for her, if there was someone who always showed up as the glasses were being picked up, it was Tommi.

Within another 45 minutes dilatation went from a five to a seven, the midwife showed up and proclaimed "It is any minute now, this will be quick"

Taking her advice I would finish my breakfast promptly and get another cup of coffee. Another text to Tommi telling her the Party was getting started and we were on our way. To her credit for once in her life Tommi would arrive within an hour that we called. The reader has no Idea how impressive that is, that is akin to a white rhino stopping a poaching assassination on his own.

The wife seemed to have a problem with the pain scale. The contractions were there on the computer but she would state "I only feel some cramping, nothing bad" She rated her pain as a two.

An hour and a half went by and the pushing would begin, the wife would now proclaim her pain level was at a four, the midwife side eyed her and commented "She is tough"

I sipped my coffee and held her hand, yea, she is *sip* Rank coffee, I need more sugar, "Nurse"!

I will admit that it got pretty intense, I have never had any desire to see a baby being born in person. I helped plenty of cows and sheep give birth so why on earth would I want to see this?

But there I was, my eyes looking down at the wonder that would soon come, after Tommi and I bantered about insignificant details getting the "Shut up" from both the nurse and my wife, of course we did not, it just is not possible.
Our banter kept the Wifes mind somewhat off the pain, the midwife soon learned our banter was actually entertaining and I think it lightened the room.

Soon after an hour and a half, one refill of coffee wich was now cold, it came.

I did not know what the sex was, this is something my wife had kept secret to me for the entire pregnancy, and even as she lay in the delivery room I was told yet again "you will find out soon"

I would, there would come my little angel, crying gently as she fell upon the Midwifes arms. The midwife would ask if I could see the sex and I did, I told the wife we have a little girl. Her eyes widened and she looked down saying "Are you sure?" Yes, honey, as sure as you can be its pretty obvious. Apparently for that last month she had tried so hard to convince me it was a boy, she believed it, or at least considered the possibly herself.

Now for a name, I had been prepared for a boy, I admit it. I had previously had a dream saying it would be a girl, and to look at the "D and goddesses" for a name, which I did but had forgotten. As I held my angel in my arms I would proclaim without a doubt she would be named after the Hindu Goddess of Compassion, Daya.

She radiated beauty, and looked as if she would weekend any mans knees, for surely she already had mine.

I kissed my wifes forhead gently, and left her to give full attention to my angel :)

It was hard giving up seeing the rest of the world for this moment, hard to understand all my friends saying "I am telling you, a kid is worth it" She certainly is, and it is one of the most amazing experiences of my life, one I am happy I did not miss.


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  2. It was truly an amazing day to watch your angel to come into our world and flip everything you know upside down and completely steal your heart more than you could have ever imagined. Your wife was so amazing and did so well with a natural birth, I couldn't do that as hard as I tried .. . She was a rock star.... your angel is so gorgeous, an experience I am so honored to be a part of.. even got to be there for the pregnancy test... now we need to work on your parania and over protectiveness.. lol..

  3. It's trite, but true. It's a miracle every time a baby is born. Not just the new person entering the world, but how it changes the ones who were already here.

  4. Hi, The_Mudpit here from youtube. CONGRATULATIONS!!! omg, I can't tell you how happy I am for you and I don't even know you lol. Another great story well told, and yet the oldest story there is, and the best. I too nearly missed out, having my son at 37 he will probably be an only child, but he is the absolute light of my life. As your friends told you, children are soooo worth it. You will have more fun than you ever thought possible (and work harder than you ever thought you could). You are deep in the middle of being hit by the newborn "freight train", so I won't talk more. Suffice it to say take care of your wife - anything practical that lets her sleep will be the most romatic thing in the world right now! Thanks for the blog link, I might start one, and I will look in from time to time and see how your new adventure is going. So happy for you, well done both of you!

    1. Thank you very much.
      The Wife has it pretty good, she has been lucky work is slow for me and I do not mind helping out.
      Years of ranching and dealing with baby animals really pays off :)
      Keep in touch!