Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Patterson/Gimlin Footage, let us put it to rest.

Arguably the most talked about Sasquatch film ever put forth to the public would be the Patterson/Gimlin film. The Film taken on October 20th 1966 shows a Documentary Film maker Patterson and his friend Gimlin riding horses up what appears to be a logging road.
They come around a bend and our Heroes Claim Bigfoot was a mere 25 feet away drinking from a creek, upon seeing them the creature begins to saunter off, and I mean saunter at the slowest possible manner while Patterson Grabs his Camera, runs across the creek and begins filming, all the while the most elusive creature in history, just continues to saunter away.

Ok so without dragging you thru all the same evidence which has already been debunked, let us look at the most obvious.

First the location, of all the places in the woods Bigfoot was just hanging out in a clear cut on a logging road? To be fair my sighting was not far from one so I will give this the benefit of the doubt.
However his reaction is not typical of any wild beast, Bigfoot simply stands up and walks away, emphasis on walk.
Now this is the most elusive creature in history, a man monkey that has obviously not wanted to be seen and it just saunters off, casually looking over its shoulder.
Why not run? this alone makes me skeptical, wild animals which are spooked will usually run even a short distance before looking back, they want to put distance between themselves and the threat which is understandable, in the video? Dear god no the man in the Suit walks the clearest path needed to keep from tripping.
And of course we have length of the film, it ends just before the elusive monkey man crashes thru the trees, or more appropriately stops and says "no way in hell am I gonna walk into that shit and screw up our 360 dollar suit"

Ok so the action of Bigfoot itself does not match the typical action of wild animals.

Now lets take the action of the horses, which IMO is the single biggest evidence against this film.

Now mind you I grew up Riding horses, in fact I think my first pictures were taken on the back of a horse.
My childhood was spent trying to recreate all those stupid cowboy movies, as I got older it moved into Breaking horses and of course using them for cutting cattle. Dad absolutely loved horses and like his father, thought the best way to see the wilderness was via horseback. His dream had always been to ride to every mountain lake in Montana, and we made a pretty damned good attempt at making his dream come true.
We spent hours upon hours riding into the middle of no where, spending the night, or nights then riding out.
With this expeience and the knowledge gained from my father, grandfather, cousin and uncle who were by every definition cowboys I can say without a doubt this entire Film was staged.
Horses are Herbivores, and of course have a strong survival instinct. One thing you notice while riding in the mountains especially in unfamiliar territory is how they act. Their senses are on edge, there noses constantly tasting the air and their eyes trying to penetrate the woods. Their ears rotate about trying to pick up any sound which could mean danger.
They, like man want to survive, so that is what they do.
Had these horses actually came suddenly upon a unknown scent it would have been nearly impossible to get them to continue forward, and let me say there were many times when I was on a horse that simply said no way am I going forward and nothing was to be seen.
If these horses had then seen a big brown bearish looking creature combined with a unknown scent they would have quit simply been gone.
I do not mean a simple horse Rearing, it would have done that, turned and said asta la bye bye, with whatever they were carrying scattered all over the road for dozens of yards, that is what they do short of a war horse as they after all want to live.

For me that is absolutely all I ever needed to see with this film, and with that tidbit of knowledge I think we can safely toss this fake film into the trash bin where it belongs.

I await real evidence, and as someone who was labeled a loon for my own sighting, I sincerely hope that someday it indeed does come forth.

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