Sunday, May 3, 2015

Freddie Roach & Crew Dropped the Ball Big Time.

I am gonna go ahead and say it, but Roach dropped the ball on this big time.
His training camp was clearly a joke, his sparring partners included a MMA fighter? Are you KIDDING ME! Going against the greatest defensive fighter of all time and you bring in a MMA FIGHTER?
Now it turns out that Manny was injured with a torn rotator, and you still go on with the biggest fight of the supposed century without your fighter being 100 percent?
Further you admit he was drugged up? Well that explains the listless look going into the ring.
I want to know Mr Roach, were you paid off? Was Bob Arron? This was disgusting.
Lets go over this.
Every single thing that Floyd wanted he got, The date, the location, even the select weight which FAVORED HIM! Oh and lets not forget that Flo even picked Mannys gloves, seriously?
Who allows that to happen? Manny is a fighter with a huge heart, but clearly not the brightest light bulb in the box. His management from the top to the bottom completely failed him. The result was a under prepared fighter who stepped into the ring unsure of himself, that was clear from the moment he walked into the arena, looking listless and tired.
Then two minutes before the fight started his gloves were finally on and he is warming up? I NEVER EVEN MADE THIS MISTAKE AS An AMATEUR!
Further there was zero attempt to roll to Floyds right and open him up, NONE!. FLoyd played the same game against the ropes time and time again, waited until Manny rushed in too close to do anything then rolled to his own left, OMG IN 12 ROUNDS THE SUPPOSED GREATEST TRAINER IN HISTORY COULD NOT TELL MANNY TO CUT HIM OFF AND QUIT OVER COMMITTING?
15 million dollars a round for both of these clowns and all we have is the winner being unanimously booing for being afraid to box. For that price we also get two fighters without a mark on their face?
I am fine with using the ring, but you HAVE TO BOX!
the nearest comparable fight I can think of would have been Sugar Ray and Roberto Duran, and guess what, PEOPLE WERE ON THEIR FEET IT WAS SO EXCITING!
Sugar ray used the ring but PUNCHED LIKE CRAZY. Duran cut him off and did what a puncher is supposed to do, Frigging PUNCH!
Further Floyd should have been penalized in every round. He choked, hit to the back of the head and even pushed Mannys head down, where were you Freddie? You should have been standing up for your man, demanding penalties when they happened.
Regardless even with those points deducted I Still do not think Manny put forth enough effort to deserve the W.
IMO it should have been a No Contest and both fighters forced to refund the money of everyone in the gym and on PPV.

Roach should be fired, and hopefully he loses all credibility as a trainer. A genius? Hell no, just a paid off man who lost all my respect, and judging from the lack of applause in the post fight press conferance, everyone elses as well.

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