Monday, May 25, 2015

On this Memorial Day, Let Us Remember

Today is Memorial day, and I am actually ok with it being National BBQ day as well. Since Mericans work their can off with the least amount of time off in the industrialized world, I think they deserve that.
That by no means undermines the meaning of the day in general, a day we remember those who have died before us, specifically those who wore the Uniform.
IT is important that we look into the mirror and our honest about those deaths. Repeating silly memes on freedom does no one any favors.
It is important to remember that in the almost 240 years of this countries existence, we have fought two wars for actual freedom, and during decades in between, fought lots of wars over bullshit.
Now you can get upset if you want, I really do not give care, cause I am not happy that you, and others would dare pretend some glorious reason to send our loved ones off to die when in reality it has zero to do with your freedoms, which are fought and lost on the legislative floor, and everything to do with greasing some fat asses pocket.
It is time we as an educated society set aside the Emotional BS and stopped it, stopped allowing ourselves to be used as nothing more than sacrificial pawns. We can elicit a change, but we have to start now.
RIP to those who died well serving, I remember the lies which took your life, and I will do my best so those same lies are not repeated in the future.

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