Thursday, July 30, 2015

You would think seeing Sasquatch would be the oddest thing in the woods, it is not.

Today was no different than any others, I was outside, enjoying the Flora and Fauna as always when I see a couple horsemen riding up the road. I notice one has a blue Civil War hat. I comment to my co worker that we have horses inbound, and he stops to look as well.
At this point apparently he is thinking the same thing as I, cool hat, however his body begins to scan the one rider as well.
We notice he is wearing a Union Uniform, complete with a Cap and ball pistol as well as a Union Knife. Normally I have something to say to whomever, this time I chose to keep it to myself, god knows if he was goofy enough to ride around as if he is in the 1860s, he probably is not the most stable individual on the plant.

At this point you are asking yourself, ok, that is odd, but is that all?

Well no, maybe half hour later I hear a truck coming up the road. Now mind you this is a road closed off to motorized vehicles, to make sure nobody drives on here we have strategically placed a gate so as people in OHV may not drive around the gate.
So I think it must be a co worker coming up the road, soon I see a truck and I realize it is not one of ours. As it gets closer and I mean within a couple feet of me it stops, and I notice it is a couple of teenagers. So I saunter on up to the window and ask what is up.
"We are driving down this road" they answer.
No shit I think "This road is closed to motorized vehicles" I reply.
"Yea we know, but we were the vandals and we had recently driven down this road to clean things up "
"Yea, uhm, the road is closed to motorized vehicles" I reply again. Wondering what the hell these two clowns were thinking. They were two out of three who had been charged very heavily with vandalizing the rocks on a nearby waterfall. Part of their punishment was to clean up the spray paint and the trash, the later we already had.
"Yea well we wanted to drive down and check on things again, cause we are you know, paranoid"
"Uhm, again, the road is closed to motorized traffic" I again repeat myself, wondering what the hell is wrong with these kids.
"Maybe we should walk in" the driver finally states.

Now, this goes back to the title of this blog. Sasquatch is a entity which exists or at least has the probability to exist in the wild, so while seeing it is extremely unusual it is obviously no unheard of. When dare I ask the reader, have you last seen a Union Soldier riding thru the wilderness? This coupled with the later made today very much more unusual than the previous. Had I seen a Mongol Hut out in the steps aka meadow on our way out I would not at this point have even been remotely surprised.

I'm going to bed

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