Friday, July 3, 2015

Meet Doug Miller, A Man Not Being Held Back By Disability.

95 degrees and I had the caffine jitters. Running around like a Methhead looking for a fix I jumped on my motorcycle and headed down to the store to get a nomax suit to spray weeds with. This apparently was important and a major sidetrack from general yard cleanup/scrap metal hauling.

On the way I would see a man riding a Hayabusa, one of my all time favorite motorbikes, however it had a sidecar attached to it, what?

Intrigued I lifted my visor at the light and mentioned how cool his setup was, it was at this time I noticed a disabled sticker on his trailer, now I was truly intrigued.

After about a half mile of looking his bike up and down while riding, I determined that this rider, loaded down for travel would have a story worth writing about. Without a doubt any travel story has to be more exciting than my hardware store adventure!

Doug is one of those guys you just have to meet. With a infectious smile and a spirit of adventure, you just want to take as much time to get to know this guy as possible.

His story begins with tragedy, shot twice while at work by a disgruntled mentally unstable individual. Doug would end up with a bullet lodged in his spine, and would lose his left eye. It would be some time later that he would meet a man at a rally with a sidecar, Doug just knew this was his way back onto two, well four, well shit, on his way back to enjoying the air in his hair on the open road.

Not only did he order the sidecar, it flat out kicks ass, with a sway bar to level out the sidecar it handles as if it were on rails, allowing Doug to corner carve with ease. Ya'll reading this have to know that cornering, well at least for those of us who do not ride cruisers (sorry, could not resist) is an essential part of motorcycling.

When his wife comes along for adventure, she rides in the sidecar and Doug carries his Wheelchair on his trailer. When he goes solo, the Chair gets to enjoy some sidecar view.

Doug is taking a nice long trip, Originating in Tallahassee Florida he intends to head all the way out to Washington, with heavy emphasis on Yellowstone, Cody and of course the legendary bear tooth highway.
From there he will head out to Washington, spend some time on the coast, come back thru Colorado, spend some time with his Bro in Arkansas, and then back to Florida.

When I ran into Doug, he had already covered over 5000 miles in two weeks. He is taking adversity, chewing it up, spitting it out and living a lifetime of adventure.

Motor on!

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