Friday, September 11, 2015

911 what exactly am I supposed to remember?

I think we all remember what happened on that fateful day, where we were, and what we were doing.

Now with this anniversary date we are told we need to remember, but I am confused as to what.

Initially the "never forget" slogan seemed to be a battle cry, a way to whip people up into a frenzy, and it worked famously.

The nation came together and international sources, even Cuba offered assistance.

From that point on it seemed America was intent on doing what it does best, go to war, with anyone it could think of.
There are some good to come out of this, however I will first start off with some unconsidered facts of this event.

It would be two years before AL Queda, the group which the US blamed on the attack of 911, would claim responsibility. That always seemed a bit silly for me, to perpetuate arguably the largest terrorist attack in US history and not bother to take credit for it.

15 of the 19 Hijackers of the event were Saudi Nationals, two were from UAE, one from Lebanon, and another from Egypt.

They boarded the plane Legally with instruments which were legal at the time, most were on a watch list a lot of good that did.

The tenth of September on that day Donald Rumsfeld announced 2.3 trillion dollars missing from the pentagon. That was roughly the amount of the US debt at the time. Our deficit in October was a mere 33 billion dollars, WOW!

Despite the majority of people coming from Saudi, said country is still an ally which the largest arms deal was recently perpetuated under the Obama administration. That amount was 30 billion dollars.
Earlier this month another 10 billion dollar arms deal was announced. Saudi, UAE and Israel would benefit.

Despite no real connections to the terrorist act, the US would be whipped into an attack and kill anyone frenzy. Clintons previous "Iraq Liberation Act" signed in 1998 would set the stage for this event. I can go on about Bush Cheney, but any reader should be aware of their action, however is said reader aware of the Democrats involvement as well?

Since the Destabilization of not only Iraq, but Afghanistan Terrorism has actually increased.

Airport security has increased, despite nothing being implemented which would have prevented those, or future attacks. I struggle to find the benefit in allowing strangers to see our Mothers, Wives and Daughters naked could possibly be. As a world traveler and someone who has back packed in some horrible areas, I can only say shame on the average person for being so paranoid.

Saudi remains the primary source of funding to some very horrible groups in the area. US Support of this empire remains strong.

Conspiracy theories have abounded since the event. I have little to offer in this aspect other than three buildings fell in on themselves, this is unprecedented in history. It is also to note that UAVs have been around for some 70s years.
While the demo part of said buildings is highly unlikely, this theory still persists.

The 911 Commission was horribly underfunded and stalled, few people have bothered with it, choosing emotion and bigotry over logic. What could have been found with a proper investigation? I do not know, but we should still be pressing to find out.

Despite complaints of lung problems after the clean up, and even with people involved in the event, little if anything was acknowledged in regards to this until recently. In fact Merican Lapdog mainstream media even went so far as to discredit those who made claims.
Since then hundreds, if not thousands of people have suffered respiratory problems from the cleanup. Some 575 people with cancers have been linked to the event. Unconscionable in my mind.

Rumors of an 18th century ship being beneath the trade centers would turn out to be true.

In the end the event itself did have one profound effect upon my life. I was supposed to back pack the middleast and had set upon planning earlier in the summer of 2001. I wish I had continued and I am saddened that our over reaction has destabilized an amazing area with the history of civilization being destroyed as a result.

I will not mourn today, or present any other fake fallacy. Every day hundreds of thousands of people die in the world, they as with those who perished on this fateful day are humans and are all worthy of some solace equally.

I guess in the end for me all I can remember of this event is that over reaction is rarely the proper reaction. Far too many times in history we have used any tragedy, to be the launching point of something even worse, it is time to stop that nonsense.
I am also tired of the false hatred to others, be it Muslims or the Russians.
Notice the attachment, it is a memorial donated to the US from Russia, did you hear about it in all the "Evil Russia" Propaganda we are fed?
I would like to hear from you about other acts of charity and kindness that have resulted from this incident.

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