Sunday, September 6, 2015

Trump, what you are actually voting for.

Trumpy is riding a wave of success in the primaries thus far, which have baffled nearly everyone, as it should.

He started out not even thinking he would gain any real support for the presidency, but he was trying to promote his Trump Brand. He did so by actually paying each person who showed up for his initial rally 50 dollars, since then? His ramblings have somehow created a following of people desperate for a change, regardless of his actual policies they are hearing what they want to hear. Since people are blinded by what they want, over the reality I will try to brake down what Trump actually stands for.

To start, one can actually sum up what Trumpy wants with a single word, "Money" and he flat out admits it.

In every campaign speech and every interview all he has done is brand drop, using the free advertising to the best of his ability.

With his brand dropping we have learned everything he is actually about as he does not try to hide anything in this regard at all.

First off, he makes sure he outsources nearly everything he sells, to put it lightly he is exactly the kind of person Americans hate, greedy while stamping on the downtrodden to better his own existence.

His Products are manufactured using the cheapest possible labor. Those laborers are little more than slaves, working in dismal conditions often working 16-20 hour shifts for pennies that cannot possibly help better their lives.

Trump does not bother to hide this, he is proud of his offshore dealings and even admits to wanting lower wages in America, care to guess why? In the event you have not figured it out yet, Trumpy will manufacture his goods in Merica, provided Merican labor matches that in other countries, he is all about the profit. I am at a loss as to why this is attractive to voters at all.

Next he wants to lower the retirement age. Americas retirement age is already a joke, after working over 40 years and retiring at 65, you get a wopping 12 years to reap the rewards of your hard labor, and people want it raised even higher? Good news, for the latest generation that age is already 68, maybe with Trumpy you can have it at 75 and get two years to enjoy your lifetime of work. Pretty sure that is not going to work out so well.

Now we move on to women, degrading does not even begin to describe how he views women, I really cannot say much in this regard, his exchange with Megan Kelly should have said it all. When you have a presidential candidate who tells a woman she is bleeding out of every part of his body, wow, just wow.

Last we move on two his final two big points which involve Immigration.

This seems to be his darling, the right has managed to do its best to whip Merica into a frenzy regarding this. Entire rally's have been formed to show Americans hatred for people who feed them.
Wait, wait, hold on what is that? Well you guessed it, the predominant Mexican worker, which apparently are the only undocumented alien picks your produce, evil people they are.
Despite the radical nonsense of jumping over the fence or running away from boarder guards, a significant majority find themselves made Illegal simply from Americas ridiculous immigration policies. Imagine crossing a desert by foot, finding work, which is back breaking 12 hours a day for a few dollars an hour, barely enough to exist, working for ungrateful people who are on average grossly overweight and yet you are still hated?

Look, I am all for changing our immigration policy, however instead of lowering ourselves to some kind of fascist door kicking regime, why dont we work on actual reform?
In all the areas that have had immigration clamp downs, it has been catastrophic on the economies as crops rot with nobody to pick them.

The last aspect of Immigration is a wall. Not sure exactly what the wall is supposed to do, I mean beyond something mental what exactly will it accomplish?
First off when Trump talks about the wall, it is always followed by "I know construction, and I am really good at building things" Gee, why do you think Trump wants a wall? Is it to keep those evil produce pickers out of America? Or is it to further bolster his bank account?

In the end it will solidify what most people, on both sides of the isle feel about America, that it is fast becoming an authoritarian regime.
Now you are saying this is nonsense, and for you I offer the words from a fellow traveler from Germany who was touring the US.
"I saw the wall in Mexico and I wept, after growing up in a country divided by a wall I could not believe that America wanted to carry for the very policies it claimed it despised."

For me that was profound. Having seen the Berlin wall in shambles and traveled thru eastern Europe afterwards, I am here to say that is not what America symbolizes, nor any western country should ever think of again.

I ask the person reading this to understand that like you, I am frustrated by America, however allowing a single person to Implement policies which Americans have fought against since our foundation is not something we can tolerate.
Let us keep on looking, Trumpy is not hte leader America really wants. In the end all that will be accomplished electing Trumpy will be more hardships, a worse economy and Trump solidifying his own legacy.

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