Sunday, October 4, 2015

Stopping mass shooters is easier than you think.

There is one thing the majority of these mass shooters are looking for, instant fame.
Failures in their own life they look for a way to finally take control and feel on top. They often spend days, months even years trying to figure out how to be famous, how to right their own pathetic lives. During that time frame they do research, and they see other losers like themselves who became famous, losers who gained instant fame from pulling the trigger on innocent people. Now we need to stop doing things which give them what they want.

1. Stop posting up their pathetic stories which justify their actions

2. Stop blaming inert objects, to date the worst School Massacre ever was the Bath School Massacre which was perpetuated with explosives. I am not naive enough to think that had he not had access to explosives, he would not have found another way to perpetuate his nonsense.

3. Stop showing pictures of them either looking innocent or like a bad ass, that right there gives them fame, the celebrity status they are looking for

4. Never mention their name again. I quit watching Fox news long ago, however I do know one thing they have done right and the other networks have failed, they refuse to mention a shooters name, and they call them close to what they are, vile human beings.

5. Stop acting as if inert objects will somehow possess the owner to do something vile.
Fact of hte matter is right now there are more firearm owners than ever before in US history, we also have the lowest violent crime rate since we started keeping track nearly 60 years go.
Is it because more people own guns? I do not know, what I do know is the nonsense of people owning firearms instantly being the bad guys has to stop.

6. stop making misunderstood felon thugs heroes in movies.

Now, that we know what to stop, what can we do to prevent this down the road?

1. Be firm with the hand of justice. In the few instances where these cowards do not end up dead (Usually taking their own life cause they are afraid of punishment) we argue about rights they have, as if they are fine upstanding citizens.
Look, the only right they have is a right to a fair trial, once that is done take them out back, place them on a chair, put a rope on their neck and kick the chair out from under them. Then take the body, hang it in public and show only his bulging eyes coming from his head in pictures. That my friends is an example, one which has controlled people for centuries upon centuries.

2. Any pictures of them should be distorted, photoshopped with dicks in their mouths, dog shit on them, anything to degrade them and take away their fame, and future fame others may be seeking.

3. Encourage responsible firearms ownership, and I mean in a big way.
Firearms owners have been on the defensive for around 150 years now. We can change this by changing our culture.
Show how responsible you are, take safety classes, and go get as much training as you possibly can. Be polite but quit making excuses. I do not own a firearm to go hunting, or to look pretty, I own one to blow some pile of shits head off who may threaten my families well being.

4. End gun free zones, one would think this is easy as these vile pieces of shit pray on the innocent, but it is not. We need to work at this, I encourage everyone to watch the Testimony from Dr. Suzanne Hupp. She was involved in a mass shooting a couple of decades ago.

5. Go after gangs, most mass shootings are actually gang related, lets clamp down on them, and again, quit celebrating gangs and making them seem like misunderstood people, they are not.

6. Start helping each other. One place America has failed is we are divided, we no longer care for our elderly, or even the sick. We somehow think that tossing people to the outside world and making them stronger through adversity or apathy is the solution, it is not. Lend a helping hand, be open, and be human.

I can go on, but at this point you should be realizing our current trend is not really helping, but we can change the course and mitigate this nonsense once and for all.

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